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Polly Colleen Day Hannah Friesen Stephanie Hayes.

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1 Polly Colleen Day Hannah Friesen Stephanie Hayes

2 Person Factors 16 year old Caucasian Female who is deaf Communicates using American Sign Language (ASL) and a Telecommunication Device for the Deaf (TTY) Independent, motivated, bright, and out-going

3 Environmental Factors Lives in Arlington, VA Resides with parents and three siblings Upper middle class suburban area Access to activities and friends through public transportation (Metro)

4 Occupational Factors Daughter Sister Friend Enjoys movies, shopping, spending time with friends, surfing the internet, playing soccer and baseball Interested in employment, becoming a licensed driver, and attending college

5 Polly’s Occupational Satisfaction and Potential Goals Enjoys and Satisfied: Baseball with brother Surfing the web Watching movies at home Has Difficulty Doing and Would Like to Be More Independent With: Soccer Going to the mall Going to the movies Communication with friends Could Do with Modified AT: Driving Babysitting

6 Current AT Closed Caption Television Positives: Can watch television and movies Negatives: Delayed action to verbal timing, can be inaccurate TTY Positives: Can potentially communicate with friends and family, portable Negatives: Transmission is slow, does not feel like a “real conversation,” the other user must have a TTY

7 Modifications and Recommendations for New AT Upgrade TTY Sidekick 2 Sprint Relay Online Vibrating Baby Monitors Emergency Response Indicator

8 Ameriphone/Clarity Dialogue III TTY Phone Occupational Influences Allows Polly to contact her friends and extended family Allows her to contact 911 General Information Convenient and technologically advanced communication device for people with a hearing impairment Programmable phone directory for up to 50 names and numbers Hold, call transfer and three-way calling functions Tele-access for phone banking and information retrieval…and many more Cost: $329.97 Ameriphone/Clarity Dialogue III TTY Phone

9 T- Mobile Sidekick II Sidekick II Occupational Influences Would be able to drive and go shopping independently Would allow her to contact 911 or parents in case of an emergency Mother would feel more secure in Polly’s independence Parents and friends could contact Polly at any time, not just when she is home General Information TTY compatible- Most common and best option for customers who are deaf- stated by the customer service supervisor Cost: $249.99 Easy to purchase and use Contains all features of a typical cell phone Also includes instant messenger, email, text messaging and web browsing

10 Sprint Relay Online Sprint Relay Online (SM) Occupational Influences Eliminates TTY barrier, allowing Polly to communicate with friends and family She is proficiently using the internet and her home computer. “Sprint Relay Online is a free service that combines traditional relay with service with the ease of the internet.” Can place calls from any internet connection, including mobile phones No long distances charges and available 24/7

11 Vibrating Baby Monitor Occupational Influences Assists Polly when baby-sitting for neighborhood children Eases her parents and potential employer’s concerns regarding safety General Information Signals with a light, sound, and vibration which continues until turned off or the baby stops calling Includes a pocket-size notification receiver, belt clip, volume-control nursery transmitter, pocket-sized parental receiver with handy belt clip, AC adapter, and rechargeable battery Adult assembly required; 1000 ft. range Cost: $59.99

12 Emergency Response Indicator Occupational Influences Polly wants to be able to learn how to drive safely and independently Ease some transportation burden from parents, but may increase anxiety level and monetary burden Allow her more freedom to go out with her friends Increases job possibilities and allow her to be more independent in babysitting

13 Features of Indicator Efficiency: Easy and Intuitive to Use Effectiveness: Flexible sensitivity to avoid interference from extraneous noises Portable and hardwired units available Can also be used when walking, jogging, or riding a bike Has been adapted for hotel’s non-visual smoke detectors Delivery Time: Standard shipping and handling Training Needs: Incorporate looking at the device periodically (i.e. when checking the mirrors) Know how to appropriately respond

14 Features (Cont.) Safety: Allows someone who is deaf or hearing impaired to be alerted of safety vehicles in the vicinity. The system may pick up other noises and cause her to be unnecessarily alarmed or the system may fail to alert her causing a safety hazard. Cost: $198 Feasibility of purchase: Available from Hearing Solutions or Manufacturer- Northern Wolf EnterprisesHearing Solutions May be funded through GM Mobility Reimbursement

15 Features (Cont.) Environmental Analysis: In the car while driving When walking, jogging, or biking Programmable sensitivity may be limited in metropolitan areas Soft Technology/Strategies for Use: OT or trained instructor to educate Polly in training needs

16 Process for Obtaining Available for purchase online Funding: Self pay or potential GM reimbursement Potential training needed before use

17 Role of OT Advocate: Providing tools to facilitate independence Teaching the Deaf to Drive Educator: Teaching Polly how to use AT Teaching compensatory strategies Direct Care: Know Polly’s individual needs Follow-up with satisfaction

18 Evaluation and Outcome Measure Canadian Occupational Performance Measure (COPM): Administered Pre and Post Intervention Purpose: To measure perceived change in occupational performance Performance, Satisfaction, and Importance Used to elicit information about Polly’s goals and areas of needed improvement Good reliability and validity Client centered Potential difficulties in communication- possible interpreter needed

19 Follow-Up: Success or Failure Discuss the number of times the device alerted Polly inappropriately as well as effectively Evaluate overall safety

20 Interview with Tyson Kanoya Tyson Kanoya Individual who is deaf Coach for National US Deaf Soccer Team Employed at Paraquad Interview via email correspondence- April 7, 2005 Discussed Polly joining her high school varsity soccer team Suggested strongly advocating for her to be able to join the team Stated AT was not needed Suggested compensatory strategies would be useful Increase spatial and temporal awareness through adaptive visual strategies Team cueing also increases awareness Also encouraged Polly to explore joining Deaflympics soccer team

21 Efficacy Article 1: TTYs and Contacting Graduate Programs Olkin, R. & Shafton-Bias, E. (1997). Using a TTY to contact clinical graduate programs. American Annals of the Deaf, 142, 312-315. Purpose: To see how many APA accredited graduate programs have a working TTY To see what department or office does the number connect to To see what happens when they call the TTY number Methods: Obtained TTY number via applicant materials or by calling information (both traditional and TTY) Called each TTY number recording all transactions

22 TTYs and Contacting Graduate Programs (cont.) Conclusions: 5 years after the ADA went into affect Only 86 out of the original 177 programs could be reached (49%) 60% of the calls were transferred to “disabled student services” while 16% went to the main switchboard and 6% went to the admissions office None of the 86 programs had a TTY that connected directly to their department or school of their department Only 5 programs listed their TTY number in the application materials Most of the TTY numbers needed to be obtained through the voice phone listings Relation to Polly: One of Polly’s future goal is to attend college. If undergraduate schools are similar to graduate ones it will be extremely difficult for Polly to apply to college independently.

23 Efficacy Article 2: Text Telephone and Videophone Relay Services Götherström, U.C., Persson, J., & Jonsson, D. (2004). A comparative study of text telephones and video relay services. Technology and Disability, 16. 101-109. Purpose: To Compare the availability, satisfaction and cost of a traditional text telephone relay service versus a videophone relay service Participants: People who were born deaf and used ASL that were 18 years or older 41 participants; largest age range 31-60 years 16 that only used the text telephone and 25 used both Text telephone and videophone relay

24 Text Telephone and Videophone Relay Services (cont.) Methods: Longitudinal study measured in three month intervals by self report questionnaire Conclusions: The satisfaction of the text telephone was rated significantly lower than the videophone relay (p<.05) The cost of the videophone relay was over 30,000 SEK ($4,286) per year higher than the text phone On the QOL measure there was no difference between the groups Text telephones relay services are open 24 hours per day while video relay services are only open from 8 AM – 8 PM Relation to Polly: We thought about recommending Polly a videophone. However, do to the high cost and inaccessibility in the States, we felt that it would not add to her independence or quality of life.

25 Low Tech Design Baby-sitting Educational Game Kit Matching Game: Ages 3-8 years Board Game: Ages 7-16 years

26 High Tech Design Portable Captioning System Purposes Allows Polly to watch the most current movies independently Allows Polly to watch movies in any movie theatre Components Microprocessor Changes signal from DTS to ASCii format Network Cable USB Cable RF Broadcast Transmitter and Receiver Frequency must be FCC approved Transmitter placed in the middle of the theatre to get the best range for patrons LED Screen With scrolling and multi-line features

27 Portable Captioning System

28 Thank You Thank you to the following individuals for your support and guidance throughout the past semester: Kerri Morgan, OTR/L Joe Klaesner, PhD Tyson Kanoya Each and everyone of you!

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