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Nez Perce Tribe Policy Perspective Hatchery Success Principles.

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1 Nez Perce Tribe Policy Perspective Hatchery Success Principles

2 Tribal way of life and the treaty rights guaranteeing that are reliant on healthy and harvestable fish populations. Abundance and distribution of native fishes greatly reduced by human development and habitat destruction. Hatcheries represent a promise – they are payment on the unfulfilled debt to mitigate for limiting factors (e.g., hydrosystem, habitat destruction). Hatcheries can be used in concert with other management tools to rebuild populations and provide for harvest opportunities

3 Fish on the table (or Fish in nets) Fish in the habitat Functional ecosystems Active fish management role

4 Exercise treaty reserved fishing right Throughout usual & accustom area Traditional gear types Today

5 The right fish in the right place Reestablish what was lost Enhance natural population abundance sustainably Do so wisely remember our seven generations

6 Full native species assemblages Normative river environment “Full circle of life” Throughout accessible habitat

7 We share the fish; we share their management Do so wisely US v OR Management Agreement compliance Tribal member employment General public support and understanding of hatchery management tool

8 Harvest Augmentation Programs: Fish in nets Reintroduction Programs: Fish in habitat and fish in nets Supplementation Programs: Rebuild natural production and fish in nets Respect for their gift 100% allocation of returning adults to either harvest, broodstock, natural spawners (natal stream or vacant habitat), or distributions

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