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2 Kristy Buescher - Who We Are

3 Who We Are The NCA was formed in 2014 by parents, grandparents, business owners, educators, and community leaders to explore every option possible to maintain a strong, vibrant community. State funding of education has declined to the point that the Neoga School District is projected to have a large deficit in its general education fund in 2015. Given the dire circumstances, the NCA believes supporting a tax referendum is critical for Neoga to continue as a stand-alone school district.

4 Shawn Finney, CPA - Financial Timeline Illinois State Board of Education

5 Neoga School District - 2001 to 2005 Reliant Energy challenges property tax rate 20012002200320042005 Begin Fund Balance$2,525,745$2,979,527$2,895,977$3,358,487$4,327,558 Total Revenues$5,449,941$5,289,906$5,704,600$6,593,941$6,141,477 Total Expenses$(4,996,159)$(5,373,456)$(5,422,636)$(5,624,870)$(5,568,269) End Fund Balance$2,979,527$2,895,977$3,358,487$4,327,558$4,900,766 Surplus/(Deficit)$453,782$(83,550)$462,510$969,071$573,208 Property Tax Rate3.38 3.423.47

6 Neoga School District - 2006 to 2008 2006: PTELL starts for the district, new local tax rates set 2007: District pays back funds to Reliant of $2.8M 2008: New tax rates set; State begins to pay back funds due to Reliant change 200620072008 Begin Fund Balance$4,900,766$5,378,275$2,505,223 Total Revenues$6,131,370$5,510,402$7,492,925 Total Expenses$(5,653,861)$(8,395,132)$(6,502,539) End Fund Balance$5,378,275$2,505,223$4,070,417 Surplus/(Deficit)$477,509$(2,873,052)$1,565,194 Property Tax Rate4.583.713.43

7 Neoga School District - 2009 to 2010 2009 2010 Beginning Fund Balance $4,070,417 $ 4,364,530 Total Revenues$6,681,668 $ 6,648,654 Total Expenses $(6,406,377) $(7,151,317) End Fund Balance$4,364,530$ 3,861,907 Surplus/(Deficit)$ 294,113$ ( 502,623) Property Tax Rate 3.43 3.46 2009-2010: State funding for schools starts to decrease 2009-2010: Federal funds increase 2010: Geothermal & roof work begins on Neoga Schools

8 Neoga School District Federal Funding - 2001 to 2014

9 Neoga School District - 2011 to 2014 2011201220132014 Begin Fund Balance$3,861,907$2,782,193$1,540,744$1,062,984 Total Revenues$6,790,440$6,498,918$6,826,360$6,730,971 Total Expenses$(7,870,154)$(7,740,367)$(7,304,120)$(7,260,209) End Fund Balance$2,782,193$1,540,744$1,062,984$599,546 Surplus/(Deficit)$(1,079,714)$(1,241,449)$(477,760)$(463,438) Property Tax Rate3.384.054.13

10 Neoga School District - 2009 to 2014

11 Neoga School District - 2001 to 2014

12 Elementary School Closure BLDD Architects Inc, hired by the School Board Elementary school had the lowest overall score Combination of cuts and increased tax revenue needed Estimated savings over the first five years of the closure is approximately $1M School year 2015-2016; Pre K - 12 Housed in two buildings on one campus The Elementary School building will remain vacant but maintained at a cost of $16,000 per year Future plans for Elementary School building?

13 Brian Titus - Tax Referendum Proposal

14 Why A Referendum Is Needed? Neoga Board of Education passed a motion to put a referendum on the ballot for the amount of $800,000. This amount is essential to bridge the gap between the existing shortfall of current revenue and expenses so the Neoga School District can operate in the black. The sustainability of our district will be directly and immediately impacted by the referendum decision on April 7 th.

15 Property Tax Rates - 2014 School District 2014 Base Tax RateBond Rate 2014 Total Tax Rate Effingham3.240.363.60 Beecher City3.410.333.74 Windsor3.780.003.78 Teutopolis3.320.463.78 Cumberland3.410.393.80 Dieterich3.440.533.97 Altamont3.410.704.11 Neoga3.270.864.13 Stewardson Strasburg4.230.434.66 Mattoon4.190.524.71

16 Estimated Property Tax Rates - 2015 Based on Referendum passing School District 2014 Tax Base RateBond Rate 2014 Total Tax Rate Effingham3.240.363.60 Beecher City3.410.333.74 Windsor3.780.003.78 Teutopolis3.320.463.78 Cumberland3.410.393.80 Dieterich3.440.533.97 Altamont3.410.704.11 Stewardson Strasburg4.230.434.66 Mattoon4.190.524.71 Neoga New proposed rate for 2015 4.480.865.34

17 Estimated Increase in Property Tax - 2015 Based on Tax Referendum passing 2014 Payments vs. 2015 Estimated Payments 2014 payments $1,000$2,000$3,000$4,000$5,000$6,000 Estimated 2015 payments $1,171$2,342$3,533$4,684$5,855$7,025 Average increase $171$342$513$684$855$1,025

18 Examples of Options If A Referendum Is Not Passed? Consolidation Consolidate – Casey-Westfield Detachment/Annexation – Arthur-Lovington & Atwood - Hammond Deactivation – Rossville Alvin allowed to go to Bismarck - Henning or Hoopeston Area Dissolution/Annexation – West Richland (Noble) dissolved into East Richland (Olney)

19 Estimated Property Tax Rates Tax Referendum passes vs. Consolidation/Dissolution into other districts School District 2014 Tax Base RateBond Rate Borrow Future Revenue 2014 Total Tax Rate Effingham3.240.860.114.21 Teutopolis3.320.860.114.29 Cumberland3.410.860.114.37 Beecher City3.410.860.114.38 Altamont3.410.860.114.38 Dieterich3.440.860.114.41 Windsor3.780.860.114.74 Mattoon4.190.860.115.16 Stewardson Strasburg4.230.860.115.20 Neoga Estimated proposed rate for 2015 4.480.86 -5.34

20 2014 Payments vs. Estimated Future Options Using a $3,000 Property tax bill 2014 property tax bill$3,000 Effingham$3,032 Teutopolis$3,064 Cumberland$3,099 Altamont$3,101 Beecher City$3,101 Dieterich$3,113 Windsor$3,251 Mattoon$3,419 Stewardson Strasburg$3,438 Estimated 2015 bill if referendum passes$3,513

21 April 7 th is a significant date for the future of our school district & community. The landscape of our community will change. This will directly impact our entire community. What legacy are we beginning for our future generations? Focus On The Future


23 Public Meeting Monday, March 16 th

24 Volunteer Visit our information table

25 Questions?

26 Thank You Drive Home Safely

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