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5/1/20151 In the name of God Most Merciful Most Beneficent.

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1 5/1/20151 In the name of God Most Merciful Most Beneficent

2 5/1/20152 Who dreams and where?  It’s Foundation for Social Care  A Public charitable trust  Head Office at Lucknow, India  Registered in 1994  Priorities: Education & Health  Coverage Area: All India  Spent US$ 6.7m on charity  Assets: US$ 386,000

3 What is the dream? “To contribute more on benign projects by becoming self-reliant.”

4 Current Projects Hayat Hospital: 50-bed Scholarship Program: 200 scholars Al-Farooq Public School: 350 students Umang Community Care Center Computer Training Institute (RICA): 300 students Some other minor projects 5/1/20154

5 Major Achievements Overall (taken up) projects: 35 Sponsored students pursuing UG, PG & PhD since 2000: 750 50-bed hospital in semi-urban area Govt. & International grants Awarded for earthquake relief and rehabilitation work, Gujarat 5/1/20155

6 Strong Commitment All Trustees have a sound background of Islamic activism Out of 13, four are Ulama Others: 2 scientists, 1 engineer, 1 retired civil servant, 1 consultant and rest social workers Organization follows Islamic tenets 5/1/20156

7 7 7 Nearing the threshold Annual budget: US$ 550,000 70% from internal income & grants; deficit US$ 165,000 (30%) From: Fee/charges of the school, computer courses & hospital Rest from donations and grants

8 Planning to Meet the Threshold Establishment of Hayat Institute of Nursing It will tremendously enhance revenue It will boost up revenue of Hayat Hospital It will lay foundation for other paramedical courses Better Management of the Productive Units To increase revenue To reduce expenditure Endowments Unit-wise endowments for regular additional income 5/1/20158

9 Hayat Institute of Nursing It’s a unit imparting paramedical courses Initially Diploma in ANM (Auxiliary Nursing & Midwifery), then in other health courses & BSc Nursing Beginning with 40 students, ultimately to over 500 Education and training in an Islamic atmosphere A space of 55,000 sq ft has been allocated for the institute in the Hayat Complex, for 24,000 sq ft constructed area Application has been submitted for registration Construction work is in progress 5/1/20159

10 10 Some Relevant Photos Hayat Complex

11 5/1/201511 Some Relevant Photos Inside View of Hayat Complex

12 Some Relevant Photos Headquarter of the FSC 5/1/201512

13 5/1/201513 Some Relevant Photos Construction Work of HIN in Progress

14 5/1/201514 Some Relevant Photos Construction Work of HIN in Progress

15 5/1/201515 Some Relevant Photos Construction Work of HIN in Progress

16 Investment of FSC in the Project (US$) Land: 120,000 Consultancy: 900 Registration Process: 7,000 Building Construction: 115,000 Capacity to further invest: 55,000 Total: US$ 297,900 5/1/201516

17 Heads of Remaining Investment Construction (remaining): 115,000 Furnishing: 3,700 Equipment: 20,000 Registration: 15,000 Consultancy: 1,300 Recurring (one year): 41,500 Total: US$ 196,500 5/1/201517

18 Financial Analysis-HIN

19 5/1/2015195/1/2015 Net Income of HIN ( within 3/5 Years) After three Years US$ 84,000 per annum will be added. After five years Revenue will be just doubled due to increase in courses and number of students. i.e. US$ 168,000 SELF-SUFFICIENCY is achieved (within 5 years)

20 Other Benefits of the HIN Enhancement of revenue of Hayat Hospital by 10% Problem free placement of hundreds of Muslim boys and girls Poverty alleviation by enrolling students of poor families Promotion of Islamic concept in the health sector of the country Consolidation of community development efforts in the fields of education and health 5/1/201520

21 How one can share the Dream: By contributing from a cent to 0.2 million dollar By sponsoring any head of expenditure By sponsoring any equipment By committing scholarship to one or more students of the Hayat Institute of Nursing By referring us to some other philanthropic soul By making dua for our success We require: US $ 196,500 5/1/201521

22 Thanks and Jazakallah! 5/1/201522

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