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CMS Physics Analysis Project at HIP V. Karimäki Helsinki 26.5.2008.

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1 CMS Physics Analysis Project at HIP V. Karimäki Helsinki 26.5.2008

2 CMS Physics Analysis Project/HIP 2 Outline ● Activities ● Project members ● Members' special talents ● Physics simulation overview ● Electron/gamma overview ● Geant4 work ● Track based alignment of tracker elements ● Grid computing ● Test beam work ● Plans and future challenges

3 Activities Physics simulation Detector simulation Developing reconstruction algorithms Preparation for physics analysis, discovery potentials Developing calibration algorithms, particularly track based alignment and ECAL energy calibration Test beam on-line + off-line software and analysis To take care of our share of CMS computing challenge Computing, calibration and analysis of forthcoming real data! May 2008 CMS Physics Analysis Project/HIP 3

4 May 2008CMS Physics Analysis Project/HIP 4 Project members In CMS Jorma Tuominiemi, Prof. Physicist1990- Veikko Karimäki, PhD physicist1990- Ritva Kinnunen, PhDphysicist1990- Tapio Lampen, PhD physicist1998- Kati Lassila-Perini, PhDphysicist1994- Sami Lehti, PhDphysicist1997- Tomas Linden, PhDphysicist1997- Aatos Heikkinen, PhD st. physicist1996- Lauri Wendland, PhD st. physicist1999- Matti Kortelainen, PhD st. physicist2007- Mikko Voutilainen, PhD st. physicist2008- In addition 1-3 Summer Trainees at CERN every year

5 May 2008 CMS Physics Analysis Project/HIP 5 Project members Aatos, Geant4, hadronic processes Sami, physics simulation& analysis Tomas, computing, clusters, grid, Tapio, Tracker alignment with tracks i Veikko, Project Leader Ritva, physics simulation& analysis Le Lauri, physics, H->  Kati, CMS User Support Coordinator Matti, physics, tracker beam tests Mikko, physics, jets

6 May 2008CMS Physics Analysis Project/HIP 6 Physics simulation studies People involved: Ritva, Sami, Kati, Lauri, Aatos, Jukka, VK MSSM H ->  H ± ->  discovery potentials (Ritva, Sami, Lauri)  jet tagging for HLT and off-line (Lauri) Tagging b jets with NN approach (Aatos, Sami) Methods to enhance signal to background CMKIN maintenance, kinematics generators interface (VK) Extensive contributions to the CMS PTDR Vol 2 Active reporting in conferences Referee work, thesis opponent (Ritva) PhD thesis work (Lauri)

7 May 2008CMS Physics Analysis Project/HIP 7 Electron/photon physics & reconstr. Kati, Jukka N. tracker/ECAL reconstruction photon conversions in tracker ECAL test beam activities energy calibration algorithms Kati now a User Support Coordinator PhD thesis work (Jukka)

8 May 2008CMS Physics Analysis Project/HIP 8 Geant4 activities Aatos (also Tapio contributed earlier) Aatos member of Geant4 Steering Board Jorma member of the Geant4 Oversight Board Aatos co-coordinator of the Geant4 hadronic processes nuclear evaporation model implemented (Tapio) intranuclear cascade model implemented (Aatos) production runs (Aatos, Tomas) extensive students education activities (CERN & Helsinki) organization of ”Finnish Geant4 symposia” (2002, 2005) refereeing of Geant4 related papers in IEEE (Aatos) acquired expertise is beneficial also for CMS work!

9 CMS Tracker Artist view Total about 16000 modules Challenging alignment task!

10 May 2008CMS Physics Analysis Project/HIP 10 Track based alignment Now Tapio and VK (earlier Aatos, Tomas,...) Long term work and learning process Challenging mathematical formulations Innovation: H.I.P. algorithm (proved successful) Contributions to CMS PTDR Vol 1 Active reporting in conferences (Tapio) PhD thesis work (Tapio) Alignment can be crucial for new discoveries!

11 CMS Pixel Alignment activities Alignment with tracks with HIP algorithm Helsinki Silicon Beam Telescope Cosmic Rack setup CMS Pixel Misalignment simulation of CMS participated in SW development: tools and ready-made misalignment scenarios Quality control of Tracker Outer Barrel (TOB) rod manufacturing hands-on insight to misalignments Cosmic Rack SiBT T.Lampén, VK

12 May 2008CMS Physics Analysis Project/HIP 12 Grid computing at HIP Tomas, HIP grid coordinator Designed and built Mill cluster at campus site Ametisti cluster, part of M-grid of Finnish universities Active participation in NDGF –Tomas member of the CERN sub-committee Several co-operation parties: –Finnish IT Centre for Science (CSC) –HIP technology program –Dept of Physical Sciences Aiming at Tier 2 services for LHC experiments in Finland Tier 1 for Nordic countries – a common effort Funding request several MEUR – growing optimism

13 May 2008CMS Physics Analysis Project/HIP 13 Test beam work Co-operation with the HIP tracker project Helsinki Silicon Beam Telescope (SiBT) Off-line analysis of test beam data (Tapio) Data acquisition expertise (Lauri) Developed alignment ideas Also involved in radiation hardness studies Very fruitful collaboration with tracker project!

14 May 2008CMS Physics Analysis Project/HIP 14 Publications –The group has been active in publishing, especially CMS Notes, Analysis Notes, Internal Notes and contribution to TDR’s: total about 90 publications since the change of millenium –Also refereed articles in scientific journals and conferences: total about 75 publications since the change of millenium

15 May 2008CMS Physics Analysis Project/HIP 15 Conference and workshop organizations The project members have organized a number of symposia and workshops: –CERN School of Computing, Aug 21-Sep 1, 2006, Helsinki –2 nd Nordic Grid Neighbourhood Conference, Otaniemi, 31.5. – 2.6., 2006 –2 nd Finnish Geant Workshop, Helsinki, 6-7 June, 2005 –1 st Finnish Geant Workshop, Helsinki, 2003 –The 3 rd Nordugrid Workshop, 24-25 May, 2002 – Workshop on b / tau Physics at the LHC, 30.5.-1.6., 2002

16 May 2008 CMS Physics Analysis Project/HIP 16 Plans and future challenges 1 year goal (until the start of data taking mid 2007): active tuning of the experiment software + documentation active involvement in optimizing the alignment strategies active involvement in designing the analysis strategies collaboration with the HIP tracker project (test beam) long term (data taking and running the experiment): need all (and even more) manpower to: maintain + improve software with real data gradually improve the software alignment control the quality of data do competitive physics analysis strong response to the computing challenge In short: computing, calibrations, physics analysis

17 Project evaluation 22.5.2006 dies.ppt Physics studies: S.Lehti, R.Kinnunen, L.Wendland sics.ppt Electron/Gamma Physics: K.Lassila-Perini, J.Nysten vities.pdf Geant4 activities: A. Heikkinen pt Detector alignment: T.Lampén mputing_activities.pdf Grid computing: J.Klem/ T.Lindén

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