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AUSTRALIA Training Program By: Kathleen Degnon & Ali Reed.

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1 AUSTRALIA Training Program By: Kathleen Degnon & Ali Reed

2  Six States and Territories West Australia Northern Territory Queensland South Australia Victoria New South Whales CULTURAL PROFILE  Most of the country’s land and surrounding waters are protected by environmental legislature.

3 WEATHER AND BIODIVERSITY  Flipped seasons: Warmer months occur during Christmas season. Cooler months occur mid year. Wide Variety of Biodiversity: Deserts Mountains Beaches

4  Developed Country  Ranked third in the world  GDP: 882.4 billion  Unemployment rate: 5.2%  Very similar to government in the USA and United Kingdom  Has a parliament like the UK  Has a constitution like the USA ECONOMY AND GOVERNMENT Economic Standing Government

5 WHAT TO BRING  Passport  Visa  School documents  Medicines  Power converter  Camera  Casual outfits  Swim suits  Rain jacket  Conservative dark business suites and ties  Suites, dresses, or blouse and skirt Clothes to Bring Business Attire  Comfortable walking shoes  Flip flops

6 SURVIVING AUSTRALIA  Dial 000 from any phone for emergencies  Internet access available everywhere  Australian dollar (A$)  Credit/debit cards widely accepted  Business hours

7 COMMUNICATING IN AUSTRALIA  English  Maintain good eye contact  Stand an arm’s length away  Be punctual  Be polite  Wait in lines

8 CULTURAL DIMENSIONS Low Power Distance (36)  Equal rights  Informal, direct and participative communication  Privileges and status symbols frowned upon

9 CULTURAL DIMENSIONS Highly Individualistic (90)  Value personal freedoms  Individuals look after themselves and immediate family  Self-reliant employees

10 CULTURAL DIMENSIONS High Masculinity (61)  Don’t show emotions or talk about problems  “Winner takes all” mentality  “Mateship” When riding in a taxi, it is customary for a male to sit in the front with the drive. Women travelling alone should sit in the back left passenger seat of the car.

11 CULTURAL DIMENSIONS Uncertainty Avoidance (51)  Low stress atmosphere  What is different is curious  Not opposed to taking risks  Acceptance of new ideas

12 CULTURAL DIMENSIONS Short Term Orientation (31)  Quick results  Status isn’t an issue in relationships  Business statements issues on quarterly basis

13  Use proper greetings.  Be polite, timely, use proper table etiquette.  Remember important holidays. I.E: Anzac Day or NAIDOC Week  Use titles.  Discuss your personal wealth.  Discuss private, personal issues. DO’S AND DON’TS Do Don’t

14 We hope you enjoy your trip! Thank you

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