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The world leader in serving science Thermo Scientific Coal Analyzer Sales Since 2000 December 2009.

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1 The world leader in serving science Thermo Scientific Coal Analyzer Sales Since 2000 December 2009

2 2 Summary  56 CQM’s sold in ten years 5.6 per year 28 to coal producers, 22 to utilities, 5 to trans-loaders, 1 to cement 46 in the US, 3 in China, 3 in India, 2 in Colombia, 1 in Indonesia, 1 in S. Africa  50 ECA’s sold in nine years 5.6 per year 22 to coal producers, 25 to utilities, 3 to cement producers 37 in the US, 5 in India, 2 in the Ukraine, 1 in S. Africa, 2 in China, 3 in Australia

3 3 Thermo Scientific Coal Analyzer Sales by State: 2000-2009 21 1 5 10 2 34 8 5 1 6 2 1 1 2 1 7 2 1 54 in the East 29 in the West

4 4 Thermo Scientific Coal Analyzer Sales by Country: 2000-2009 8 5 2 1 2 3 2 83

5 5 CQM Customer List—Page 1 FacilityLocation Type Alliance--Gibson CountyIndianacoal producer American Coal--Ohio Valley Trans-loadoutOhiotrans-loading facility Arch--Arch Coal TerminalKentuckytrans-loading facility Arch--Ben Creek (Mingo Logan)West Virginiacoal producer Arch—Black ThunderWyomingcoal producer Arch--Canyon FuelsUtahtrans-loading facility Arch--Catenary (Toms Fork)West Virginiacoal producer Arch—Mtn. LaurelWest Virginiacoal producer Arch--PardeeVirginiacoal producer Arch--RaglandWest Virginiacoal producer

6 6 CQM Customer List—Page 2 FacilityLocation Type Arch—Skyline Utah coal producer Arch—South Black Thunder Wyoming coal producer Arch—Sufco Utah coal producer Beijing Qianglian Cement China cement plant Black Mountain ResourcesKentucky coal producer Consol--Bailey Pennsylvania coal producer * Consol--Shoemaker West Virginia coal producer Consol--McElroy Loadout West Virginia coal producer Consol--Robinson Run West Virginia coal producer Constellation Energy—Brandon ShoresMaryland utility * Not yet commissioned

7 7 CQM Customer List—Page 3 Facility Location Type Dynamic Energy—Baileysville West Virginia coal producer Excel Mining—PontikiKentucky coal producer * Exxaro—GrootegelukSouth Africacoal producer * El Cerrejon (2)Colombiacoal producer Foundation—Cumberland Pennsylvania coal producer * HPGENCO (3) India utility ICG—HazardKentucky coal producer Indonesia Power—Suralaya Indonesia utility Luminant—BeckvilleTexas utility Luminant—KosseTexas utility Luoyang Longyu PowerChina utility * Not yet commissioned

8 8 CQM Customer List—Page 4 Facility Location Type Massey--Power Mountain West Virginiacoal producer * Mid Vol CoalWest Virginiacoal producer * Mirant—MorgantownMarylandutility PacifiCorp--Dave Johnston Wyoming utility PacifiCorp--Bridger Wyomingutility PacifiCorp--Hunter plantUtahutility PacifiCorp--Huntington plantUtahutility * Peabody—Bear RunIndianacoal producer * Peabody—Prairie States (3)Illinoisutility Peabody--Grand Eagle (Patriot)Kentuckycoal producer * Not yet commissioned

9 9 CQM Customer List—Page 5 Facility LocationType Pen Coal--Wayne County Terminal West Virginia trans-loading facility * Progress Energy—Mayo Station North Carolina utility Reliant Energy—Keystone Station Pennsylvania utility Reliant Energy--Seward Station Pennsylvania utility Reliant Energy--Titus Station Pennsylvania utility River Trading—Ken West Terminal Kentucky trans-loading facility Shanxi China Coal--Pingshuo China coal producer Texas Utilities--Monticello Plant (2) Texas utility Western Energy—Rosebud Montana coal producer * Not yet commissioned

10 10 ECA Customer List—Page 1 Facility Location Type AEP—Amos (2)West Virginiautility AEP—Mitchell (2)West Virginiautility AEP--PirkeyTexascoal producer Alliance--MettikiMarylandcoal producer Andalex--WestridgeUtahcoal producer Andalex--Wildcat LoadoutUtahcoal producer Anglo—MafubeS. Africacoal producer Arch—Holden 22West Virginiacoal producer Arch—Mountain LaurelWest Virginiacoal producer * Not yet commissioned

11 11 ECA Customer List—Page 2 FacilityLocationType Arch Coal--RuffnerWest Virginiacoal producer Arch Coal—SkylineUtahcoal producer Chevron—KemmererWyomingcoal producer Coastal Coal--Brooks RunWest Virginiacoal producer Conectiv--B. L. EnglandNew Jerseyutility Constellation Energy—Brandon Shores, Wagner, Crane (5)Marylandutility Dominion Energy-- Chesterfield(3)Virginiautility * Dyckerhoff--VolynUkrainecement producer * Not yet commissioned

12 12 ECA Customer List—Page 3 FacilityLocationType * Dyckerhoff--YugUkrainecement producer GRE—Coal Creek (2)North Dakotautility * Longview Power--MorgantownWest Virginiautility Luminant--KosseTexasutility * Mid-Vol CoalWest Virginiacoal producer Millmeran PowerAustraliaUtility * Mirant—Morgantown (2)MarylandUtility * Moolarben Coal (2)Australiacoal producer National King CoalColoradocoal producer * Not yet commissioned

13 13 ECA Customer List—Page 4 FacilityLocationType Sempra Energy--Walnut CreekTexasutility * Shendong (2) Chinacoal producer Sierra Pacific Power—N. Valmy (2) Nevadautility Tata Steel--West Bokaro (2)Indiacoal producer Tata Steel--BhelatandIndiacoal producer Tata Steel--JamadobaIndiacoal producer Trans-Alta Utility--Centralia (2)Washingtonutility * Ultratech Cement—HirmiIndiacement producer Usibelli CoalAlaskacoal producer * Not yet commissioned

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