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The Platform on which to build the Lean Enterprise Improving Efficiency Real time Performance Management.

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1 The Platform on which to build the Lean Enterprise Improving Efficiency Real time Performance Management

2 Fraysen Systems 2 Finbar Gallagher: Bio Founder of Fraysen Systems, 20 years experience developing systems which deliver information critical to successful Lean Manufacturing. Hewlett Packard Medical Devices Hewlett Packard Inkjet Supplies Tellabs Inc. Bachelors of Science in Electronic Engineering from Dublin University Master of Science in Systems Engineering from Boston University.

3 Fraysen Systems 3 Agenda Crisis Roadblock Solution Requirements Results

4 Fraysen Systems 4 The “Burning Platform” Hourly Costs US........ $21.83 Ireland..... $18.80 China....... $0.92 “China is revolutionizing the relative prices of labour, capital, goods and assets in a way that has never happened so quickly before” – The Economist, July 28, 2005

5 Fraysen Systems 5 Crisis 30 50 70 100 Lean with traditional IT (ERP, MES, SCADA) & manual methods Don’t have information to understand issues in time to make a difference

6 Fraysen Systems 6 Information is Roadblock Too Late Black Holes Disassociated  Can’t get the Big Picture !

7 Fraysen Systems 7 Improvement is Stalled Many ‘Black Holes’  hiding problems & root causes Data too late, highly subjective Cannot separate key metrics, e.g. Uptime and Performance  no root cause or responsibility Data analysis: huge paper trail  information overload, difficult to prioritize projects.

8 Fraysen Systems 8 But… Problems can be solved Not rocket science Resolution typically application of common sense Perennial challenge is lack of information which is: Complete Specific Trusted, and Timely

9 Fraysen Systems 9 Solution Seconds Hours Shifts Days Weeks Minutes Machines People Product Process Material SCADA Real-time Performance Management Systems MES ERP

10 Fraysen Systems 10 Real-Time Performance Management Systems RPM Systems enable Manufacturers to understand and control the interaction between people, equipment, and product, and so manage the operation to its maximum capacity Real-time: That which is relevant to the real-world operations of a company – “in time”, “on time”, or “right time” Managing Automation, 2004

11 Fraysen Systems 11 With RPM, manufacturers can: Sense the environment more intelligently Predict and Prevent problems before they occur Identify and correct problems as they occur Business Process Change “Real time information causes you to reassess your course of action” Gartner Group, 2005

12 Fraysen Systems 12 To Succeed, You Must Have In Real-time With Full History Integrated View of Whole Process

13 Fraysen Systems 13 Challenges Access to all equipment / information Equipment state mapping Process mapping Uncovering true management process Agreeing common metrics Cultural change

14 Fraysen Systems 14 Requirements Map RequirementHighMediumLow Scalable: Distributed Architecture Centralized Architecture No High Level Architecture Adaptable: Configurable Product “Simplified” Programming Tools: Visual Basic Classical Programming Tools Complete: Direct collection from ALL data sources Direct collection from some data sources: OPC Reliant on Intermediate Systems: MES, etc

15 Fraysen Systems 15 Requirements Map RequirementHighMediumLow Real time: Real-time Presentation from Real-Time Data Historical Reports from Real-time Data Reliant on Batch Level System Sources: MES, etc Integrated: Integrated Process Information Model Single, Uniform Schema Multiple databases / schemas

16 Fraysen Systems 16 Results “Immediately we had a very detailed view of uptime”. Within 1 week, identified and eliminated 4 th highest cause of downtime. Live data is presented in an objective manner. This exposes and prioritises problems for the team. “before it was hearsay – now we now have factual information to guide us”

17 Fraysen Systems 17 Results “This is a much more efficient way to get accurate information and make better decisions”. Enabled greater automation through higher machine reliability Real time information directs Supervisors to where problems are: focus quickly and fix issues before they affect numbers.

18 Fraysen Systems 18 Summary The tools now exist for discrete manufacturers to: Get timely, integrated information, Solve problems, and Achieve World Class competitiveness: Real-time Performance Management

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