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National Core Manual Jeanne Heying Win Hock Carolyn Randall.

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1 National Core Manual Jeanne Heying Win Hock Carolyn Randall

2 Process Survey sent out Committees organized Blueprint items from AMP study –all topics in the blueprint must be covered –not restricted to only blueprint items

3 Core Manual Review Committee Patrick O’Connor-Marer, CA Extension Carl Rew, IN SLA Carolyn Randall, MI Extension Colleen Hudak, NC SLA Mary Ketchersid, TX Extension Edward Crow, MD SLA Carol Ramsay, WA Extension Jeanne Heying, EPA Headquarters Monte Johnson, USDA Tom Delaney, Industry Richard Robbins, AFPMB Troy Pierce, EPA Region Lori McKinnon, TPPC Win Hock, PA Extension & EPA Consultant

4 Core Manual Editorial Subcommittee Carolyn Randall, Extension Win Hock, Extension & EPA Consultant Colleen Hudak, SLA Ed Crow, SLA Jeanne Heying, EPA Headquarters

5 Contributors Murray Walton, Texas Structural Pest Control board Bob Wolf, Kansas Extension Pat Hipkins, Virginia Extension George Schultz, AFPMB Phil Weinstein, Industrial Hygienist, MSU

6 Content Blueprint items became Learning Objectives for each chapter Topics not limited to blueprint items 12 Chapters plus Appendix Private Applicator Supplement Review questions and summary sections added

7 Chapters Chapter 1 - Pest Management (pest recognition, IPM, methods) Chapter 2 - Pesticide Labeling (registration types, parts, MSDS’s) Chapter 3 - Pesticide Formulations (process, liquid, dry, other, adjuvants) Chapter 4 - Federal Pesticide Laws (FIFRA, FFDCA, FQPA, WPS, ESA, Record Keeping) Chapter 5 - Pesticide Hazards and First Aid (toxicity, exposure routes, first aid) Chapter 6 - Personal Protective Equipment (chemical-resistant clothing, etc.)

8 Chapters Cont’d Chapter 7 - Pesticides in the Environment (drift, water contamination, non-target organisms, endangered species) Chapter 8 - Transportation, Storage & Security (safety and security while in transit and in storage) Chapter 9 - Emergency or Incident Response (emergency planning, fires, spills) Chapter 10 - Planning the Pesticide Application (selection, mixing & loading, applying, cleanup) Chapter 11 - Pesticide Application Procedures (methods, safety systems, equipment and calibration) Chapter 12 - Professional Conduct (security and supervision, communication)

9 Appendices Answers to Review Questions Glossary Private Applicator Supplement - 2 Chapters –Pesticide Application Equipment –Equipment Calibration Additional Laws and Record Keeping (WPS, FSS, HMUSTA, HCS, OSHA, SARA Title III, RCRA)

10 Product Will have photos, illustrations, etc. Lay-out and design by contractor Will be available on edit-allowable CD in Microsoft Word and Adobe Pagemaker (old and new versions) –Microsoft word version - text only –Educators will be able to make changes appropriate to their program Will also be available in Spanish

11 Product Estimated to be ready early in 2004 Spanish version ready in 2004

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