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TMC Volunteer Coordinators Training Andrew Sears Executive Director 617-282-9798 x101.

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1 TMC Volunteer Coordinators Training Andrew Sears Executive Director 617-282-9798 x101

2 About TechMission TechMission is a Christian nonprofit social service organization. Our Values are Jesus, Justice and Technology. Our Mission is to support Christian organizations as they use technology to transform vulnerable communities.

3 TechMission Programs TechMission, Inc. TechMission AC4 Membership TechMission Corps (At-risk Youth) Safe Families (Online Safety) TechMission Boston TechMission LA TechMission NYC TechMission Denver TechMission Chicago (26 TMC Sites) Christian Urban

4 Online Volunteer Matching Goal: to place thousands of volunteers in thousands of ministries serving low-income communities – Website similar to job matching sites like, but matching volunteers to volunteer opportunities Currently: – 1759 volunteer opportunities – 1054 organizations – Over 800 volunteer placements since Sept. 2006

5 Christian Volunteering: Serving Inside Church vs. Outside Community Source: Corporation for National and Community Service Value of Faith-Based Volunteers = $51.8 billion

6 Learning from a Secular Model: VolunteerMatch last year had – 441,057 volunteer placements – 38,000 volunteer opportunity postings – 44,521 registered organizations – 902,923 registered users – 4.7 million website visitors – 79 million page views – Provided volunteer whose time value over $294 million – For every $1 spent returned $94 in value of volunteer time Review VolunteerMatch’s Annual Report at: –

7 The Need for Only 2% of VolunteerMatch’s volunteer placements are for faith-based opportunities – Although faith-based volunteers make up 34.4% of the volunteer pool The needs of Christian social service organizations are not being met by existing sites like volunteer match – National Christian nonprofits have told TechMission that they want a Christian partner that will meet their unique needs

8 Connecting Communities for Social Justice Goal: to provide “Web 2.0” services like Wikipedia, MySpace, Facebook, YouTube and iTunes related to Christians and Social Justice Online Community and Training Materials with: – 1981 urban ministry sermons, videos, workshops, document templates, courses, presentations, webcasts and articles – 6902 Registered Users – 1820 Organizations – 1753 Volunteer Opportunities Partners: CCDA, AGRM, YouthPartnersNet, Kingdomworks, UrbNet

9 Learning from Secular Models

10 TechMission Partners in the Movement

11 TechMission Partners Partners – Salvation Army, World Vision, Association of Gospel Rescue Missions, Christian Community Development Association, Urban Youth Workers Institute, YouthPartnersNet (formerly Compassion USA), Here’s Life Inner City (Campus Crusade) Partners – World Vision, Association of Gospel Rescue Missions, Christian Community Development Association, YouthPartnersNet (formerly Compassion USA), Kingdomworks

12 TMC Volunteer Coordinators Team, Goals and Outcomes

13 Stages of TMC Members and Staff Development Level 1: Enthusiastic Beginners (high commitment, low competence) – People with high levels of commitment to the task but low levels of competence because they have never done this particular task before. Level 2: Disillusioned Learners (low commitment, some competence) – People with some experience and competence but reduced levels of commitment and enthusiasm due to some failure during the learning process or realization that the task is harder than they thought. Level 3: Capable but Cautious Performers (moderate commitment and competence) – People with moderate to high levels of competence but may have lost some of their enthusiasm or confidence or are cautious in performing the task on their own. Level 4: Peak Performers/Self-Reliant Achievers (high commitment, high competence) – People who are highly competent and highly committed to perform a particular task.

14 Leadership Styles Directing: high direction, low support – Leaders provide specific directions about roals and goals and closely track performance in order to provide frequent feedback on results Coaching: high direction, high support – Leaders explain why, solicit suggestions, praise progres that is approximately right, but continue to direct task accomplishment Supporting: high support, low direction – Leaders facilitate interaction with others, listen to people, draw them out, encourage and support them, but provide little direciton. Delegating: low support, low direction – Leaders empower their people to act independently with appropriate resources to get the job done

15 Situational Leadership Model: How You Lead Depends on the Situation Enthusiastic Beginners Directing TechMission Initially/Site Disillusioned Learners Coaching Site Capable but Cautious Performers Supporting Site Peak Performers/Self- Reliant Achievers Delegating TechMission Later/Site Later Development Level Leadership Style Situation

16 Online Services Team Members Andrew Moyra Christine T Christine E TM Content Editors (Evan) TM Volunteer Coordinators (Miki) CCDA Volunteer Coordinator HLIC Volunteer Coordinator Youth Partners Volunteer Coordinator Online Services: TechMission Internal Team TMC Volunteer Coord: AmeriCorps Team

17 TMC Volunteer Coordinator Team Meetings Occur by Web conference call every two weeks (through Dec) – – Call in number: 218-486-2205, pin 9051184 We will purchase web cameras for each site to use in conference call Have assignments and action items completed and open on your computer to share and discuss in the meeting

18 40 TMC Staff/Interns TechMission/AC4 Members 500 Organizations 1,000 Individuals Volunteers & Registered Users 2,500 Organizations 10,000 Individuals 4,000 Volunteer Postings 2,500 Matches 50,000 Downloading Software Online Training 1 million visitors 3 million page visits Member/Partner Organizational Outcomes Reported 1 million individuals served by sites TechMission Corps TechMission/AC4 Membership Sites We Support ProgramsOutcome Goals Over $4 million in resources provided to sites and participants TechMission’s Strategic Plan (what we are held accountable for)

19 Measuring Outcomes Total Site Traffic New Organizational Accounts New User Accounts Volunteers Opportunities Posted Volunteers Matched Partnerships Developed Number of Content Items Posted

20 Sample Outcomes (Annual) Total Site Traffic: 20,000 visitors New Organizational Accounts: 300 New User Accounts: 1,000 Volunteer Opportunities Posted: 300 Volunteers Matched: 250 Partnerships Developed: 5 major, 20 minor Number of Content Items Posted: 30 talks, 10 videos and 10 documents

21 Meeting Outcomes Goal: develop outcome goals that are realistic but will stretch you AmeriCorps holds TechMission accountable for our outcomes – Sites that produce the best outcomes may be considered for additional AmeriCorps members in future years – Sites that don’t meet important outcomes may not be able to continue in the program Need to come to an agreement on outcome goals by the end of September between you, your supervisor/organization and TechMission – Outcomes are the responsibility of you, your supervisor and your organization – Tracking and Meeting and outcomes will help your organization get funding in the future from other funders

22 Tracking Outcomes Most volunteers should go through your for outcomes to be properly tracked. – Online system will track the above volunteer outcomes Will allow exceptions when is not realistic for manual tracking of volunteers using Excel – Track # volunteers and volunteer hours – Have each volunteer report their total volunteer hours and use that for documentation

23 Faith Guidelines and are our faith-free brands – Tag faith free materials with tag Volunteers whose primary function is faith-related activity (like evangelism) cannot be counted toward outcomes – Cannot count time coordinating them as AmeriCorps time AmeriCorps members must average 34 hours per week of AmeriCorps time – The remaining 6 hours or any time over 40 can be used for faith activities, capacity building or whatever you want Time spent on any faith content on must be during non-AmeriCorps hours

24 Workplan Will be high direction and low-to-moderate support from TechMission – TechMission will provide high support on tech aspects – First tier of support should be TMC members based at TechMission Should be collaborative effort of TMC member, supervisor and TechMission

25 Appendix

26 TechMission Board Major Bill Hurula (President, Salvation Army) Marcus Thorne (Lawndale) Rudy Carrasco (Harambee) Jonathan and Melinda Carter (Circle Urban) Rob Robinson (Servant Leaders) Ron McConico (Twin Cities Union Gospel Mission) Catherine Wright (Legal Counsel)

27 History of TechMission 2000 – AC4 Program started in 2000 with founding organizations largely out of CCDA with about 50 members 2002 – TechMission incorporated as nonprofit organization – AC4 Funded through HHS Compassion Capital Grant 2003 – Started TechMission Boston Program with Department of Education Grant – First AC4 national conference co-sponsored by CCDA 2004 – TechMission Boston becomes TechMission Corps program through AmeriCorps grant and expands to LA 2005 – Started TechMission Safe Families program with Department of Justice grant

28 Organizational Growth YearBudgetStaff at HQ**Staff at Sites** 2002*$136,35440 2003$306,43871 2004$597,88187 2005$840,2451220 2006$1,015,5241620 2007***$1,146,1841840 Notes: * TechMission operated within Bruce Wall Ministries from 2000 until July 2002 ** Staff numbers are for full-time equivalent staff and include AmeriCorps/VISTA staff *** Indicates estimate

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