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YAAKOV’S LIGHT UDAYAN GHARS. Objectives Create a residential home environment for children under 18 years of age; promote physical and mental health and.

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2 Objectives Create a residential home environment for children under 18 years of age; promote physical and mental health and enable them to experience the ‘Joy of Living’ Facilitate higher education and vocational training and make the children self-sustaining members of society Inculcate human values which enables them to make a positive difference when they assume their place in society Provide for guidance and counseling services for their psychological well-being and motivation.

3 Support of Yaakov’s Light 3 YLUG Children’s Homes 2 for girls, 1 for boys 2 Homes in Noida (Uttar Pradesh), 1 in Kurukshetra (Haryana) GFF/HOH Supports children, staff and infrastructure of the three homes

4 Unique Features  Group Foster Care where orphaned and abandoned children get a home and environment that provides the experience of a foster family as well as an institution.  Mentor mothers & mentor fathers create a strong foundation in the home They are the resource pool for children in preparing them towards a dignified and self-reliant life.  Support and strength is drawn from the local communities by setting up these homes in middle class neighborhoods. This facilitates a strong process of re-integration of these children with the community.  Children are encouraged and tutored to study well as they are enrolled in best of schools and institutions thereby not letting their past influence their present as well future.  A well researched and formulated mental health program and processes are followed to help children come out of their initial traumatic phase and develop a secure and positive outlook to their future.

5 Yaakov’s Light Udayan Home for Boys Noida 2007 A-39, Sector – 35, Noida, (U.P.) 3 Mentor Parents; Maj. M.R. Sud, Dr. Ms. Asha Sud, and Ms. Anjana Jain. 11 boys: studying in Rockwood Public School Aryan: LKG, Rahul: I, Vijay: I, Praveen Gupta: II, Mohit: III, Shivam: III, Umesh: III, Manjit: III, Gaurav: IV, Sandeep: IV, Ajay: IV,

6 Case under Observation: Mohit Age: 9 years Class: III In past Habit of chewing tobacco, short tempered, violent, self centered, non repentant, forgetful, slow in studies Mental Health Intervention suggested by Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist: Anger Management Techniques Behavior Modification Techniques Individual Counseling I.Q. Test conducted At present Improvement in behavior, reduced aggression, still poor in studies, is trying to cope with past trauma

7 Age: 8 years Class: III In past Diagnosed with ADHD symptoms such as restlessness, low concentration, impatient, talkative, full of energy, hyperactive Mental Health Intervention suggested by Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist Relaxation Therapy Behavior Modification Technique Regular Counseling At present doing well in studies, has good grasping power, attentive in class, still moody, has developed interest in memory games Case under Observation: Shivam

8 Yaakov’s Light Udayan Home for Girls- Noida 2008 House No. B-103, Sector 51, Distt. Gautam Budh Nagar, Noida, U.P. Same Mentor Parents as of the Boys’ Home; Maj.M.R.Sud, Dr. Mrs. Asha Sud, and Ms. Anjana Jain. 10 Girls 3 go to Rockwood Public school, 7 are being home tutored Pooja (Class II), Shayna (Class I), Sarina (UKG), Yashi, Sapna, Mamoni, Rani, Promila, Sujita, Ishika are home schooled.

9 Case under Observation: Pooja Age: 9 years Class: II In Past Tense body language, always in control of her emotions, exhibits desperate need for approval, isolated Mental Health Intervention suggested by Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist Behavior Modification Techniques Relaxation Therapy Individual Counseling At Present Takes on leadership roles, greets everyone with a warm grin, has a number of friends in and outside her Home, has developed interest in outdoor games

10 Yaakov’s Light Udayan Home for Girls- Kurukshetra House No. 526, Sector 7, Urban Estate, Kurukshetra, Haryana Two Mentor Parents, Prof. Ms. Sushma Sharma and Mr. Dharampal Goel, along with the Resident Counselor and Compliance Officer, Ms. Anuradha Valecha Two Caregivers, Ms. Krishna and Ms. Pushpa

11 Profile of Mentors At Noida Homes for Boys & Girls: Maj. Mangat Rai Sud, Post Graduate in Military Science, Retd. Major Mrs. Asha Sud, BDS, Retd. Captain Anjana Jain, BA (Hons), Artist At Kurukshetra Home for Girls: Prof. Sushma Sharma PhD, Dean Education, Kurukshetra University Dr. Ram Niwas, PhD, Associate Prof, English, Kurukshetra University Mr. Dharam Pal Goel, Advocate & Member Punjab and Haryana High Court Bar Council

12 Program Staff supported by HOH Dr. Deepak Gupta, (Consultant Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist, M.D. (Gold Medalist), D.N.B. Psychiatry. Dip. Child & Adolescent Psychiatry (UK):- Counsels/ provides Psychiatric intervention to all the children residing in different Udayan homes. Dr. Priyanka Goenka (Professional Counselor):- Provides training to the mentors and staff. Traumatized children in need of proper counseling visit her clinic. Brig. B.M. Narang (Director, Udayan Ghars): – Provides leadership to all the homes and C.R.E.A.T.E (Center for Rehabilitation, Education and Thought Enrichment) at Greater Noida; takes care of administration and accounts, writes reports, coordinates with children's schools, head office, and staff, conducts capacity building workshops for children, liaisons with Government bodies; makes budgets and works for the expansion of the organization.

13 Antra (Sr. Program Coordinator/Counselor/Documentation): Coordinates and facilitates monthly visits of Psychiatrist/ Psychologists as well as capacity building workshops for Mentor Mothers, conducts such workshops for children and Caregivers, organizes Summer and Winter Camps and Sports Events, looks after the legal aspects of the 4 girls Homes, liaisons with Child Welfare Bodies, manages all activities associated with the program, represents the organization at different forums, develops E-Newsletter for the organization, donor reports and annual reports, updates website, children's case files etc. Ratika Sharma (Program Coordinator): Provides counseling to Greater Noida girls, looks after the education of special children, updates children's case files, coordinates with mentor mothers, children's schools, head office and in house care givers, liaisons with Government and Child Welfare Committees; makes presentations for corporate, coordinates all the activities associated with the program, manages the volunteers and takes care of all documentation work related to the Home. Shubhra Shahare (Counselor, Sant Nagar Home): Provides counseling to girls at Sant Nagar Home, conducts capacity building workshops for children, meets visitors, coordinates with corporate, tries to maintain a healthy and pleasant atmosphere at the home by ensuring appropriate interaction between the children and by bringing in positive changes in their attitude and behavior, also helps in the making of Individual Progress Plan for each child at the home.

14 Geeti (Documentation officer/communicator): Provides documentation support and assigns volunteers to the Children’s Homes. Surfing through the volunteers’ specializations, she briefs them on the needs of each child living in the home, prepares reports for the Corporate and liaisons with the same for corporate mentoring program under which our children get an opportunity to interact with them and learn different skills useful for their growth and development. She also represents the organization in different forums. Her other work responsibilities include updating of website and data management of all national and international volunteers who work with our children in our 9 Homes and in the office. Vaidehi Krishnan, (Research, documentation and seminar coordinator): Conducts and supervises all research studies related to children’s developmental aspects and behavior, organizes national and international seminars on quality institutional care for children etc.

15 Program Staff supported by YL Mr. Rakesh Verma – Counselor cum Compliance Officer: looks after the licensing, financial and legal aspects of the Homes and also liaisons with the concerned Child Welfare Bodies. Besides catering to the statutory requirements, he also reports to the donors, interacts with the Psychiatrist and volunteers and counsels the children at the Homes. Ms. Anuradha Valecha – Resident Counselor cum Compliance Officer: Ms. Valecha will look after the Kurukshetra home. She will take care of the legal aspects related to the children and will also contribute to the Mental Health Program at the Home.

16 Contact Udayan Care at: 16/97 A, 1 st Floor, Vikram Vihar, Lajpat Nagar- IV, New Delhi Ph.: 011- 32603837 E-mail: Website:

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