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Presentation Usage Guidelines This is a customer facing presentation designed for Citrix Service Provider partners. Partners should use this to introduce.

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1 Presentation Usage Guidelines This is a customer facing presentation designed for Citrix Service Provider partners. Partners should use this to introduce their customers and prospects to cloud services, hosted apps and desktops, and finally their own solution and services. As with other Citrix Service Provider sales tools, the emphasis is on the solution – what people want to do – instead of the products, features, speeds and feeds. Citrix Service Provider partners can customize this presentation and co-brand this with their own logos, graphics, etc. and a number of placeholders (FPO, For Placement Only) are included. Sample case studies and a case study template have been provided. Partners can customize with their own case studies.

2 © 2014 Citrix. Confidential.2 Need Help?

3 A simple, flexible and affordable approach to IT Cloud Services for SMBs

4 Users Want Freedom to access desktops, individual apps, and data from any of their devices, from any location

5 3+ Devices per employee 1-2 Days a week working remote 47% Using personal devices for work

6 © 2014 Citrix. Confidential.6 BYOD Continues to Grow “When will your organization cease to provide personal devices?” – Gartner CIO Survey “2014 Planning Guide for Mobility,” Gartner, October 2013

7 © 2014 Citrix. Confidential.7 Users adopting more consumer apps, but often not ideal for work Employees use 5 consumer apps for every IT provided app How do I include email attachments in meeting invites? How do I edit, share, sync files across my tablet, smartphone, desktop, and laptop? “Source: Forrester Research 2013

8 © 2014 Citrix. Confidential.8 IT can’t keep up with user’s app needs How do I deliver Windows desktop apps when there aren’t mobile versions of these apps? How do I prevent the use of non-secure consumer productivity apps? How do I prevent users from rejecting our IT approved apps? RESULT: “App Gap”

9 On Top of Existing IT Challenges You Face Unpredictable IT expenses that are difficult to forecast Reliant on the “IT guy” for everything—apps, passwords, updates Lacking a business continuity plan to keep their business running Wanting to use your tablet and phone for more than just email Workers cant be fully productive outside of the office

10 SMB Cloud Trends 71% Need solutions for mobile workstyles 50% Think cloud is important to their business 60% Don’t have the resources to implement new technology solutions 56% Prefer a single source IT solution Source: Microsoft 2012 SMB Cloud Adoption Study, Edge Strategies

11 © 2014 Citrix. Confidential.11 IT is a large capital expense Work only happens in the office Smartphone and tablets for email Calling the helpdesk or “IT guy” IT does support and maintenance IT is a monthly operating expense Work happens wherever you are Your apps and data from any device On-demand, self-service IT IT drives strategic initiatives IT Today IT Tomorrow Cloud Services Are Ideal For SMBs

12 © 2014 Citrix. Confidential.12 Business and IT leaders Like the Business Case “I know my exact employee IT costs and don’t have unexpected IT expenses.” Finance Department “Cloud makes it easy to work from any device and I can get to everything I need.” Workers “Cloud means we will have time to focus on more strategic initiatives.” IT Owner “I can focus on growing my business, not worrying about IT.” Business Owner Business Growth Flexibility & Agility Predictable Spending Modernize IT

13 The Solution: Hosted Desktops, Apps and Mobility

14 © 2014 Citrix. Confidential.14 Desktops-as-a-Service (DaaS) is a complete hosted IT solution, delivered by Citrix Service Providers. DaaS includes a bundle of cloud desktops, apps, data and mobility services. Businesses are drawn to DaaS because it’s a better approach to IT. One that is simple, flexible and affordable.

15 IT ServicesData Storage and Backup Infrastructure as a Service Disaster RecoveryHosted EmailOffice Productivity LOBWeb Windows

16 Hosted Desktop IT Services Data Storage and Backup Infrastructure as a Service Disaster Recovery Hosted Email Office Productivity LOBWeb Windows

17 © 2014 Citrix. Confidential.17 Intrinsic Benefits of DaaS Business Agility Mobile Workstyles Business Continuity Predictable IT Costs Redefine the Role of IT Control and Compliance

18 © 2014 Citrix. Confidential.18 Any device, business or personal Better than PC performance Seamless app and data integration Self-service IT Cloud Desktop and App Essentials

19 © 2014 Citrix. Confidential.19 Any device, Business or Personal Universal access to desktops, apps, data and IT services Windows, Mac, tablets and smartphones Intuitive app store-like interface Consistent experience on any device

20 © 2014 Citrix. Confidential.20 High definition experience on any network Touch enabled for tablets and smartphones Seamless use of local peripherals Real time voice and video Better Than PC Performance

21 © 2014 Citrix. Confidential.21 Seamless App Integration Integrate local apps into cloud desktops Merge other cloud services or apps Smoothly transition to cloud desktops Migrate legacy apps over time

22 © 2014 Citrix. Confidential.22 Self-Service IT Simple and intuitive self-service interface Storefront to shop for cloud services No help desk calls for adds/moves/changes Dashboard for usage and analytics

23 © 2014 Citrix. Confidential.23 What is My Path to the Cloud? 1.Start with basic IT services 2.Add Office and email apps 3.Layer in LOB and specialty apps 4.Access a cloud hosted desktop from any device

24 © 2014 Citrix. Confidential.24 Cost of Doing Nothing IT spending and complexity inhibits business growth The business is exposed to disruptions and disasters Workers remain tethered to the office Can’t attract top talent outside your region Your competition can gain an advantage

25 Partner Solution Name… Use this slide to introduce your own hosted desktop and app solutions Introduce key differentiated features Align with the solution oriented strategy, avoiding too much technical jargon FPO Partner Logos, Graphics, etc.

26 © 2014 Citrix. Confidential.26 Partners Accolades or Services … Use this slide to talk about your companies success stories, awards, etc. Describe the breadth of the solution and services Talk about number of customers, verticals of expertise, etc.

27 © 2014 Citrix. Confidential.27 Challenges & opportunities Describe the challenges that the customer was facing Solution Describe the solution you provided for the customer Result 2-3 statements about the results your customer yielded FPO Insert customers logo Partners: Use this sample template to create your own success stories or insert your own existing case studies

28 © 2014 Citrix. Confidential.28 {Partner name} and Citrix Partnership Proven solution by over 2,600+ partners Receiver delivers apps and desktops to over 1.5 Billion devices Same technology used by 99% of Fortune 500 companies

29 © 2014 Citrix. Confidential.29 Partners: Use this slide to explain how you will take the customer to the cloud. Include your own steps and methodology. It’s important to show that you have a proven blueprint for getting them there. Samples have been included Get started on Your Move to the Cloud {Partner name} assesses objectives, requirements, existing investments and the readiness of your organization {Partner name} creates a well-designed strategy and plan for migrating to {Partner solution name} that leverages existing resources and minimizes impact {Partner name} builds, tests and deploys the solution starting with simple workloads to ensure that platform and automated operations meet your expectations AssessDesignDeploy

30 Cloud Services {or use your solutions branded name} with {Partner name} Simple, self-service IT that gives you freedom and flexibility 1 1 2 2 Pay for only what you use as a predictable monthly expense 3 3 Ensure your business can whether a disruption and your employees can stay productive Customize with your own messages

31 © 2014 Citrix. Confidential.31 {Partners Name} Cloud Services Resources Customer case studies Videos Brochure Etc. Customize with your assets

32 © 2014 Citrix. Confidential.32 WORK BETTER. LIVE BETTER. FPO Insert partner logo

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