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Ref : Katherine Li1.

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1 Ref : Katherine Li1

2 Sample 1 Picture-based discussion TOPIC : 零食 - 嘉嘉 2Katherine Li

3 Good use of CA2 Timing : Introduction – 2 min, Total – 6.8 min Content: informative, good knowledge, responsive, giving opinions, interacts well, but over-time –lost important information at the last minute. Mark=14 Language: ranges of Vocab & structures. Mark=5 Accuracy : Good pronunciation & intonation. Mark=6 Katherine Li3

4 Sample 2 Presentation & discussion TOPIC: My trip to America - Snedden 4Katherine Li

5 Timing: Presentation – 2.5 min, Total – 5 min Content : Limited communication, “Reading” some points from the notes, very hesitant speech, reliant on teacher’s prompts. Managed to express 1 or 2 opinions. Marks=7 Language: Limited vocab & structures, mainly short answers. Marks=2 Accuracy: Simple pre-learnt phrases, pronunciation understandable. Marks=2 Katherine Li5

6 Sample 3 Open Interaction TOPIC: Leisure activities - Kane 6Katherine Li

7 Role-play: create situation and stimulus Interactive conversation – student needs to ask at least 2 questions Timing: 5 min Contents: lots of information, interacts well, but few opinions and initiative, No questions asked. Mark=13 Language: fluent speech, ranges of vocab & structures. Marks=5 Accuracy: Good pronunciation & intonation, few errors. Marks=6 7Katherine Li

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