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Developments in the Scottish Input-Output Tables.

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1 Developments in the Scottish Input-Output Tables

2 Reasons for Change Heavily reliant on Excel – complicated structure Rigidity of Dimensions Methodological anomalies

3 Integration of OCEA Outputs IO GVA feeding into GDP weights Use of Global Connections Survey 2002 GERS / Input-Output tax integration

4 Changes in the New System Producing a Combined Use matrix Balancing at Purchasers’ Prices Manual Balancing – more focussed Less Reliance on RAS

5 Changes in the New IO System More Efficient IT system Flexible System Tax and Margins System rewritten

6 Current Position New System is written Initial Testing has been done System to produce symmetric tables 2003 raw data almost complete Begin producing 2003 in earnest

7 Future developments Tailor-made responses to queries Adjust the dimensions of the IO tables to reflect changes in the economy

8 Future Developments Work will begin on a detailed revisions policy for Input-Output Production of Consistent Time Series of Input-Output tables.

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