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Sequestration and Native Education Clint J. Bowers.

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1 Sequestration and Native Education Clint J. Bowers

2 Sequestration and Native Education The Fiscal Year 2013 sequester cut over $2 billion from federal education programs resulting in major impacts on schools and programs serving Native children. Tribal Leaders must convey the importance of investing in the education of Native youth. Tell Congress and the Administration to work together to prioritize funding cuts and programs so education programs and schools serving Native children are held harmless from sequestration. Deficit reduction must be implemented in a balanced method that does not place the harmful burden of spending cuts on the most vulnerable populations.

3 Head Start and Early Education Early education funding through Head Start provides comprehensive services for underprivileged children, which includes Native children. Nationally, sequestration has reduced funding by over $400 million, which equates to nearly 60,000 fewer children served in Head Start and Early Head Start. If sequestration continues into 2014, thousands more families will be not be served by Head Start as one-time budget remedies possible in 2013 will be exhausted by 2014.

4 Impact Aid Impact Aid makes up the majority of funding for the top 25 school districts most reliant on federal funding. $67 million in cuts to Impact Aid have affected the operation of 710 schools and the services provided to approximately 115,000 Native students. Some schools and tribes have the capacity to provide supplemental resources for any budget shortfalls, but this is not universal. The federal government must uphold the federal trust responsibility to fully fund Native education.

5 Sequestration Effects on Schools Shannon County Independent School District Heart Butte School District Harlem Elementary School District Gallup McKinley County Public School System

6 Sequestration and Higher Education Higher education institutions also face budget problems related to sequestration. Some Tribal Colleges and Universities will shift costs to employees, freeze salaries, and reduce services during the summer sessions. Cancellation of Native language programs

7 Talk to Congress With senators and representatives returning to Congress, now is the perfect opportunity to make Native education a priority. Tribes can utilize the Political Districting system at for contact information for congressional members and their field office staff. Tell congress that: – Federal funding often makes up the majority of a Native-serving school's budget and is needed for basic school operations. – Native education should be held harmless from sequestration cuts as part of the federal trust responsibility.

8 For More Information Clint J. Bowers Learn More About NIEA @WereNIEA on Twitter

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