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BBCi Development & Services Reputation What does it mean?

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1 BBCi Development & Services Reputation What does it mean?

2 BBCi Development & Services 2 The real world Reputation is a relationship Reputation is an opinion of a person or thing based on experience It’s built up by repeated experiences

3 BBCi Development & Services 3 In its simplest sense Reputation is used for making predictions about future experiences from the relationship Its about rating stuff...

4 BBCi Development & Services 4 …though indirectly Reputation is an opinion of a person based on aggregated experiences of that person It’s a learned response to repeated experience It is hugely multidimensional

5 BBCi Development & Services 5 Where is reputation used?

6 BBCi Development & Services 6 Examples: Auction sites It’s easy to see how reputation works The experience of another agent in the system is obvious And the success of eBay is based on being able to present reputation

7 BBCi Development & Services 7 Examples: P2P networks Freehaven: a distributed storage network – JXTA: An interoperability network –

8 BBCi Development & Services 8 For conversational CMSS We can use user-generated-content interchangeably with experience and/or activity Imagine content to be akin to a carrier wave for experience –It’s the medium that participants use to realise an experience So how do we get a reputation from content...?

9 BBCi Development & Services 9...Rating systems Without a measurement of experience or activity we cannot have a reputation We have to allow participants to generate and record opinions of content to be able to in some way aggregate that A reputation system is intrinsically linked to some kind of content rating system A reputation system cannot stand alone, a content rating system can

10 BBCi Development & Services 10 Reputation is about people and content

11 BBCi Development & Services 11 Computer Mediated Relationships When we talk about Reputation systems we are talking about only one narrow building block for Computer Mediated Relationships Other systems that are also part of the picture: –Profiling –Activity Records –Moderation records –Status

12 BBCi Development & Services 12 How does it work? +1 +1 +1/3

13 BBCi Development & Services 13 Reputation system types

14 BBCi Development & Services 14 Subjective Many to many Functions similarly to the real world Everyone has a separate reputation of each other Computationally challenging Use clustering/collaborative filtering algorithms “Personalised” Needs to keep more data

15 BBCi Development & Services 15 Non-subjective One to many Systemically transitive Very simplistic Aggregate/generalise activity No subjectivity dependent on the user, no “personalisation” Computationally easy I.e. Slashdot/Plastic All users see the same reputation/ratings

16 BBCi Development & Services 16 Recommendations Reputation is not a magic bullet for moderation costs It is part of the equation for getting participants to quality content/conversations Reputation is an advanced component in our framework Content rating should be worked on first Need to work out requirements for reputation

17 BBCi Development & Services 17 Digression: Identity Reputation is a relationship that is reliant on assured identity Trust is the act of making a value judgement based on reputation –Trust systems make the value judgements for you –Reputation systems just present you with the information to make that choice

18 BBCi Development & Services 18 Digression: Types of trust Direct Trust Indirect Trust Systemic Trust –Indirect relationships are reliant on systemic trust –Which relies on the reputation of the system and its identity

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