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Goals, Systemization, Measurement Randy Wadle, CEO.

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1 Goals, Systemization, Measurement Randy Wadle, CEO

2 Agenda Define Success Align & Systemize Best Practices System Oriented Culture What Gets Measured Gets Done

3 Define Success

4 Any Road Will Get You There

5 Strategic Plan…worth the time?

6 Strategic Objective Formulate Strategic Objective to frame goals Start with “Primary Aim” Includes detailed goals with timeframes Tangible goals Easy to measure Intangible goals Difficult to measure

7 Intentional Future

8 SMART Goals Specific Measureable Achievable Realistic Timely

9 Tangible Key Strategic Indicators Feed from your systems (financial, payroll, CRM) Financial KSIs Revenue, profit, cash flow, cash balance, inventory, net worth, return on assets Production KSIs New clients, incurred losses, unemployment claims, new EE onboarded, inventory cycle, production time, support calls, # of defects

10 Intangible Key Strategic Indicators No easy objective way to measure Values, methods, and standards Barometer of the strength of the culture and the team Track progress over time Involve clients or other external parties if possible

11 Intangible Key Strategic Indicators

12 Systemize Best Practices

13 Defined and Documented Systems Businesses are a collection of systems used to sell, deliver, and account for products and services to clients Systems exist whether they are documented and consistent or not Prioritize the most important systems and master them

14 Defined and Documented Systems

15 Develop Best Practices and Leverage Challenge team to document systems and innovate Should be part of the expected performance Expect that employees learn the best practice way to do things and make suggestions when problems arise Implement technology that orchestrates best practices where available and payoff is worth it Centralize process documentation where those who need it can readily find it

16 Importance of Best Practices

17 System Oriented Culture

18 Processes Continually Evolve Processes, not people, are scrutinized when systems fail Process owners innovate with new technology and methods Reward Innovators who execute Communicate frequently with the team regarding opportunities for improvement and new or improved systems implemented

19 People vs System Reliant Talented people should run systems and innovate System dependent, not people dependent

20 Free From Dependence Avoid dependence on individuals, even owners People are not reliable Attrition Time away from office Have good days and bad days Burn out and lose interest Systems are consistent and transferable

21 What Gets Measured Gets Done

22 Performance Management The squeaky wheel gets the grease Measure what you want to be squeaky Monitor results over time for opportunities for improvement Measure adherence to best practices Be transparent System driven management reports

23 Performance Management

24 Measure Results of KSIs Get creative but stay consistent over time Keep it simple Make it visual where possible Communicate and share results Define drivers for progress or backslide

25 Measure Results of KSIs



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