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18-19 September 2001ATN2001 (London)1 A Commitment to ATN Implementing Aeronautical Data Link Today Presented by Kevin Wohlers ACI Program Manager.

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1 18-19 September 2001ATN2001 (London)1 A Commitment to ATN Implementing Aeronautical Data Link Today Presented by Kevin Wohlers ACI Program Manager

2 18-19 September 2001ATN2001 (London)2 ACI Objective ACI is a joint venture between THALES ATM, Honeywell, Sofréavia, and THALES Avionics ACI was formed in 1997, under contract to ATNSI, to build and deploy the first platform independent, DO-178B level C, SARPS compliant ATN network router in the industry. ACI delivered its first ground-side products in early 2000 for evaluation in the CPDLC Build 1 ground network. ACI and its member companies are committed to providing a full suite of ground and airborne products.

3 18-19 September 2001ATN2001 (London)3 ACI Products ACI, under contract to ATNSI, produced four Router Reference Implementation (RRI) configurations: 2 Airborne Systems (ES, IS) 2 Ground Systems (ES, IS) Full Suite of DO-178B level C documentation ACI has produced accompanying products including: 4 Application Service Element (ASE) Modules  CPDLC and CM  ADS and FIS Support Tools  DB Reader, Trace Logger, FIB Viewer, Control Application, Event Logger

4 18-19 September 2001ATN2001 (London)4 ACI Documentation DO 178B Level C Certification artifacts Development Plans, Design Documentation, Design Standards, Verification Artifacts, CM/SQA Records, Configuration Index and SW Accomplishment Summary Porting Guide Stack Configuration Scalable factors Build procedures RAM/ROM/MIPS estimation process STREAMS Environment (including PSE) Partitioning Host Interface Description Initialization / Operation / Shut-down Validation test scripts & sequences System level tests designed for multiple configurations (g-g routing, end system, etc) Requirements Based Test Cases and Procedures - test to lowest level requirement

5 18-19 September 2001ATN2001 (London)5 Portability Minimal Custom Modifications Required Stack Builder defines number of ASE’s and subnetwork drivers required. System Environment Exchange (SEE) provides interface to common system services. Based on Unix STREAMS Portable Streams Environment (PSE) allows STREAMS utilization on non- Unix platforms User PSE allows for well defined partitioning between the RRI and non-level C applications. Scalability Scale for platform specifics through the Data Base Reader

6 18-19 September 2001ATN2001 (London)6

7 18-19 September 2001ATN2001 (London)7 Certification FAA’s Technical ReUsable Software Team (TRUST) TRUST performed Stage of Involvement (SOI) I, II Audits, reviewed SOI III, IV audit results Developed Position Paper on ATNSI / ACI Reusable Software Key issues addressed by TRUST Position Paper: Meeting DO-178B architecture and lifecycle data objectives Full System Requirements Traceability (high level requirements, structural coverage) PSAC defines, how much “certification credit” can be achieved Tool Qualification - All tools, not just development tools Partitioning - ensure non-level C code can not direct level C RRI Scalability - Porting Guide defines scalable parameters Full set of Qualified Tools: Requirements Based Test Suite Structural Coverage SDL Requirements and Functional Coverage Autocode Generator Requirements Trace Tool

8 18-19 September 2001ATN2001 (London)8 Specifications SDD CODE FRS ICAO PICS/SARPs S/SRS VTC Non-functional Rqmts Performance Rqmts VTP Testable Rqmts Requirements Trace Tree

9 18-19 September 2001ATN2001 (London)9 ACI supports FAA CPDLC I & IA programs CPDLC 1* Ground ATN End System for the DLAP (ported on RS6000) Air simulator (400 aircraft simulation capability) Delivery of a tool set (dB reader, FIB viewer, trace & event logger, …) Interoperability testing with ARINC (ground network and VDL 2) and Rockwell- Collins (CMU) Performance analysis support CPDLC 1A* Full DO 178B level C ground End System for the DLAP (LynxOs port) DO 178B process consulting Network management strategy analysis * as a subcontractor to Computer Science Corporation.

10 18-19 September 2001ATN2001 (London)10 ACI supports FAA CPDLC I & IA programs CAART: Cooperative Agreement for ATN Router Trial Cooperative Agreement between the FAA and ACI for evaluation of RRI router to support CPDLC-1 Successful evaluation of the router led the FAA to select the RRI router to support CPDLC-1 at Miami ACC RRI router upgraded with enhanced configuration/network management functions to meet CPDLC-1 requirements 4 routers delivered to FAA Installation at Miami ACC to start in October 2001

11 18-19 September 2001ATN2001 (London)11 Honeywell & THALES Avionics Honeywell will port the RRI / ASEs to both federated and integrated platforms Federated: CMU Mk II & Mk III Integrated: AIMS (777), EPIC (B&GA), VIA (Military) THALES Avionics has performed a trial RRI software portation to the Airbus ATSU platform, to prepare for future operational FANS/B installations in Airbus aircraft. Joint THALES Avionics / Honeywell activities: THALES Avionics and Honeywell are currently in discussions with OEMs concerning the provision of integrated ATN/ACARS routers. THALES Avionics and Honeywell are undergoing discussions with other avionics providers concerning the provision of a VDL/2 compatible derivative of the RRI software.

12 18-19 September 2001ATN2001 (London)12 THALES ATM THALES ATM is offering the ATN capability in its ATC Center product line EUROCAT. The Integrated Data Link Server integrates the ACI full DO 178B level C ATN stack with CPDLC applications as a building block of EUROCAT. THALES ATM as a main partner in the European Commission Aircraft in the Future Air traffic management System (AFAS), is providing an ACI- based ATN stack for the ground functions, in coordination with the airborne router provided by THALES Avionics. This includes both the CPDLC and the ADS applications. To ensure inter-operability of the available ATN stacks and compliance with the ICAO SARPS, Eurocontrol awarded the CAERAF (Common American European Reference ATN Facility) program development to THALES ATM. This program was completed early 2001, and the facility is available for validation purposes. THALES supplies the complete Air & Ground suite of ATN products for ATC & AOC needs

13 18-19 September 2001ATN2001 (London)13 SOFREAVIA SOFREAVIA is offering ATN software products based on ProATN and ACI RRI/ASEs: ProATN Router used in PETAL-II trials, and in CAERAF ProATN Router used in Norway for ADS for helicopters SAR Both ProATN and RRI routers currently being evaluated by SITA RRI Router being evaluated by the FAA SOFREAVIA has been involved in major activities about ATN testing and validation CAERAF, CTS SOFREAVIA is offering consultancy and engineering services about ATN and data-link: network design data-link systems design data-link certification

14 18-19 September 2001ATN2001 (London)14 Summary - Benefits Portable software designed to mission-ready quality standards can reduce manufacturer cost & schedule risks, and can facilitate certification ATN software certifiable to DO 178B Level C has been in the field since February 2000, and will play a major role in the FAA CPDLC communication infrastructure, as well as in the products of the ACI partner companies ACI member companies are continuing to invest in, and support the transition from development to implementation This portable & certifiable software is available to 3rd parties under license, to provide the same benefits of cost and risk reduction

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