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All European emergency number: 112 SAFETY:. All other numbers are listed in the Student Handbook:

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1 All European emergency number: 112 SAFETY:

2 All other numbers are listed in the Student Handbook:

3 In particular on pg 3:

4 Always let us know where you travel, when you are expected back! The Schengen Zone

5 Budapest is safe, but do not walk alone in the dark! Especially if you had drinks, especially ladies

6 Always lock the doors of your apartment – even if you are inside. Do not leave your stuff on the corridors!

7 Use common sense when making friends on the street

8 For more on safety, visit the relevant page of the US Embassy in Budapest ( )

9 In Europe, always carry an ID with you – police can stop and check you! IMPORTANT TO KNOW:

10 You are NOT eligible for a student pass on Budapest Public Transport (BKV) YES 3800 ft 9800 Ft

11 Please, be patient! HOUSING:

12 Local insurance is included in tuition with English speaking staff, doctors; even covers some dental and medication BUT It is only valid within Budapest Does not cover evacuation abroad INSURANCE :

13 MUST HAVE US/CANADIAN insurance that is valid in Hungary covering at least up to 30,000 euros (about 40,000 USD) of your health expenses -- for getting the RESIDENCY PERMIT as well

14 Will be done in groups Costs 18000 forints Once you have it, can freely travel within the Schengen Zone RESIDENCY PERMIT :

15 OKMÁNYBÉLYEG = FISCAL STAMP Get 18000 forints worth at the Post Office

16 Entrance card (chip card) – 3000 forints Non smoking Reading room in 205 from 8 a.m. – 6 p.m Computers in the basement WIFI code: 1qay2wsx3edc4rfv The BSM building:


18 First three weeks are for making final decisions! Registration deadline & feedback session: SEPTEMBER 27th

19 During/after the first three weeks “Reading courses” can become “regular” “Regular” can become “reading” Courses may be cancelled based on enrollment data.

20 Introductory level math courses: AL1 Introduction to Abstract Algebra ANT Topics in Analysis CLX Complex Analysis CO1 Combinatorics 1 MPS Mathematical Problem Solving NU1 Number Theory 1 PRO Probability Theory SET Set Theory TOP Introduction to Topology

21 Advanced math courses: AAL Advanced Algebra ALT Algebraic Topology C&P Conjecture and Proof CO2A Combinatorics of Finite Sets COP Combinatorial Optimization DIG Differential Geometry FUN Functional Analysis GAL Galois Theory GEO Topics in Geometry

22 GMT Game Theory GRT Graph Theory IST Inquiry based spectral theory LOG Mathematical Logic MAP Mathematical Physics MCG Modern Convex Geometry NUT Topics Number Theory RFM Real Functions and Measures STA Statistical Methods THC Theory of Computing

23 Advanced Math Courses (Reading) NUT Topics in Number Theory BIO Combinatorial and computational aspects of bioinformatics MAP Quantum Information and Quantum Computation STA Statistical Methods

24 EUR Elective Undergraduate Research STARTING with 5 problems: 1. Large set in the line without a given pattern with TAMÁS KELETI 2. Monochromatic connected pieces with ANDRÁS GYÁRFÁS 3. (Small) Forbidden Configurations with ATTILA SALI

25 4.First passage times with ÁRPÁD TÓTH 5.Stochastic Networks with ISTVÁN MIKLÓS

26 NON CREDIT courses: CLA Classical Algebra Cliff CORZATT GRE preparation session Scott KENSELL, Casey TOMPKINS PUTNAM Competition (Putnam) preparation session Péter MAGA, Péter Pál PACH BSM local math competition November 23rd, 9am-2pm Putnam competition December 7th

27 MATH and EDUCATION COURSES: DLG Discovery learning for gifted students CANCELED OBM Classroom Observations in Mathematics

28 NON-MATH COURSES: HL1 Beginner Hungarian Language HL2 Intermediate Hungarian Language HUC Hungarian Art and Culture HIS Holocaust and Memory FILM Film Analysis - Masters of European Films Non-credit: HUP Hungarian + Scott Kensell

29 Your paid tuition covers as much as five of the math courses and as many of the non-math courses OFFERED by BSM as you wish.

30 Once again, REGISTRATION DEADLINE: SEPTEMBER 27 th, Thursday, 10am and feedback session 2:30 pm ADVISORS: ● A through K -- Csaba Szabó ● L through R -- Dezső Miklós ● S through Z – Ágnes Szilárd

31 Office hours of the advisors’ Csaba Szabó Wednesday 10-11, Thursday 12-1 Ágnes Szilárd Tuesday, Thursday 8:30 – 9:30 Dezső Miklós Monday 11 – 1 Tuesday 10-11 Friday 10-11

32 DURING THE SEMESTER: DROPPING A COURSE – by December 6th, Friday, the latest Switching to AUDIT The Pass/Fail option

33 Leaning disabilities and mental health Special accommodation for learning disabilities Mental Health Problem Counseling Services at College International (BSM)

34 TEXTBOOKS: sold weekly FOR FORINTS ONLY some used at 60% full refund till Sept 27th 50% refund at the end of semester Handouts cannot be refunded.

35 LIBRARIES: Anna's Office Renyi Institute Library (opens on the 23rd of September)

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