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Seven Lakes Junior High

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1 Seven Lakes Junior High
Course Selection

2 8th Grade Courses & Levels
Academic PreAP GT ELA Mathematics US History Science PE or Athletics Two elective courses Advisory

3 Math & Reading FYI Algebra (8th Graders) High school credit
Algebra placement will be decided late in the spring semester KISD recommendation- maintain an 80 or above to remain in class Math Lab Required if you fail STAAR Math Reading Elective Required if you fail STAAR Reading

4 PreAP Courses GT Courses Good grades to stay in
A’s in Academic Courses to get in To move to PreAP Math/Algebra additional criteria as determined by Katy ISD Positive attitude Willing to work and study hard Great organizational skills Self-starter/Highly motivated You must do your homework! GT Courses Only mark a GT Course if you are currently enrolled in the 7th grade equivalent of that course If you are currently being screened for GT, please sign up for PreAP

5 PE or Athletics Boys’ PE/Girls’ PE Off-Campus PE
Applications available late spring and due before you leave for the summer Individual sports only Athletics Coaches make the final decision Counselors cannot change schedules without coaches approval No Pass/No Play Team sports include – Football Volleyball Basketball Track & Field Tennis

6 8th Graders Only! High School Credit Courses offered at SLJH
Getting a head start on high school credits… Algebra 1 (1 math credit) Spanish 1B- must have taken Spanish 1A in 7th grade Accelerated Spanish (1 foreign language credit) Art (1 fine art credit) Principles of Human Service – aka Home Ec (1 elective credit) Public Services Endorsement Concepts of Engineering & Technology – aka Woodshop (1 elective credit) STEM Endorsement Go to the Counselors’ webpage & visit the Katy ISD Course Catalog for more information about high school credits!

7 And Now a word from your Elective teachers…
Your elective choices include… Band Choir Orchestra Theater Art/HS Credit Art Publications (requires application) Career Portals/Family & Consumer Science (aka Home Ec)- 7th grade only Teen Leadership (8th grade only) Tech Apps (8th grade only) Independent Studies PreAP or PreAP/GT (7th & 8th) Principles of Human Service (8th grade only & HS Credit - aka Home Ec) counts toward Public Services Endorsement in HS Concepts of Engineering & Technology (8th grade only & HS Credit – aka Woodshop) counts toward engineering track for STEM endorsement in HS Spanish 1, Part 2 (8th grade only & with teacher recommendation) Accelerated Spanish (with teacher recommendation) Student Aide (8th grade only & students will be screened for good grades are impeccable behavior) Band – Mr. Seltzer & Ms. Bailey Choir – Ms. Likos & Mr. Lee Orchestra – Mr. Whatley & Ms. Laurence Theater 1 & 2 – Ms. Becker & Ms. Wood Art – Mr. Escamilla & Ms. Van Hoozer Teen Leadership & Publications – Ms. Frazier Spanish – Ms. Kenney & Ms. Acuna

8 AKA…Home Economics Career Portals/Family & Consumer Sciences Grade: 7 Only Course Fee: See fee schedule + cost of fabric and sewing supplies for projects Students gain skills for living as they explore college and career planning within specific career cluster(s). Students use self-knowledge to explore and set realistic goals. Additionally, students are exposed to basic homemaking skills that are essential for successful, self- reliant, independent adult living. Food preparation, basic sewing and clothing selection/repair and child development education are among the topics covered in this course. Principles of Human Services Course Fee: See fee schedule + cost of fabric and sewing supplies for projects Grade: 8 Only Credit: One- HIGH SCHOOL CREDIT In this course for high school credit, students gain personal life management skills as they investigate human services careers, including counseling and mental health, early childhood development, family and community and personal care services. The course addresses a broad range of knowledge and skills related to personal development and management, promotion of strong families and preparation for adult roles. Topics include nutrition and dietary practices, food preparation, budgeting and management of family housing needs. Students who successfully complete Principles of Human Services in eighth grade are awarded one high school credit and grade points. The course fee covers food for in class projects. NOTE: Principles of Human Service is an introductory course/credit for a Public Services endorsement. Information from Course Catalogue: Documents/ Course Catalog FINAL.pdf

9 Publications & Teen Leadership
Publications: application required In this course, students apply writing skills, photography skills, and skills related to design layout for the creation and publication of the school yearbook. Students interested in taking the Publications course must complete an application and participation in this course requires approval of the publications teacher. There is a $30 fee for this class to purchase student materials. Teen Leadership: 8th grade only This course will help students develop leadership and personal and business skills. They learn to develop healthy self-concept, healthy relationships, and learn to understand the concept of personal responsibility. They develop an understanding of self-awareness, self-control, self-motivation, and social skills. They will develop skills in public speaking and communication. They will acquire an understanding of personal image and of the effects of peer pressure. They will develop an understanding of the need for vision in goal- setting, personally and professionally. This course is based on the Flip Flippen curriculum. There is a $12.00 fee for this course to purchase student materials.

10 New Courses offered Information from 2015-2016 Course Catalogue:
J873/J877 Technology Applications Grade: 8 Only Students in this one semester course learn basic data entry, storage and retrieval of information. Topics include instruction in the use of computer hardware and software, spreadsheets, word processing, database, multimedia, telecommunications and graphic design, technologically proficient students extended activity in word processing, database, spreadsheet, graphic design, multimedia and telecommunications. J900 Independent Study PreAP Grades: 7 - 8 G900 GT Independent Study Prerequisite: GT identification This course is designed for identified gifted and talented students who wish to pursue an area of interest in greater depth than is possible in the traditional classroom setting. Students utilize research skills to create advanced products in a variety of media to demonstrate their learning in their chosen area of interest. This course is dependent on students’ course requests and is not available at all campuses. Information from Course Catalogue: Documents/ Course Catalog FINAL.pdf

11 Thinking about a foreign language…
Don’t rush into it – you have time! Spanish 1A/1B versus Accelerated Spanish Prerequisite: Completion of 7th grade PreAP or PreAP/GT language arts with minimum 85 average and teacher recommendation Co-requisite: Enrollment in 8th grade PreAP or PreAP/GT language arts You should be strong in both ELA and Math! There is a strong correlation between good math students and good foreign language students If you are a native speaker – WAIT! There are other ways to earn your high school foreign language credit – Credit By Exam (CBE), Spanish for Spanish Speakers (earn 2 credits in one year) You will have many more language options in high school – French, German, American Sign Language The grade you earn in Spanish will go on your high school transcript and be seen by colleges 5-6 years from now In Spanish IA, IB, and Accelerated classes we learn to communicate in the Spanish language through reading, writing, speaking, and listening in the target language.  In addition, we learn more about Spanish-speaking countries and culture.  Through daily practice, positive participation, and a positive attitude, we build confidence in using the language.  All Spanish classes in junior high are high school credit classes so students are earning high school credit and the grade earned goes toward their high school GPA.  The Spanish classes are rigorous but fun.

12 Be sure to ask your questions!!!
Course selection Worksheet – Due to your Science teacher by Wednesday, February 11th Please be sure the alternate elective choices are different from those circled. Your first choice may not be honored. Course Verifications will be printed in April…that is your last opportunity to make changes! Be thoughtful about your choices as there will be no changes to electives in the fall. Counselors will be in lunches to answer questions and will sit down through Science classes to discuss as well. Be sure to ask your questions!!!

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