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Pipeline SIG PODS Pipeline Open Data Standard

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1 Pipeline SIG PODS Pipeline Open Data Standard
Ron Brush New Century Software, Inc.

2 Special Thanks to ESRI PUG
Special Thanks to ESRI PUG! Bill Wally - Chevron Dave Frye - ESRI Andrew Zolnai - ESRI

3 Meeting Agenda 2:00 - 2:30 - Ron Brush 2:30 - 3:00 - Tracy Thorleifson
Introduction to PODS Association 2:30 - 3:00 - Tracy Thorleifson Technical Discussion of PODS 3:00 - 3:30 Future Directions

4 PODS Purpose To develop and promote standards for the exchange and storage of data in the pipeline industry. The PODS data model is particularly related to geo-spatial information for pipelines.

5 What is PODS Today? Enterprise pipeline data model
Facilities, Compliance, Inspections and more 300+ tables The PODS Association Group of pipelines and vendors who help define and implement useful pipeline data standards

6 Three Viewpoints A design approach
An example for pipeline companies to use A data model that can be implemented

7 The PODS Association Incorporated August 2000 Seeking new members
Membership: $1000 per company per year Supported by ESRI, GTI

8 PODS Contributors Williams Gas Pipelines ESRI Dynamic Risk Assessment
Eagle Information Mapping GeoFields New Century Software Bass-Trigon Software Stoner Associates Kinder Morgan Reliant Energy TransCanada Pipelines Coral Energy Conoco Chevron Dynegy PPDM plus Others

9 Brief History Initiated in 1998 by GRI Volunteer membership to date
Core group of members contributing their knowledge Developed the PODS data model based on earlier Williams work Incorporated parts of ISAT

10 Brief History One goal was to establish an industry association to further support and develop the work Incorporated August 2000 Profit -- Not-for-profit Membership letter sent out in January To date -- 3 members, plus more to come

11 General Structure Board of Directors Officers Workgroups Technical
Implementation Direction Committee Public Relations - Marketing

12 Board of Directors Keith Leewis - GTI (formerly GRI)
Tim McCallum - Advanced Data Design Kenneth Greer - Reliant Energy J.B. Padgett - Eagle Information Mapping Ron Brush - New Century Software

13 Officers Ron Brush - Interim President Kenneth Greer - Secretary
Tim McCallum - Treasurer

14 Benefits of Joining Input into model development
Input on organizational structure Networking/communications Acquiring best practices Forum for resolution and implementation issues

15 Benefits of Using PODS Comprehensive data model
Less risk in implementing GIS The more companies that use it, the easier it will be to integrate applications Applying best practices - evolving Association directed and driven

16 More Information Literature available Ask
Membership Letter Bylaws Executive Summary Hardcopy printout of data model Ask

17 Perspectives on PODS...

18 ISAT Areas to Enhance No support for multiple sources of coordinate data No direct support 3D centerlines No support for multiple versions of pipeline centerlines Limited support for historical tracking Limited support for modeling branching pipeline systems (gathering / distribution systems) No support for “network” topology (required for flow modeling) Limited support for inspection data

19 PODS – Core Tables Line Route Series Station Point Event

20 PODS – Coordinate Tables
Line Coordinate Source Route Series Coordinates Location Station Point Centerline Geometry Event

21 PODS – Line Hierarchy Tables
Connection Route Series Station Point Event

22 PODS – Network Tables Line Route Series Network Station Point Junction
Event Segment

23 PODS – Inspection Tables
Line Route Series Inline Inspection Station Point Physical Inspection Event Event Group CP Inspection Work Order

24 Future Directions

25 Short-Term Goals Membership Promotion Election of Officers
Publish a PODS CD PODS DDL Domain (lookup) table values Example applications Documentation Sample Database

26 Other Goals More pipelines implementing PODS
More vendors writing PODS applications Approve inspection pigging submodel

27 Planned Enhancements Improve Inspections and Maintenance Submodel
Compressor Station - Emissions Better Documentation Published Domain Tables

28 Future Directions Extensions or new models for: Gathering Distribution

29 Future Directions Integration with ArcSDE Geo-database Networking
Versioning Connectivity - Trace Network

30 Future Enhancements Example GPS Data Dictionaries
Easier to load data into PODS Improved domain tables XML Schemas

31 Applications Data Loading Tools Data Maintenance Tools
Sheet Generators Analysis Tools Construction Integration Inspection and Maintenance Compliance Assistance Tools

32 Applications Bridges to Third-Party Applications Risk Assessment
Flow Modeling SCADA Land Records Cathodic Protection

33 More Information Literature available Ask
Membership Letter Bylaws Executive Summary Hardcopy printout of data model Ask

34 Again, Special Thanks to ESRI PUG!

35 Questions... Discussion...

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