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CONSTRUCTION MASTERS 12345BONUS 678910BONUS 1112131415BONUS 1617181920BONUS 2122232425BONUS.

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2 CONSTRUCTION MASTERS 12345BONUS 678910BONUS 1112131415BONUS 1617181920BONUS 2122232425BONUS

3 The date that the drawing was checked or issued for construction is placed in the _____. a.title block b.legend c.border d.key notes ABCDABCD

4 If symbols were not used on a drawing, workers would not be able to tell _____. a. the distance between walls b. location of the center of columns c. detailed information about parts d. what material is required ABCDABCD

5 The definitions of any symbols or special marks used in a drawing are found in the _____. a.scale b.isometric drawing c.legend d.title block ABCDABCD

6 Lines drawn to indicate land boundaries on a drawing are called _____. a.hidden lines b.section lines c.centerlines lines ABCDABCD

7 The exact location of a column on a drawing is shown by a(n) _____. a.object line b.cut line c.centerline d.break line ABCDABCD

8 A number or letter, usually with a leader and arrowhead, used to identify a specific object is a _____. a.cut line b.keynote c.gridline d.revision ABCDABCD

9 A building's roof framing plan is shown on the _____. a.structural plans b.mechanical plans c.architectural plans d.detail plans ABCDABCD

10 The layout and dimensions of rooms, stairwells, doors, and mechanical equipment are shown on the _____. a.floor plans b.detail drawings c.mechanical plans d.cross sectional plans ABCDABCD

11 Specifications and locations of heating and cooling equipment and grilles and registers are shown on _____ plans. a.architectural c.mechanical d.structural ABCDABCD

12 The _____ shows the height of the side of a building. a.plan view b.elevation drawing c.detail drawing d.section drawing ABCDABCD

13 Tables that list the sizes and other types of information about doors and windows are found in the _____. a.detail drawings b.legend c.title block d.finish schedules ABCDABCD

14 Structural plans include _____. a. notes about materials needed and building requirements b. notes about drainage and land use c. the schedule for finishing all surfaces d. the location of the electric meter and distribution panel ABCDABCD

15 If the scale on an architectural plan is 1" = 10¨-0", then every _____. a. 1 inch on the plan equals 1/10 of a foot b. 1 inch on the plan equals 10 feet, 0 inches c. 10 feet on the plan equals 1 foot, 0 inches d. 10 feet on the plan equals 1/10 of an inch ABCDABCD

16 Engineer's scales are used for _____. a. measuring areas too small to be measured by an architectural scale b. locating structural beams and other load-bearing surfaces c. plotting and working with survey and site plans d. taking metric measurements ABCDABCD

17 NTS on architectural drawings means _____. template here b.not to size trusses here d.not to scale ABCDABCD

18 What are plans called that have to do with construction in or on the earth? a. civil b. architectural c. structural d. specification ABCDABCD

19 To clarify any discrepancies in the plans, which of these should you use? a. Index b. legend c. HVAC d. RFI ABCDABCD

20 Where is information about the structure or assembly provided on a set of plans? a. legend b. border c. title box d. drawing area ABCDABCD

21 Which of these is the project identified by? a. sheet title b. company logo c. scale d. drawing number ABCDABCD

22 Which of these scales are used when developing site plans? a. architect’s b. NTS c. engineers d. metric ABCDABCD

23 This form of an architect’s scale is commonly used because it contains a variety of scales a. straight edge b. oval c. right angle d. triangular ABCDABCD

24 What are the lines commonly used on a blueprint called? a. collection b. directory c. alphabet d. language ABCDABCD

25 What do dimension lines end with? A. circles b. squares c. X d. arrows ABCDABCD

26 Where should the symbols used on a set of blueprints be located? a. title sheet b. title block c. legend d. scale ABCDABCD

27 A keynote is a number or letter that is often used instead of symbols and usually appears in _______. A. block letters b. a square or circle c. upper right corner d. upper left corner ABCDABCD

28 BONUS 1 A grid divides an area into small parts called _______. a. squares b. regions c. bays d. pockets ABCDABCD

29 BONUS 2 On a grid, the _____ are normally across the top and the ____ are across the side. a. keynotes; numbers b. number; keynotes c. numbers; letters d. letters; numbers ABCDABCD

30 BONUS 3 Which of the following letters does the gridline system omit? a. U, V, W b. M, N, H c. I, J, T d. I, O, Q ABCDABCD

31 BONUS 4 The dimension is a measurement written as a __________. a. keynote b. number c. letter d. symbol ABCDABCD

32 BONUS 5 On a blueprint, a dimension is located ______ the dimension line. a. above b. below c. near the middle of d. at the end of ABCDABCD



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