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© 2009 Lenovo Security at the Endpoint Henry Ramos.

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1 © 2009 Lenovo Security at the Endpoint Henry Ramos

2 © 2009 Lenovo Agenda Why Secure Endpoints? Types of Encryption today What else can we do?

3 © 2009 Lenovo California Senate Bill 1386 1400/sb_1386_bill_20020926_chaptered.html “would require a state agency, or a person or business that conducts business in California, that owns or licenses computerized data that includes personal information, as defined, to disclose in specified ways, any breach of the security of the data, as defined, to any resident of California whose unencrypted personal information was, or is reasonably believed to have been, acquired by an unauthorized person. “ This means you are covered if the personal information is encrypted.

4 © 2009 Lenovo Types of Encryption Today Software –3 rd Party Encryption –Microsoft Bit-Locker –File and Folder vs Full Disk Hardware Pros and Cons

5 © 2009 Lenovo What Else? Port control Asset Recovery New Technology available today –Hardware Password Manger –Intel Anti Theft Protection –Constant Connect

6 © 2009 Lenovo ThinkPad Gives Strong IT Security Control of Ports At Hardware Level Limits use of I/O ports at a hardware level via BIOS to prevent information leaks ThinkPad System PCI Express 2 nd IDE Controller USB Controller Cardbus Controller Network Controller

7 © 2009 Lenovo Lenovo Systems Are First PCs to Support Remote Hardware Password Management What is Hardware Password Manager (HPM)? –Active directory-based central management of BIOS/HDD passwords –Supports management of both user and supervisor passwords –Supports ThinkCentre M58/M58p PCs, Montevina-based ThinkPad systems, and follow-on ThinkCentre and ThinkPad offerings What are the benefits of HPM? –More secure and less costly than software solutions –Central management and easy recovery of HDD password –Enables management of full-encrypting hard drives

8 © 2009 Lenovo Computrace Complete Provides the Ultimate Tracking and Loss Prevention Solution Track lost or stolen computers Manage computing assets & inventory Remotely delete data

9 © 2009 Lenovo *AT-p is activated and managed on Montevina vPro ThinkPads by Computrace® Data Protection™ Intel AT-p Edition Intel Anti-Theft Protection (AT-p)* Enhances Lenovo ThinkPads with CompuTrace

10 © 2009 Lenovo Constant Secure v1.0 (Available 2Q09) Remote Disable: Use SMS text with WWAN for theft protection –Exclusive Lenovo offering –Use your mobile phone to lock your system if stolen –Disable function is built into Montevina ThinkPads –Requires: Montevina ThinkPad with activated Ericson WWAN card Paid data plan for PC that supports GSM SMS text messaging Failsafe Anti-Theft feature provides robust system protection, theft deterrence and file retrieval –WWAN card not required –Provides multiple theft deterrent features via software from Phoenix –Track and locate a system, retrieve files, disable system –Less expensive than CompuTrace Lock Command via SMS

11 © 2009 Lenovo Thank You

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