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National Certification, what is it all about? “National Certification, what is it all about?” Last revised: November 2014  NDHCB.

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1 National Certification, what is it all about? “National Certification, what is it all about?” Last revised: November 2014  NDHCB

2 This presentation will focus on the following: The NDHCB (National Dental Hygiene Certification Board) organization The NDHCE (National Dental Hygiene Certification Examination) development The NDHCE administration How to prepare for the NDHCE Security Issues Exam Process

3 In addition, we are committed to: Reflect a national standard for entry/re-entry into the practice of Dental Hygiene; Conduct examinations in a fair, valid, reliable and equitable manner; Issue a certificate to successful candidates; Maintain a register of successful candidates. The National Dental Hygiene Certification Board exists so that Canadian Regulators have reliable and valid testing mechanisms for assessing current dental hygiene competencies.

4 History The NDHCE was developed in response to a priority concern of Canadian dental hygienist regulators for minimum entry-to-practice standards; The NDHCB is a not-for-profit organization. While it was formed in 1994, it was incorporated in February 1996, with its own Board of governors comprised of representatives from; –All provincial Regulating Agencies (except Québec’s) –2 Stakeholder Organizations: CDAC, CDHA (DH Educator position) –1 Public Member

5 Assists DHRAs in protecting the public by assessing minimal competence for entry-level practice thus ensuring preparedness to practice Dental Hygiene; Evaluates knowledge/skill level against national standards for education and practice; Is based on DH competencies as defined in the National blueprint; Is currently required in all provinces, except Québec, for entry into the practice ; The National Dental Hygiene Certification Examination (NDHCE)

6 How do I apply to write the examination? The NDHCE Online Application form is available through the NDHCB website ( ); Submit the application with appropriate fee and required documents to the NDHCB; An Application Guide and a Candidate Guide are also available on the NDHCB website at ( )

7 The Application Process Eligibility Evaluation Forms + $800 (+ tax) + docs Can take 8-10 weeks or more depending on complexity StudentsGraduates Exam Application $665 fee (+tax) ($565 + tax for retakes) Online “seat” selection (time & location) Online approval by the DH Program Coords If positive If from DH program with “status under review” non accredited Candidates from non accredited schools accredited Candidates from accredited schools May apply if within 4 months of graduation at the application deadline date

8 What happens after I submit my Examination application? If you applied online: you will receive an immediate confirmation of payment; if you have already been granted eligibility, the NDHCB will confirm your exam registration; if you have not been granted eligibility yet, your program director will be contacted by email to confirm eligibility (after the application deadline). Once granted, the NDHCB will then confirm your exam registration and invite you to select exam time and location online. If you applied by mail, the NDHCB will: review the application to confirm your eligibility; process the payment, email a receipt for fees and confirmation of examination registration and invite you to select exam time and location online.

9 Examination Administration 20+ computerized testing sites across Canada (see list on NDHCB website)NDHCB website Offered 3 times per year: January 19-20, 2015 (deadline: November 20, 2014) May 19-20, 2015 (deadline: March 19, 2015) September 21-22, 2015 (deadline: July 23, 2015) * * The number of days the exam is offered may vary in certain exam centres depending on the number of candidates and seating availability The minimum score required to pass is set in advance according to a proven statistical method. It will also vary depending on which items the candidate sees. Over the past 5 years, it has varied between 66% and 71%

10 Results NDHCE 20102011201220132014 # % Pass # % Pass # % Pass # % Pass # % Pass January 34072%29773%27274%20077% 26186% May 1,11792%92190%97885%57585% 67887.6% September 45274%36578%31567%21068% 22565.3% TOTAL 1,90984%158384%1,56579%98580% 116483% Individual school results for each exam administration can be viewed at

11 What is the examination format? 4 hour exam: 2 periods of 2 hrs ea with a 15 min compulsory break – Many centres have 2 exam sessions per day (morning & afternoon) over 1 to 3 days; 200 questions – 180 scored and 20 non-scored; Independent and case-based questions; Delivered “randomly” (the computer selects different forms from a pre-selected pool ). Some items are based on images. Notes:  show up at least 30 min before exam time  bring a government issued photo ID  bring a sweater & wear shoes with socks so as to not get cold

12 Development & Administration of NDHCE Competency ReviewBlueprint Development Item Writing Experimental Testing & Item Analysis Group Review Technical Review & Professional Editing By DH experts By NDHCB DH Advisor & Testing Agency expert By other DH experts and by the Testing Agency By DH experts

13 Development & Administration of NDHCE (con’t) Monitoring of the Exam & Setting Score Review of translation (French Validation Group) Administration of Exam Scoring, Security analysis & Reporting of Results By the Exam Committee By experienced bilingual RDHs By computer in specialized centres By the Testing Agency, a Security firm and the NDHCB Translation By a professional translator

14 Examination application and Candidate Guide ( with info about withdrawals, transfers & security ) Latest NDHCE Blueprint Sample questions and answers (with rationale & related competency) Online Practice Tests – two 75 item mini tests (a 3 rd one will be available in early 2015) through our website List of some reference texts English/French lexicon Accommodation guide for Candidates with Disabilities How to prepare for the examination? Go to to access the following resource

15 Latest Examination Blueprint Published in September 2011; Reflects the latest National competencies approved by the FDHRA (Federation of Dental Hygiene Regulatory Authorities) ; All exams are based on the 2011 Blueprint Available on the NDHCB website:

16 NDHCB Blueprint - 12 Categories - 117 Competencies CATEGORIES Total Number of Competencies Relative % Versus Complete Profile PROFESSIONALISM - 1. Responsibility - 2. Accountability - 3. Continuing Competence - 4. Professional Relationships - 5. Client Relationships - 6. Practice Management 2824% FOUNDATIONS - 7. Foundational Knowledge - 8. Health & Safety 2420.5% - 9. Assessment and diagnosis2824% - 10. Implementation2017% - 11 & 12. Planning & evaluation1714.5%

17 Weighting of the 117 Competencies identified in the NDHCB Blueprint Group 1-A Very critical/higher frequency 30 competencies 35-45% of the exam Group 2-A Less critical/higher frequency 30 competencies 15-25% of the exam Group 1-B Very critical/lower frequency 28 competencies 25-35% of the exam Group 2-B Less critical/lower frequency 29 competencies 5-15% of the exam

18 What does the examination look like? Check out our online Prep Tests at: as well as the free sample questions at:

19 What happens if you pass the examination? Your Candidate ID number will be listed on our website, along with all the other candidates from the same examination, as soon as all the results are available;our website You will receive a letter in the mail with your official results, along with your NDHCB certificate, within 6 weeks after the exam; You must then contact the DHRA in the jurisdiction you wish to be registered to the DHRA

20 What happens if you fail the examination? You will receive a “fail” result letter, including a personalized Performance Profile, by email within 6 weeks after the exam; You will be invited to submit a new Exam application for an upcoming administration; You can attempt the examination up to 3 times (note the change from a maximum of 4 attempts to 3 – those who have already written and failed once before 2015 will retain a maximum of 4 attempts ).

21 O ur standards and procedures have 2 related goals: Giving candidates comparable opportunities to demonstrate their abilities; Preventing any of them from gaining an unfair advantage over others. To promote these objectives, the NDHCB reserves the right to cancel or withhold any examination results when, in the sole opinion of the NDHCB: there is an apparent discrepancy in, or falsification of, a candidate’s identification; a candidate engages in misconduct or plagiarism; (next page) What happens if your result is labeled “Under Review”

22 a testing irregularity occurred; when aberrancies in performance are detected for which there is no reasonable and satisfactory explanation; or believed to be invalid for any other reason.the results are believed to be invalid for any other reason. On its website, the NDHCB will label these candidates by ID # only as “Under Review”, until it conducts its investigation process; A decision will be rendered as quickly as possible; See for more info. What happens if your result is labeled “Under Review” (continued)

23 Exam Process All writing centres are computerized - minimum of 1 centre within 100km of any accredited DH school; Proctors are hired and trained by our exam publisher - Yardstick - a Canadian-based company; Every exam is available in bilingual form – candidates can switch from English to French and vice-versa anytime during the exam; Candidates see a “different” exam version since forms of 180 scored items are delivered randomly from a pre- selected pool of items, in addition to the 20 non-scored items also delivered to each candidate;

24 Thank you! and Good Luck! NDHCB 1929 Russell Rd, Suite #322 Ottawa, ON K1G 4G3 Tel : 613-260-8156 Fax: 613-260-8511

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