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MJM22 Digital Practice and Pedagogy Week 8 Communication Tools.

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1 MJM22 Digital Practice and Pedagogy Week 8 Communication Tools

2 Discussion & feedback How’s the OER going? How can we support you?

3 This session will cover: An introduction to how we communicate online. –Different modes of communication, –And the factors that affect this. Exploration of synchronous and asynchronous communication tools. –Web conferencing. –Twitter. –Discussion boards. Impact of mobile devices.

4 Communication [noun] the imparting or exchanging of information by speaking, writing, or using some other medium. Oxford English Dictionary

5 Types Face to faceVerbal Written Computer mediated

6 Delivery One-to-oneOne-to-many Many-to-many

7 Modes Asynchronous Email Discussion Board Reflective Self-paced Synchronous Web conference Instant messaging Immediate Responsive

8 How do you communicate ? What are the main forms of communication you have used or experienced in your learning? And what technologies or methods were used to deliver them? Make a list and enter it online at:

9 Academics

10 Interaction Tim e Place Same Different SynchronousAsynchronous Skype Texting Web conference Twitter Blogging Discussion board Video Wiki Whiteboard Lecture Tutorial Presentation Debates Readings

11 Web conferencing Audio and video Chat and participant tools Whiteboard

12 Synchronous - advantages Motivation & focus. Pacing. Active and interactive. Feedback and support. Immediate & responsive. Complex learning. Source: Collis (1996) cited by Schullo et al (2007)

13 SMS Texting Benefits. Fast, direct and efficient. Convenient and accessible format. Timely and reliable delivery. Useful for: Short messages or notices. Short dialogues. Image: Johnathan Lyman

14 Twitter asynchronous vs. synchronous

15 aSynchronous – how it works Reliant on the #tag

16 aSynchronous - #Tag The linked conversation

17 aSynchronous – the Network Reliant on your existing Network….and their Network…. and their network Copyright - tagExplorer

18 aSynchronous – How to Bring people into the conversation Take a look at: http://www.buzzfee /scottybryan/this-is- the-best-twitter- conversation-you- will

19 Synchronous – how it works Scheduled events that needs to be promoted through an existing network –Theme needs to meet the communities interest

20 Synchronous – bringing people into the conversation Send out invites Retweet invites

21 Synchronous – Trending topics Frequency of the use of the #Tag

22 aSynchronous vs Synchronous

23 Discussion Boards Group-centred Constructivist learning. Structured environment. Organised by threads or topic Collaborative model Peer to peer learning. Image: Jim Linwood

24 Patterns of participation

25 Images Gunnar Ries, Grey wolf Felix Andrews, Elephant, Squirrel Michael David Hill, Mole up_of_mole.jpg up_of_mole.jpg EIC, Rabbit looking.jpg looking.jpg Stuart Bassil, Stag Luis Garcia, Magpie Pete Markham, Dolphin

26 Mobile Fiona MacNeill Learning Technologies Adviser University of Brighton

27 This week’s activities 1.Visual communication. –Cognitive psychological approaches. 2.Infographics. –Tools and practice 3.Work on your OER. –Post to the blog as necessary on your progress.

28 Closing and Questions

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