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ASEAN C OOPERATION ON H EALTH Health and Communicable Diseases Division ASEAN Secretariat.

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1 ASEAN C OOPERATION ON H EALTH Health and Communicable Diseases Division ASEAN Secretariat

2 P RESENTATION C ONTENT What is the basis of the regional cooperation on Health? What are the regional priorities in Health? What are the implementing mechanisms? What are the regional priorities of AEGCD and AWGPD?

3 AEC Blueprint (November 2007) ASCC Blueprint (March 2009) APSC Blueprint (March 2009) 2 nd IAI Work Plan (March 2009) AEC CouncilASCC CouncilAPSC Council ASEAN Coordinatin g Council implementation / monitoring:

4 ASCC: ASEAN S TRATEGIC F RAMEWORK ON H EALTH D EVELOPMENT Operationalizes the 55 health action lines of the ASCC Blueprint Regional activities in health involve: B3. Enhancing Food Security and Safety B4. Access to healthcare and promotion of healthy lifestyle B5. Improving capability to control communicable diseases B7. Building disaster-resilient nations and safer communities Xii. Promote multi-sectoral coordination and planning on PPR at the regional level including development of a regional multi-sectoral PPR plan


6 ASEAN Health Ministers Meeting (AHMM) Senior Officials on Health Development (SOMHD) 6 ASEAN Working Groups 4 Ad –hoc Task Forces Networks and Initiatives Institutionalization on ASEAN Health Development Health and Communicable Diseases Division, ASEAN Secretariat, Jakarta

7 ASEAN Health Ministerial Meeting (AHMM) Senior Officials Meeting on Health Development (SOMHD) ASEAN Expert Group on Communicable Diseases (AEGCD) ASEAN Task Force on AIDS (ATFOA) ASEAN Expert Group on Food Safety (AEGFS)

8 ASEAN Health Ministerial Meeting (AHMM) Senior Officials Meeting on Health Development (SOMHD) ASEAN Focal Point on Tobacco Control (AFPTC) ASEAN Working Group on Pandemic Preparedness and Responses (AWGPPR) ASEAN Working Group on Pharmaceutical Development (AWGPD)

9 ASEAN Health Ministerial Meeting (AHMM) Senior Officials Meeting on Health Development (SOMHD) ASEAN Task Force on Mental Health ASEAN Task Force on Maternal and Child Health ASEAN Task Force on Traditional Medicine ASEAN Task Force on Non- Communicable Diseases

10 F LOW OF H EALTH P ROGRAMME C YCLE Strategic Framework Strategic Framework on Health Development, 2010 – 2015 (endorsed by AHMM, 2010) Planning & Implementation Annual Meeting of SOMHD Annual Meeting of TWGs/TFs/Networks AHMM every 2-year meeting Ad Hoc/’As needed’ Monitoring & Evaluation Implementation-based Monitoring (TWGs/TFs) Outcome Indicators: ASCC ‘Scorecard’ (ie. still in process of finalizing indicators for ASEAN)

11 IMPLEMENTING MECHANISMS lead country Strengthen Collaborati on with potential partners Strengthen roles of SOMHD/ Chairs of Subsidiary bodies Conduct consultative development partners’ meeting (s) Role of ASEC

12 I MPLEMENTATION M ECHANISMS Lead Countries Host Countries Resources from Development Partners Funds from Dialogue Partners Support from SOMHD and other working groups Collaborative, Coordinative and Facilitative Role of ASEAN Secretariat

13 ASEAN E XPERT G ROUP ON C OMMUNICABLE D ISEASES (AEGCD) Initiatives started with the ASEAN Plus Three EID Program supported by AUSAid (program concluded last June 2010) 6 th AEGCD Meeting, Yangon, Myanmar: Outputs Updated the Medium Term Plan on Emerging Infectious Diseases (MTP EID - Work Plan 2011- 2015) Endorsed the 9 components of the MTP EID for 2012-2015 Approved the Work Plans & Prioritized activities for 2012

14 ASEAN E XPERT G ROUP ON C OMMUNICABLE D ISEASES (AEGCD) 6 th AEGCD Meeting, Yangon, Myanmar: Outputs Strengthened collaboration with WHO and other Development Partners Malaria Initiatives with WHO approved; Myanmar volunteered to be lead country; Thailand to be confirmed by senior officials Identified Regional Advocacy Initiatives

15 AEGCD: 9 C OMPONENTS OF MTP EID ASEAN EID Mechanism (AEM), (Thailand); EID website, (Indonesia); ASEAN Partnership Laboratories, (Malaysia) Risk Communication Resource Center, (Malaysia) Human and Animal Health Collaboration, (Thailand and Lao PDR); Operationalisation of Minimum Standards of Joint Multi-sectoral Outbreak Investigation and Response, (Cambodia); Stockpiling of antivirals and PPE (ASEAN Secretariat), Field Epidemiology Training Network, (Thailand) WHO-EC Project on HPED particularly on cross-border collaboration, (Thailand and Lao PDR) Specific diseases including Rabies (Viet Nam), Dengue (Viet Nam and identified lead country for ASEAN Dengue Day), and Malaria (Myanmar, Thailand ?)

16 E NDORSED W ORK P LANS (2012-2015) ASEAN Plus Three Partnership laboratories (APL); Risk Communication Resource Center; Animal Health and Public Health Collaboration; ASEAN Emerging Infectious Diseases Mechanism (AEM) and ASEAN EID Plus Three Website; Operationalization of Minimum Standards on Joint Outbreak Investigation and Response; ASEAN Plus Three Field Epidemiology Training Network (FETN); and Specific diseases including rabies and dengue with some revisions from lead country, Viet Nam

17 ASEAN W ORKING G ROUP ON P HARMACEUTICAL D EVELOPMENT (AWGPD) 27 th AWGPD Meeting, Hanoi, Viet Nam Outputs: Finalized the Work Plan for 2012-2015 Prioritized Activities for 2012 Worked with AEGCD on Malaria Initiatives with focus on Drug Resistance (Laos) Strengthened Collaborative Activities with WHO Finalized ASCC Scorecard Indicators Identified Regional Advocacy Initiatives

18 Impact of pharmaceutical on public health Improving access to medicine and healthcare services AWGPD Areas related to technical standards & harmonization PPWG Integration of TM into healthcare system Ad Hoc Task Force on TM ASEAN Bodies related to PD

19 Proposed components & activities Regional Strategies Lead country 1) The 3 rd Standard of ASEAN Herbal Medicine Area 1 & 3Indonesia & Thailand Proposal 2011 2) Development Programme to strengthen QA and Non-Pharmacopial Analytical Methods Area 1 & 3Malaysia 3) Building up & strengthening of PV Area 1 & 2Singapore & Thailand 2012

20 Proposed componentsRegional strategies Lead country 4) Rational Use of Drug ASEAN – WHO Consultative Meeting on RUM, 12 July 2011 Area 2 & 3Brunei, Singapore, Indonesia 4.1 Workshop on Rational Use of Anti-Microbial Agents Brunei, Singapore 4.2 ASEAN – WHO Collaborative Study on RUM in ASEAN Singapore WHO 4.3 To conduct an ASEAN Forum on Pharmaceutical Care and its Effective Implementation in ASEAN (2013) Indonesia WHO

21 Proposed components/activities Regional strategies Lead countries/ $ 5) Proficiency TestingArea 1 & 3Thailand Ongoing activity, donor - 2011 6) Production of ARS Certified Reference Material Area I & 3Thailand Ongoing activity, donor - 2011 7) Technical cooperation with USP Area I & 3Thailand/USP 2011 REMARKS: Activity 6 and 7 were combined: Thailand

22 Proposed components/activities Regional Strategies Lead countries/ $ 8. Building up and strengthening ASEAN ‘s capacity in GCP and Clinical trial Area 1 & 3Thailand & Indonesia, Philippines 9) ASEAN Collaboration in combating counterfeit drug Area 1& 2 & 3Indonesia & Laos WHO collaboration 10) Drug resistance in malaria Area 1 (policy advocacy) Laos & WHO, 2011 11)Regional advocacyArea 2ASEC, 2011

23 O PPORTUNITIES : ASEAN 11 th ASEAN Health Ministers Meeting, Phuket, Thailand 5 th ASEAN Plus Three Health Ministers Meeting 4 th ASEAN China Health Ministers Meeting ASEAN – WHO High Level Meeting Side Meetings -


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