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DECEMBER FACT FINDING TRIP Nordic Workshop – Arlanda Tuesday 5 th February 2013.

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1 DECEMBER FACT FINDING TRIP Nordic Workshop – Arlanda Tuesday 5 th February 2013

2 Overview 1. Main themes of the trip 2. Governance 3. EDEN 4. Definitions i. Pressures ii. Measure’s 5. Public Interaction / Reports 6. Data 7. Value of WB 8. Status of WB 9. Cost 10. Summary 11. Conclusion

3 Themes General consensus around Supplementary/Additional Measures Starting point for Measures Library is Actions. National Measures e.g. Inspections to be dealt with in Future Data maintenance and collection is the key “Cause” is regarded as the preferred option for Measures and Pressures Effect and Cost bands are used to determine priority GIS is the tool of choice (along with an application like DREAM) WB Value map has not been considered by counterparts The importance of Risk is underestimated

4 Governance SwedenFinlandNorwayIreland IdeologyThe EPA is a policy and legislative body Policy and reporting to EC Overall development of POMs application Competent authority for WFD. Who is the main driver of POM’s? RBD’sELY Centre’s (RBD) NVE (EPA) and Municipalities EPA Who is the decision maker Flat Level. Relies on RBD co-operation via working groups ELY Centre’s and working groups. EPA provides databases Many departments are strong. NVE leads POM EPA in conjunction with the Department of Environment What is the purpose of POM system? To be used as a decision making tool Report WISEFacility for local municipalities to input Measures To be used as a decision making tool

5 Responsibilities of EPA SwedenFinlandNorwayIreland Licencing  Enforcement  Reporting  Policy  Building POM system  -  Recording Actions  Reporting WISE  Governance continued……

6 Eden SwedenFinlandNorwayIreland Is an EDEN type application used? No Yes How is the information relating to Measures inputted? Mix of existing databases and manual entry. ELY centres upload Actions. System is from before WFD Measures (AIM’s) added by stakeholders through GIS interface Various line of business applications and through manual DB entry

7 Definitions – Measures SwedenFinlandNorwayIreland How have you interpreted Measures? Interpreted the WFD and directives and created 38 types of Measures Measures predate the WFD. A complex system maps existing data to WISE schema Created library of Measures and linked them back to WISE reporting format. 22 Legislative Basic Measures. Actions to Implement Measures (AIM) mapped. How have you dealt with Supplementary Measures If it is not covered by the 38 Legal Measures then they are Supplementary Decided at meetings of ELY groups. Manual Interpreted from WISE Schema. Drop down at Measure record level Open question! What is your interpretation of Key Measures? Agreement in lack of clarity and suggested a co-operative to query EC A technical reporting requirement of WISE Agree clarification is required Forming the opinion that clarification is required.

8 Definitions – Measures continued…… SwedenFinlandNorwayIreland How are Measures of different granularity recorded? Only record actions. Not currently linking back to WFD Measures defined pre- WFD. Two ways to create Measures… Created a list of "Measures" based on the WISE reporting format. We have a lot of data that requires cleaning up. How are multi- agency inspections handled as Measures? Work in progress “Real” -v- “Policy Measures”. Some Inspections are recorded by Municipalities on a case by case basis Handled in line of business applications both internal and external to EPA How have you differentiated improve and maintain Measures? The measures are the same but the effects are different. There is a drop down in the Measures where it can be maintain or improve This is recorded at Measure level by a drop down To be determined

9 Definitions – Measures continued…… SwedenFinlandNorwayIreland For a particular Environmental event, do you assign Measure responsibility back to the owner? YesSome difficulty in linking Measures directly back to Pressures, as it is legally binding and politically toxic. Link Measures to Pressures at “type” level Yes the responsible authority adds the Measure and records who will do it in a free text field We will use line of business systems to assign Measures. What level do you go to in relation to Measures? And what feeds it (the categorisation) 38 Legal Measures Actions fall under each one of these Measures Category and subcategory. Measure is basically an action e.g. build fish ladder. Action level. National measures will be dealt with in future. AIM’s. They feed into legislative and sub legislative Measures

10 Definitions – Pressures SwedenFinlandNorwayIreland How do you rate the impact of "Pressures" on a WB? This is an open question not decided There are projects coming down the line but they don’t really look at the impact of A Pressure on a WB. This is recorded by Effect. Manual entry of the Pressures that effected the WB and thus require the Measures. Business rules engine that uses various silo’s of data to determine the Pressure that is the most likely “cause” How are Pressures stored? Manually through Data entry and some legacy data systems This is stored at type level rather than individual record. GIS but not linked to Measures/Cau ses/Effects Various line of business systems and GIS.

11 Public Interaction / Reports SwedenFinlandNorway What Public Interface is used Viss and Open API/RDF NoneVRD (GIS) and integrate this with VISS for RBD’s that cross borders (API) Static RBMP website with reports. Some line of business systems What do you report on out of the application? Not fully decided. Use Open API’s and RDF Open XML application with mappings WISE and some reports on square km areas WISE and some reports For interested parties do you have an separate application? Or is it through the EDEN type interface Viss, Vattenweb and also public facing websites which expose information Duplicate of internal GIS system that interested parties may use. Logon required No. System built as public GIS interface. If someone wants to edit data then logon required EDEN portal for line of business systems

12 Data SwedenFinlandNorwayIreland Primary source of Pressure Data Municipalities manually entering and historic databases ELY centres manually entering data Municipalities manually entering and historic databases Line of business systems and GIS Primary source of Measure Data Manual entry by municipalities AIM’s How is data collection driven? Area of improvement. The approach is to provide as much information back to stakeholders as possible. Liaising manually with the ELY bodies. Not through enforcement. Area of improvement. The majority of Lars's work is to try & increase data reporting. Licencing and enforcement. Requirement to report data to EPA. Also plan to provide data back to stakeholders

13 Value of WB SwedenFinlandNorwayIreland Do you assign Value to a WB? NoThis is decided during the working group. It is not stored against the Measure. NoYes. Based on sensitive areas and receptors downstream a value is assigned Then how is priority determined? Effect and cost. Priority methodology not fully decided yet This is decided at working group level. Cost -v- Effect (as above) In progress Do you have a WB Value map? NoNo. This is taken into account during the licencing process. No. Priority of Measures is determined by effect and cost. Yes

14 Status SwedenFinlandNorwayIreland Are your Waterbody status’s systematically determined Determined at a local level and reported via VISS NoInitially, yesMostly, yes If not how are they calculated As aboveDetermined at ELY level based on expert opinion If poor monitoring dataset then determined by expert opinion Do you allow for manual updates Yes Then how do you mitigate the personal weighting factor? --Open question

15 Cost SwedenFinlandNorwayIreland How do you determine economic cost of a Measure? Where is the stored against? Created bands of costs against the Measures Library, they can be updated at action level. Perceived cost of environment is the more difficult one This is stored against a Measure. Investment cost and maintenance cost. How many years in current cycle for maintenance Bands of cost for implementation of a Measure and then operating Cost. This is editable by the user entering the individual Measure Cost bands methodology. Will be updated over time with actual cost from licensee reporting (where applicable) Do you store negative impact costs against Measure YesNoYes-

16 Summary AreaSwedenFinlandNorway SystemExcellent logicXML mappingSimplified process Data Source Data entry & historic databases Data Quality Poor → Good PressuresReliant on manual entry to a Measure PrioritisationReliant on Effect being manually entered Manual processReliant on Effect being manually entered ValueNot addressed in current system Decided manually at licencing stage Not addressed in current system CostManual ‘bands’. Implementation and operating cost EDENNo

17 Conclusion All countries interpreted specific actions as “Measures”. Other difficult Measures will be dealt with in the future Co-operative effort to ascertain Supplementary/Key/Additional Measure definitions from EC. Do we group or go record by record? A lot of data over time. Requirement for easy way to view “Big Data” Massive task. Idealogy of “good enough” Open API is the cheapest and most effective way to present data to public/interested bodies System success heavily reliant on Data co-ordinator and legislation Risk methodologies is a big open question

18 Questions?

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