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VirtuCo Implementation 1 Project Review 4.12.2003.

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1 VirtuCo Implementation 1 Project Review 4.12.2003

2 VirtuCo v©v© 30.11.2003Sami Hanhijärvi Project status –achieved goals in the iteration –project metrics Used work practices Completed work –Mobile demo Plans for the next iteration Agenda

3 VirtuCo v©v© 30.11.2003Sami Hanhijärvi Status of planned goals Develop message transmission capable architecture –A basic architecture build with future requirements in mind. –Kept simple. –Produced in MIDP2.0, MIDP1.0 proxies will be done later. Produce simple conversation demo –Working demo is ready. –Is presented later on.

4 VirtuCo v©v© 30.11.2003Sami Hanhijärvi Status of planned deliverables Project plan and requirements documents –Updated to match current situation Technical documentation done in a general perspective –UML used, but not strict –Slideshow format Test case specifications –Done for the implemented software Test report –Done for executed tests

5 VirtuCo v©v© 30.11.2003Sami Hanhijärvi Realization of the tasks –Client architectural design Trapoli –Requirements –Prepare testing Test plan –Setup development environment Problems with emulators –Unplanned

6 VirtuCo v©v© 30.11.2003Sami Hanhijärvi Working hours by person Unfamiliar with technology More to do than first anticipated RealPlanDiff Hannu60+1556 Jorma54+1550 Kaarle66+15413 Kai88+14544 Petteri67+15414 Sami37+549-7 Ville55+93727 Total44634997 Realized hours in this iterationPlan in the beginning of this iteration PPI1I2I3DETotal Hannu3044594215190 Jorma2540624815190 Kaarle3043584415190 Kai3251682019190 Petteri4136564215190 Sami5536413028190 Ville4439524015190 Total2572893962661221330 Latest plan (inc. realized hours and other updates) PPI1I2I3DETotal Hannu3060+1544223 210 Jorma2554+1574825 210 Kaarle3066+1484025 210 Kai3288+1481625 210 Petteri4167+1423623 210 Sami5537+5453236 210 Ville4455+9473223 210 Total257446341246180 1470

7 VirtuCo v©v© 30.11.2003Sami Hanhijärvi Quality metrics Results of system testing PPI1Total Reported92496 Closed92395 Open011 Issue metrics Implementation 1BlockersCriticalMajorMinorTrivialTotal Total open000101 This iteration reported110204

8 VirtuCo v©v© 30.11.2003Sami Hanhijärvi Quality assessment Overall quality is good enough for a demonstration Further testing needed for product use More thorough unit testing –Test MIDLet Functional areaCoverageQualityComments Conversation2 Some defects found and all above minor were fixed. Legend Coverage: 0 = nothing 1 = we looked at it 2 = we checked all functions 3 = it’s tested Quality:  = quality is good  = not sure  = quality is bad

9 VirtuCo v©v© 30.11.2003Sami Hanhijärvi Software size Lines of code I1I2I3DE Client total 2114 Client comments 946 Server total 2006 Server comments 941 Common total 204 Common comments 109 Total 4324 Comments 1996 Lines of code per programming hour I1I2I3DE Functional lines of code 15 Any line of code 27

10 VirtuCo v©v© 30.11.2003Sami Hanhijärvi Changes to the project

11 VirtuCo v©v© 30.11.2003Sami Hanhijärvi Risks Risk management document refactored –Contains only 8 risks –Previous one merged and generalized Risk for development tool problems –Risk realized –Produced work-around for problems

12 VirtuCo v©v© 30.11.2003Sami Hanhijärvi Work practices Process construction and tuning Design patterns Software Configuration Management Automated unit tests

13 VirtuCo v©v© 30.11.2003Sami Hanhijärvi Results of the iteration Software –Message transmission capable architecture Server and client –Demonstration New documentation –Technical specification –Test plan –Test cases –Test report

14 VirtuCo v©v© 30.11.2003Sami Hanhijärvi Demonstration

15 VirtuCo v©v© 30.11.2003Sami Hanhijärvi Plans for the next iteration Goals –Community architecture –Community demo Deliverables –User’s guide Risks –Practices not followed –Tools produce problems Schedule –Task dependencies

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