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VIVID TECHNO (Unit of Vivid Development & Services Pvt. Ltd.)

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1 VIVID TECHNO (Unit of Vivid Development & Services Pvt. Ltd.)

2 Introduction to VIVID TECHNO Unit of Vivid Development & Services Pvt. Ltd.

3 About VIVID TECHNO  Vivid Techno endeavors is to be a bridge amongst deprived area through the usage of Information Communication and Technologies. Vivid Techno recognizes the un-tapped and un-utilized potentialities lies in those areas. We, as an organisation, effort to nurture rural talents through our variety of services, so that they can be self-reliant, and self-dependent.

4 Mission & Motto  Mission:- Empowering rural India with usage of latest technology to enrich them, so that every citizen can develop in various dimension & social & economical growth will be measured ultimately.  Motto:- You Desire! We Care!!

5 Business Module Vivid Techno believes that involvement of local community is important in our business module, and hence formulated accordingly:- Vivid Techno Govt. Services Corporate Services Local Channel Partner Rural Communities Students Individual Customers

6 Services Vivid Techno focuses on primarily on following services to reach the objectives:- Education Health Financial Solution

7 Scholarship Programs:- Our endeavor is to provide basic education to each students in such a manner by which they can arrange their fee by themselves only through various scholarship programs. These programs help them to be self-reliant and make their dreams come true in the desired field. We also encourage them to earn the career in the desired stream by providing us referrals from masses on our/corporate services.

8 Join Us:- Registered Office:- WA-11, 2 nd Floor, Shakkarpur, Delhi-110092 Contact No:- +91 99116 56591, 011(22469986) Contact Person:- Mr. Prakash Mishra – Manager R&D Email:- Website


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