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© Netcall 2011 Operator Services For Hasting Borough Council.

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2 © Netcall 2011 Operator Services For Hasting Borough Council

3 © Netcall 2011 Today’s agenda Netcall Operator Services Our Customers Introducing Netcall Introducing Telephony Automation Operator Services

4 © Netcall 2011 Key Facts Netcall PLC listed on the LSE is a group of companies »Each with more than 14 years of profitable trading UK based Software vendor »In-house design, engineering and support based in 3 local sites »Regular software updates and releases »Platform or hosted solutions that are widely integrated Over 500 customers »Public Sector ( including 80 Local Authorities, 45 Universities,15 Police Forces) »NHS (including >60% Acute Trusts) and »>100 Enterprise customers 20+ Partnerships and Alliances 130 staff Circa £14m turnover

5 © Netcall 2011 Netcall Group: a selection of our public sector customers 4

6 © Netcall 2011 Netcall makes it easier for you to engage Netcall’s goal is to help you deliver outstanding customer service Our specialist communications software solutions will: Operate standalone or integrated, On-premise or hosted to support you as you deliver with excellence Deliver proven service and efficiency Realise a rapid return on investment A complete end-to-end solution suite to enhance the value of your customer interactions …simply, effectively, always.

7 © Netcall 2011 Hammersmith & FulhamOperator Services Internal and External LambethOperator Services Internal and External WandsworthAutomated Direct Debits New ForestAutomated Payments Reigate & BansteadAutomated Payments & Reporting DacorumOperator Services Internal and External Mail-2-me & Reporting Kensington & ChelseaOperator Services Internal ShepwayAutomated Payments SwaleAutomated Payments Some Customer Reference Sites - Local Government

8 © Netcall 2011 CanterburyAutomated Payments Windsor & MaidenheadOperator Services Internal EalingOperator Services Internal and External CamdenOperator Services Internal and External MedwayOperator Services Internal and External BromleyOperator Services Internal and External Reporting CroydonReporting Some Customer Reference Sites - Local Government


10 © Netcall 2011 Automation is NOT about removing human contact Automation is NOT about forcing change on your customers Automation IS a way to improve efficiency whilst raising the level of customer service Automation IS about taking routine and repetitive calls away from human operators What is Automation?

11 © Netcall 2011 Not only can Staff & Councillors contact other staff quickly and efficiently in or out of hours, but the system can be populated with names of customers, suppliers etc. This allows Staff & Councillors to make most of their work calls, safely and efficiently, using only speech recognition, and they can enter their own personal numbers too! Staff & Councillors are authenticated either by PIN or the CLI of their phone Operator Services for Internal Use

12 © Netcall 2011 Citizens can ask for names, departments or roles Calls are routed to individuals, hunt groups or Contact Centre queues Aliases are supported e. g. “Bins”, “Rubbish” directed to “Environmental Services” Operator Services for External Use

13 © Netcall 2011 Available 24/7 – contactability is no longer reliant on Operator working hours Frees up Operator time to deal with external callers No reliance on directory accessibility Optional call screening – calls can be announced with an opportunity to accept/reject Add personal numbers – no need to use numbers stored on mobile phones Use to call numbers within and outside of the Council Operator Services Benefits

14 © Netcall 2011 Live Demonstration !

15 © Netcall 2011 Thank You Dave Amps 0330 333 6100

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