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Nepal it is essential to have political stability and effective and visionary leadership, proper plans and policies.

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1 Nepal it is essential to have political stability and effective and visionary leadership, proper plans and policies.

2 high degree of efficiency and develop common consensus, at least, among the issues of foreign policy. The effective protection and promotion of Nepal’s national interest and security. The formulation of nationalism and patriotism-based foreign policy and the effective protection and promotion of such in contemporary Nepalese foreign policy in the present globalized world has also become a challenging issue.

3 The Issues of maintaining balanced relationship between its immediate neighbours is equally challenging issue for Nepal. The erasing of the image of a failed state is another sensitive issue in this direction. The protection of interest of the Nepalese citizens abroad (e.g. their lives, properties and human rights in those countries where they are working) is one of the biggest challenges of the contemporary Nepalese foreign policy. The Issues of foreign interests in Nepal and improving the status of human rights in Nepal to give a good impression in the contemporary international relations are other equally important issues.

4 The improving of the quality of Nepal’s ineffective or deteriorating diplomacy and improving its bargaining power in the present day world is equally significant. The contemporary Nepalese foreign policy in the present changed context has also to address numerous economic issues to meet the growing expectations, needs and aspirations of the Nepalese people and the country and has to undertake attempts to develop self- sustaining/self-reliant economy. The economic objectives of the contemporary Nepalese foreign policy, in the background of present globalized political economy, must be the development of self-sustaining/self-reliant economy and,in general, development of independent economic personality in the comity of nations and achieve its economic interests, objectives and goals.

5 As one of the LLCs, LDCs and small countries of the fourth world, (poorest among the poor), Nepal, in cooperation of similar other nations of the UN, has to strongly advocate for the causes of the rights granted to them, including the right to free access to and from the sea, according to the provisions of international law. LDCs, it can do a lot if its diplomacy becomes sound and dynamic. It is a golden opportunity for Nepal to demonstrate its capability skill, efficiency and leadership in international politics as Bangladesh had done in the past. But the political elites in Nepal have to demonstrate common consensus among them on matters of foreign affairs and not intervene in those issues unnecessarily. The Issues of the proper use of foreign aid in the present context of Nepal is another crucial issue of contemporary Nepalese foreign policy. for the development of self reliant economy; building of economic infrastructures in all parts of the country including in the far remote areas; promoting rapid industrialization of the nation generating employment opportunities and income and in the long run in the developmen

6 The development of the concept of economic nationalism, the protection of the properties of Nepalese citizens abroad, proper governance of remittance, regularization of the wages, and facilities of the Nepalese workers working abroad and protect or rescue illegal workers ( in case of The illegal entry ) working in foreign countries, the attraction to the NRN in the economic development of Nepal, properly addressing the issues of economic diplomacy in Nepal are other crucial issues which the Nepalese foreign policy has to address

7 Nepal can also be benefitted if it can act as a transit point between India and China. In the context of India and China, which are emerging as global economic powers of the 21st century, Nepal can develop itself as a transit state so that it can benefit itself from the economic progress and development of these two countries. The Nepalese diplomacy has also to develop proper strategies and policies to take advantages

8 Opening of new trade routes with Tibet of China and the extension of railway networks up to Kathmandu from Lhasa, and the diversification of its trade with Beijing and other populous metropolitan cities of mainland China must be other prime economic concerns and objectives of Nepal\'s economic foreign policy,

9 Challenges to Foreign Policy Challenges for India, China and USA India India-Pakistan relations India’s war against terrorism India- US relations India- South Asia relations

10 China China- US relations China- India- South Asia Relations China- Japan relations China- North Korea relations China- ASEAN relations

11 USA Possible Iran implosion or explosion by Iran Rise of the Muslim Brotherhood Cyber threat Israeli strike on Iran Revival of al-Qaida/ Rift with Pakistan Mexico and the growing war on drugs US- China Relations North Korea Nuclear Ambition

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