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Sustainable Energy.

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1 Sustainable Energy

2 Contents Introduction. Consumption of energy tabels.
The importance of energy reduction. A way of sustainable energy. Conclusion.

3 Introduction Sustainable energy sources are energy sources which are not expected to be depleted in a timeframe relevant to the human race, and which therefore contribute to the sustainability of all species. This concept is termed sustainability. Sustainable energy sources are most often regarded as including all renewable sources, such as solar power, wind power, wave power, geothermal power, tidal power, and others. Fission power and fusion power meet the definition of sustainability, but there is controversy over whether or not they should be regarded as sustainable for social and political reasons.

4 Energy Consumption Tables

5 Italy

6 Holland

7 Sweden

8 Romania

9 Poland

10 Sustainable Development
Why should we be sustainable?

11 Current observational effects
The melting of glaciers, which causes drought in higher altitude regions.

12 Current observational effects
The increased number of glacial lakes, resulting in a higher sea level.

13 Current observational effects
The increased ground instability in permafrost regions and rock avalanches in mountain regions.

14 Current observational effects
The warming of lakes and rivers, which become more receptive to viruses and parasites, making it unable to drink.

15 Current observational effects
The acidification of the sea by 0.1 pH.

16 Current observational effects
The increased frequency of forest fires.

17 Current observational effects
The earlier timing of spring events, such as leaf unfolding.

18 Current observational effects
The extinction of many species.

19 Current observational effects
The increased heat related mortality to humans.

20 Current observational effects
The higher spreading of infectious diseases.

21 The Future By mid-century, in tropical and wet areas an increase between 10 and 40 percent of available water is expected, while a decrease between 10 to 30 percent in dry areas. In the course of the century there will be reduced water availability in regions supplied by melt water. This covers an area where more than one billion people live. Increased flood risk. By mid-century, a peak of the uptake of carbon dioxide by ecosystems will take place, which after that, will decrease, or even reverse.

22 The Future Roughly 20 to 30 percent of the plant and animal species will face extinction within the next century. The relocation of species with negative consequences for biodiversity. Many millions are projected to flood every year due to sea-level rise by the 2080’s. Economic repression, and even downfall, of all countries affected by climate change, since investments have to be made for the adaptation to the new climate.

23 The Future The Oil problem The Gas problem
Supply 210,834 trillion litres We use million litres of oil per day Within the next 44 years our oil will be depleted Supply trillion cubic meters We use trillion cubic meters per year. Within the next 61 years our gas will be depleted

24 Vision on sustainable energy
Almere-Hout The Netherlands

25 Aim on sustainable energy
Almere lies about 25 km from Amsterdam. Almere-Hout is a new housing district and is a part of the city of Almere. Aim for Almere-Hout: Sustainable energy for houses and industry. To be realised over the next 12 years.

26 Ambitions for sustainable energy
Use of possible energy supply variables. Reduction of (fossil) energy. Reduction of CO2 emission. There are two energy performance indications to express the aim of the reduction: -EPC = energy performance coefficient. -EPL = energy performance on locations.

27 Energy Performance Coefficient
This means energy performance for one building. It is expressed by a number. Momentarily this number is 1 (one). The aim is: 0,8 = 20% reduction. EPC is focussed on energy use for house heating and limited use of electricity.

28 Energy Performance on Location
Energy performance for a district. It has a ranking from 0 to 10. The higher the ranking, the better the performance. EPL is a measure for CO2 emission of a location due to energy use on the buildings of that location. 10 means complete energy supply. Ambition: 50% CO2 reduction = EPL 7.

29 Sustainable energy forms
Possible energy forms that can be used are: -Ecogas. -Biomass power station. -Fuel cell. -Green energy. -Individual/collective heat pump.

30 Ecogas Ecogas is a replacement for fossil fuel by waste gas from agriculture farms, garbage locations, sewer installations etc. By recycling this waste gas to ecogas, the emission of CO2 will be prevented and also the use of fossil fuel will be stopped. Ecogas is not yet available.

31 Biomass Biomass is a collective term for all kinds of organic materials, e.g. wood, grass and manure. A biomass power station has to be build for the location of Almere-Hout. All houses have to be connected to a heat net. Supply of heat and electricity comes from a central biomass power station.

32 Fuel cells A fuel cell is a ‘battery’. The battery will be charged with sustainable energy for instance from ecogas. The energy in the battery can be used for heat and electricity. All houses possibly have to be installed with fuel cells.

33 Green energy Green energy is electricity produced by windmills, waterpower and solarcells. In Almere and surroundings the use of windmills is widely practiced.

34 Individual/collective waterpump
An electrical waterpump connected to a low temperature water-net. The water-net supplies the energy source for the waterpump. The waterpump is used to heat the water in the houses.

35 Costs To reach an EPL of 0,8 it is estimated that the costs per house will be 6000,- Euro above normal costs for a house to build. This means that the energy costs for the residents will be higher than normal. Policy has to be developed to prevent higher costs for the residents in this project.

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