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Green Campus Concept --- A Broader View of a Sustainable Campus Frank R. Leslie, DMES 1/16/2005.

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1 Green Campus Concept --- A Broader View of a Sustainable Campus Frank R. Leslie, DMES 1/16/2005

2 Abstract Recycling is an excellent start, but there are many other areas of “greenness” Many universities have green or sustainable programs for us to evaluate or emulate Florida Tech can develop a long-term green plan; for example: –Reduce waste –Increase efficiency & effectiveness –Reduce long-term building energy costs –Steer towards affordable renewable energy Focus on selected issues 1/16/2005FRL

3 Introduction Recycling is an important start, but wider concepts should be researched “Sustainable definition varies” –Some are extremely broad –Choose our version of it carefully Measurable progress goals are necessary –Quantify values or establish milestones 1/16/2005FRL

4 Green Campus Project Guiding principles evaluate: –“Environmental Education, Energy & Utilities, Student Activism & Participation, Solid Waste Management, Dining Services, Landscaping & Grounds, Printing Services, Purchasing, Transportation & Parking” University of Wisconsin – Madison prepared these guidelines 1/16/2005FRL

5 Existing Programs at Other Universities Yale –“Blueprint for a Sustainable Campus” by 450 delegates (46pp.) Harvard –“Sustainable Campus” video online, Buying wind energy certificates for half the load from Minnesota, Best Practices, Biodiesel on shuttles and trucks Georgia Tech –Center for Sustainable Technology U. of California – Santa Cruz (UCSC) –Using “Blueprint for a Sustainable Campus”; $3/student green fee; Campus Sustainable Council formed; “Campus Food System, Waste Prevention, Transportation, Green Purchasing, Long-Range Planning, Green Building & Renewable Energy, Curriculum & Campus Ecosystem Preservation” 1/16/2005FRL

6 Existing Programs at Other Universities MIT –Forty solar power installations –Green Building Task Force –Low Flow Bathroom Fixtures A Few More University Programs –U. Wisconsin –U. Michigan –Brown U. –U. Penn. –Mount Holyoke –U. Minnesota 1/16/2005FRL

7 Florida Tech Environment Wild vs. Manicured landscaping Natural vs. Hazard maintenance Fertilizer, etc., into waterways? Water flow and swale management –Walkway flooding Composting food service scraps? Driveway – vision hazard for drivers? 1/16/2005FRL

8 Florida Tech Electricity Zone control of air conditioning Improved classroom lighting control –Separate light switch for front area to improve screen contrast without putting students to sleep Extend solar “Grid” interties Cost of solar post lamps vs. standard lamp plus conduit cost and installation Utilities management –Donnie Morlan, Facilities, tracks usage 1/16/2005FRL

9 Florida Tech Water Reduce waste Replacement fixture program? Irrigation sources? –Natural or city irrigation water? Durable solar water heating systems –Dorms previously had roof solar collectors, but system had poor valve life – removed several years ago due to high maintenance 1/16/2005FRL

10 Student Involvement Educational examples and labs Student volunteer task force Work-study assistance Grad student research –Usage analysis –Psychological studies –Cost assessment –Future planning studies 1/16/2005FRL

11 What’s Needed How can we achieve this goal? –Form a small group to research and enhance these concepts –Select approachable objectives for prioritized tasks –Compare progress against goals at the end of each semester –Change programs to pursue the long-term goal

12 1/16/2005FRL References Miller, Jr. G. Tyler. Environmental Science, Sixth Edition. Belmont CA: Wadsworth Pub. Co., 1997. Allen, John L. Environment. Dubuque IA: McGraw-Hill/Dushkin 2004.

13 Websites Renewable energy and sustainable living Library of Congress Int’l Institute for Sustainable Development, Canada Alt. energy Institute Alliance for Global sustainability (AGS) Institute for Global Communications/EcoNet Worldwatch Institute Green Campus 1/16/2005FRL

14 Bibliography Heintze-Fry. Green Lives, Green Campuses.

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