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Nick Armstrong-Crews July 24, 2014 3D Sensing for 3D Printing: (because CAD is hard)

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1 Nick Armstrong-Crews July 24, D Sensing for 3D Printing: (because CAD is hard)

2 3D Printer Meetup - 2 NAC 7/24/14 Current: Roboticist, MIT Lincoln Laboratory –Focus: 3D perception Past: Carnegie Mellon Robotics Institute –Focus: Planning under uncertainty Future: Heuristic Labs –Focus: 3D sensors Origin (fun fact): Alaska –Focus: None Who am I? “Nick Armstrong-Crews” -

3 3D Printer Meetup - 3 NAC 7/24/14 Theme: CAD is hard; a barrier to 3D printing revolution –Imagination ---(CAD)---> digital model ---(3D printing)---> Reality –Harder than 2D (i.e., photo-realistic painting/sketching) Aside: 2D sensing sucks –Loss of depth information; loss of absolute dimensions –Simply insufficient to aid creation in a 3D world Solution: 3D sensing to the rescue! Caveat: 3D sensing can be noisy –But fixing up a 3D model is easier than creating! Why 3D Sensing is Important “This stuff is really hard. It's hard to learn, hard to use, and mistakes have real consequences. This [is true] of any CAD or modeling software.” “CAD is Hard” -

4 3D Printer Meetup - 4 NAC 7/24/14 The “Matter Remixer” “Reality Remixing” -

5 3D Printer Meetup - 5 NAC 7/24/14 Principles: –Time-of-flight:, –Stereo parallax (triangulation):, –Multi-view stitching (mapping, SLAM): (complicated) Implementations: –Passive stereo vision: like humans! two cams, rigid mount, sparse and not robust and reliant on background texture –Structure-from-motion: monocular, move camera over time –LIDAR: raster scanning/spinning point detector –Active stereo vision: create own perfectly structured light 3D Sensing Techniques “Time-of-Flight Camera – An Introduction” - “Triangulation (computer vision)” - “Projected Texture Stereo” - “Serveo w/ Planar LIDAR” -

6 3D Printer Meetup - 6 NAC 7/24/14 Available Hardware Comparison “LazeeEye: Turn your Smartphone into a 3D Camera” -

7 3D Printer Meetup - 7 NAC 7/24/14 Structure-from-Motion –AutoDesk 123D Catch - –VisualSfM - –Seene iPhone App - DIY –DIY Structured Light - –DIY Stereo Cams - (any cam pair, but recommend PS4 Eye or dual PS3 Eyes) Computer-assisted 3D Editing –Meshlab - –AutoDesk Meshmixer - Useful Resources

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