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Kenan-Flagler Business School Project Management Committee Kick-Off Meeting State of North Carolina November 10, 2004 HR/Payroll Planning.

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1 Kenan-Flagler Business School Project Management Committee Kick-Off Meeting State of North Carolina November 10, HR/Payroll Planning

2 ©2004 Deloitte. All rights reserved. 2 Agenda  Welcome & Introductions  SBIP Overview  Status To Date  Governance Structure  HR/Payroll Project Overview  Purpose & Objectives  Current Phase  State Roles & Responsibilities  Deloitte Roles & Responsibilities  Project Timeline  Meeting Schedule  Open Discussion  Action Items Review  Adjourn

3 ©2004 Deloitte. All rights reserved. 3 Introductions  Project Management Committee  Julie Batchelor, Chair  John Barfield  Marshall Barnes  Rod Davis  Dan Domico  Carl Goodwin  Wendy Griffin  Kathy Gruer  Ginny Klarman  Tracy Little  Gary Wiggins  Margaret Wiggins  OSC Management  Robert Powell  Gwen Canady  Project Team  Linda Hudson  Shannon MacFarlane  Lowell Magee  Bradd Craver  Dorie Kehoe  James Stovall  Katie Beacham  Others TBD

4 ©2004 Deloitte. All rights reserved. 4 State Business Infrastructure Project (SBIP) Overview  Session Law directed the Office of the State Controller (OSC) to consider the feasibility of a new business infrastructure for the State  Systems included in the State Business Infrastructure Study (SBIS) supported financial management, cash management, payroll, HR, budget management, procurement, treasury, retirement, and revenue accounting  The study concluded current business systems may adversely impact the fiscal integrity of the State, as well as efficiency and effectiveness of operations  The State chose a replacement strategy that weighs the risks of potential system failures with the current State budget condition and funding priorities  Ratified Senate Bill 991 appropriates funds to define requirements and develop an RFP to replace the Human Resources and Payroll Systems  Report information can be accessed on the OSC web site: by selecting the “Business Systems Infrastructure Study” under the Business Initiatives section

5 ©2004 Deloitte. All rights reserved. 5 SBIP Status to Date Legend:This ProjectPast ProjectsFuture Projects PastCurrentFuture – HR/PayrollFuture - SBIP Financial & HR Business Infrastructure Study Phase 1 - Inventoried present systems and provided assessment of technical and functional capabilities Financial & HR Business Infrastructure Study Phase 2 - Provided a blueprint for viable implementation options and a recommended course of action Statewide Business Infrastructure Project – HR/Payroll Planning Project Refine and collect information Identify process re- engineering opportunities and organizational structures) Identify Change Management needs and strategy Statewide Business Infrastructure Project – HR/Payroll Bid Preparation Project Develop bidding document for implementation Select Vendor for HR/Payroll Implementation Statewide Business Infrastructure Project – HR/Payroll Implementation Project Implementation Statewide Business Infrastructure Project – Enterprise Data Warehouse Statewide Business Infrastructure Project – Budget & Financials Statewide Business Infrastructure Project – Tax & Revenue

6 ©2004 Deloitte. All rights reserved. 6 SBIP Governance Structure

7 ©2004 Deloitte. All rights reserved. 7 HR/Payroll Project Purpose & Objectives  To obtain a fully integrated solution with a single point of entry for both HR and Payroll. This solution should eliminate or reduce the number of agency systems required to process HR and Payroll today  To make use of information technology that takes advantage of economies of scale and reduces the cost of doing business for both payroll and human resources  To obtain an enterprise-wide Human Resources and Payroll system that serves as the system of record and provides a foundation for management flexibility  To develop an enterprise-wide system that requires minimal customization for individual agencies  To comply with the State’s IT strategy for hardware and software  To recognize that existing levels for HR and Payroll support cannot continue without a move to more current technology platforms

8 ©2004 Deloitte. All rights reserved. 8 HR\Payroll Project Phases Project PhaseProject ObjectiveFunding Planning (Current Project) Phase 1 will identify Human Resource and Payroll business and functional requirements. These requirements will be subsequently used as input to a formal bidding process for implementing a new, fully automated human resources and payroll system to accommodate statewide business needs. Ratified Senate Bill 991 RFP DevelopmentPhase 2 will execute a formal bidding process. A Human Resource/Payroll strategy for implementation will be confirmed and a Request for Proposal will be developed during Phase 2. Ratified Senate Bill 991 ImplementationPhase 3 will perform the implementation objectives for a new financial and human resources business infrastructure for the State of North Carolina detailed through Phases 1 and 2. The three phases combined will complete the full SBIP HR/Payroll Project. Phase 3 is contingent upon funding.

9 ©2004 Deloitte. All rights reserved. 9 Project Roles & Responsibilities  HR/Payroll Project Management Committee (PMC)  Represent the needs of a wide cross-section of stakeholder agencies  Provide guidance and coordination across the HR/Payroll project  Serve as liaison to agency leadership and provide information for decision making  Verify critical business requirements and to-be process documentation  Review and recommend approval of project deliverables  Identify and resolve issues  Identify risks and provide suggestions for mitigation  Review status updates and provide direction  Serve as change agents to build consensus and facilitate implementation and user acceptance of new system in agencies

10 ©2004 Deloitte. All rights reserved. 10 Project Roles & Responsibilities  HR/Payroll Project Team  Create work products for PMC review and approval  Establish uniform project management standards, procedures, tools, and reporting  Prepare and monitor integrated project management plan for milestone schedule, costs, and quality of work/deliverables  Perform risk assessment and quality management for each project  Prepare and execute the detailed project plan  Direct day-to-day work  Identify and resolve or escalate issues and problems  Anticipate and manage risks  Monitor and report status (budget, schedule, and deliverables)  Compile status reports for PMC and PSC

11 ©2004 Deloitte. All rights reserved. 11 Project Roles & Responsibilities  Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)  Represent functional areas during JAD sessions for each process  Provide insight to help mold future processes, considering NC requirements and external best practices  Participate in one-on-one interviews when appropriate  Process Owners  Participate in JAD sessions when appropriate  Assist in review of initial drafts of requirements and future state processes  Resolve differences of opinion between SMEs during development of requirements and processes

12 ©2004 Deloitte. All rights reserved. 12 Project Roles & Responsibilities  Deloitte Consulting  Provide expertise and external experience in HR/Payroll process re-engineering, requirements definition, change management, and project management  Review current NC documentation  Suggest industry leading practices from other state governments  Facilitate JAD sessions  Offer redesign opportunities for current processes  Document all requirements and future state processes  Offer alternative HR/Payroll Service delivery options  Offer change management support and strategies to prepare for a smooth implementation  Collaborate with PMC and State PMO to accomplish project objectives

13 ©2004 Deloitte. All rights reserved. 13 High Level Project Timeline

14 ©2004 Deloitte. All rights reserved. 14 HR/Payroll Project Planning Phase

15 ©2004 Deloitte. All rights reserved. 15 Meeting Schedule  November 18 - Program Steering Committee Meeting  November 23 – Statewide Kick-Off  December 2 – Next PMC Meeting (bi-weekly)  December 6 – JAD Sessions Begin  Standing bi-weekly meetings

16 Kenan-Flagler Business School Open Discussion

17 ©2004 Deloitte. All rights reserved. 17 PMC Action Items 1.Confirm SMEs and process owners to participate in JAD sessions by Monday 11/16 2.Provide feedback on vision statement (to be sent via ASAP) by Monday 11/16

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