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David G Scalise. WaveDescription Agricultural Wave 1800 bc-1750 Land ownership equated to power and position and was the basis of politics and economics.

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1 David G Scalise

2 WaveDescription Agricultural Wave 1800 bc-1750 Land ownership equated to power and position and was the basis of politics and economics (Toffler, 1980). As a result of the ending of the stone age people began to clear land and plant agriculture which allowed them to be more self sufficient and less reliant on hunting game often uncatchable. This brought on agricultural technology and humans began to live in settlements as opposed to travelling abound. A simple time in life where working together and family values were paramount. Industrial Wave 1750-1950 Bartering and exchange was the new platform and the agriculture phase began to phase out. Humans broadened out constructing more buildings of grand scale and railroads were most important (Toffler, 1980). The industrial wave called for great changes and advancement in technology that brought about mass production. During this time period the nation experienced turbulent times such as the great depression however all part of the explosion of the coming wave/s. Teamwork was necessary to complete large tasks and objectives which include the mass production of goods and services nation and worldwide. Immigrant workers travelled to the United States looking for work and roots were established for generations to come. Information Wave 1970-present Otherwise known as the media age humans are now reliant and crave information with technology as being the catalyst (Toffler, 1980). The information wave is our current platform; currently experiencing tremendous growth and refining of technologies. How we learn and obtain information has changed drastically and standard forms of book research are slowly withering. Computers continue to evolve themselves having gone from main frame systems early on to stand alone PC’s and cell phones that can complete a myriad of self-service actions. Communication Wave Pending Becoming more reliant if not completely in need of automation and electronics to conduct all kinds of business as well as communicate with one another. We embrace new forms of technology that allows us to communicate worldwide via the use of advanced cellular phones, PDA’s, tablets, and home station computer systems. The dangerous affects of the communication wave with integrated overuse of technology pushes us away from effective ability to communicate face to face; the pending doom and downside to our over reliance of automation. Inability to protect cyber social reliance and information stored on servers could cost the world in a big way. Subject to hacking and security breeches no information is really all that safe and resilient against infiltration.

3 DecadeKey advances and innovations 1900Peekskill Chemical Company Peekskill Chemical Company – began producing pencils for schools 1910Einstein’s Theory of Relativity Einstein’s Theory of Relativity – significant scientific advance 1920William Potts William Potts – police officer invents the traffic signal 1930Clarence Birdseye Clarence Birdseye – the inventor of frozen foods 1940Peter Goldmark Peter Goldmark – invention of the color television 1950Charles Ginsburg Charles Ginsburg – invention of the video tape recorder 1960Elmer Fridrich and Emmett Wiley Elmer Fridrich and Emmett Wiley – halogen lamp invented 1970Alan Shugart Alan Shugart – invention of the floppy disk 1980Dr. Martin Cooper Dr. Martin Cooper – motorola cell phone invented US03906166 1990Tim Berners-Lee Tim Berners-Lee – invention of internet protocol (HTTP) and www 2000Apple Computers Apple Computers – portable music device known as the IPOD 2010PrintBrush PrintBrush – Alex Breton portable architecture and design tool

4 DecadeBusiness and corporate philosophies 1900US Steel Company Formed 1910Computing and tabulation via IBM 1920Mass transit and doing and traveling worldwide as Boeing develops engine 1930Development of color technology through Technicolor 1940Medical technology breakthroughs such as the dialysis machine 1950Media broadcasts Media broadcasts via television invention 1960Man placed on the moon increased overall work ethic related to exploration 1970LCD display invented by James Fergason for computer usage and automation workJames Fergason 1980More work advances in science as human growth hormone genetically engineeredhuman growth hormone 1990Pentium processes Pentium processes developed for more efficient and maximized computer usage – doing more with less 2000Toyota’s invention of the Hybrid vehicle working towards efficiency in decadeHybrid vehicle 2010Fabrics Fabrics being constructed and designed from raw milt

5 DecadeImportant theories of learning and instruction 1900Invention of the ball point pen 1910Oxford English dictionary invented 1920The founding of the Braille InstituteBraille Institute 1930Invention of the standard calculator with use of mathematical processing 1940IBM invention of the computer 1950George Lerner George Lerner – invention of Mr. Potato Head 1960Lyndon B. Johnson’s ESEA Lyndon B. Johnson’s ESEA war on poverty and federal funding for low income students 1970Texas Instruments Texas Instruments – invention of the first handheld calculator 1980Emergency Immigrant Education ActEmergency Immigrant Education Act – offset costs for school districts with high immigrant enrollment 1990Use of whiteboards in classrooms as opposed to standard black boardswhiteboards 2000The Higher Education Act is again amended and reauthorized, expanding access to higher education for low and middle income students, providing additional funds for graduate studies, and increasing accountabilityamended and reauthorized, 2010Several applications to waive NCLB were approved by President ObamaNCLB

6 DecadeEvents that determined the thinking of the decade 190017 th amendment 17 th amendment – members of US Senate elected by the people 1910First woman to conduct a symphony orchestra Mary Engbergsymphony orchestra 1920Influenza epidemic Influenza epidemic inspired the desire for more babies and reproduction; family strength increased 1930First woman to take flight Amelia Earhart – women establishing equalityAmelia Earhart 1940Alfred KinseyAlfred Kinsey publishes Sexual Behavior in the Human Male, revealing to the public that homosexuality is far more widespread than was commonly believed. 1950Higher demand for healthy infants more selective screening of parentshealthy infants 1960President John F. Kennedy issues Executive Order 10925, which creates the Committee on Equal Employment Opportunity and mandates that projects financed with federal funds "take affirmative action" to ensure that hiring and employment practices are free of racial biasJohn F. KennedyCommittee on Equal Employment Opportunity 1970The APA removes homosexuality from it’s list of official mental disordershomosexuality 1980WisconsinWisconsin becomes the first state to outlaw discrimination of sexual orientation 1990Repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy set forth by President ObamaDon’t Ask Don’t Tell 2000Violent culture established - increases in violence call for gun trigger lockscall for gun trigger 2010Federal voting standards increased Federal voting standards increased to avoid problems with calculation of voting systems

7 DecadeHow we Communicate with Technology 1900The first radio receiver inventedfirst radio 1910Thomas Edison – the first talking motion picture brings communication to the big screentalking motion picture 1920Assembly line implementationAssembly line implementation – communication established on the line during production 1930First television broadcasts in the United States.television 1940Long record playing invented – vinyl record played at 33rpm music as communicationvinyl record played at 33rpm 1950Computers – distributed and sold commerciallysold commercially 1960USPS and federal government created zip codes for letter communicationscreated zip codes 1970Apple I Apple I – home computer launched by Apple 1980Communication via cell phone as first cellular network goes livenetwork 1990American government releases control of internet and www is brought to lifewww 2000Braille Glove – invented by Ryan PattersonRyan Patterson 2010Canesta’s – virtual keyboard technology laser beam creates outline of keyboard for typing textvirtual keyboard technology

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