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The Guidebook: An Update & Future Plans Chris Dore.

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1 The Guidebook: An Update & Future Plans Chris Dore

2 The updated Guidebook is available through the EEA website; This provides access to both text and data. Translation into Russian is underway. Expected to take a total of ~1 year, but chapters will be made available as the are completed. Publication & Translation

3 Expert panel chairs to be the “guardians” of new information; New information discussed at EP sessions of the annual TFEIP meeting Amendments and additions passed by the EPs to then be held in a “proposed update log”. Update log to be published on the EP websites Incorporation of updates into the Guidebook every three years. Update Procedure

4 Only one version of the Guidebook to be on the EEA website; This will be supplemented by information from the EPs; On the EEA website, each GB section will have update history with a corresponding date stamp; We will move away from the concept of a “2009 version” of the GB. Version Control

5 Some chapters need consideration in the EP sessions: There are some “special cases” which will be discussed in the EP sessions, and then incorporated into the GB on the EEA website. 1A1 Energy Industries 1A3b,d Road Transport, National Navigation 1A4 Other Mobile 1B2a Exploration, Refining, Storage, Distribution The more routine updates and new information will also be discussed. Chapters Being Revised Now

6 Without regular funding, there will be a number of important limitations: We will continue to be heavily reliant on the goodwill of the EEA; We will not be able to take a pro-active role in steering research work; There will be limitations on how actively “we” can search for new information and manage discussion; There will be limitations regarding the volume of updates and amendments that the EPs can manage. Limitations

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