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Computing in the Modern World. 12 345678910 11121314151617181920 21222324252627282930 31323334353637383940 41424344454647484950.

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1 Computing in the Modern World

2 12 345678910 11121314151617181920 21222324252627282930 31323334353637383940 41424344454647484950

3  Dave Filo and Jerry Yang were the creators of ___. HOME

4  A set of raw, unorganized facts is called: HOME

5  Macintosh computers are made by: HOME

6  ____-generation computers are based on microprocessors. HOME

7  The activities that a computer performs when it is first turned on is called the: HOME

8  Bill Gates first became interested in computers at what age? HOME

9 TRUE/FALSE:  USB is an input device HOME

10  PDA stands for ___ HOME

11  Web pages are connected to each other through: HOME

12 In which of the following jobs are you likely to use a computer?  a. traveling sales professional  b. CEO of a multinational corporation  c. check-out clerk at the grocery store  d. auto mechanic at the local garage  e. all of the above HOME

13 Which of the following is a function of a computer?  a. accept input from some device  b. store programs  c. perform operations on data  d. produce output  E. (All of the above are functions of a computer.) HOME

14  The first video game in computer history HOME

15  Visual Basic, COBOL, and Java are examples of: HOME

16  Founders of Apple Computer Company HOME

17  Microsoft Office 2010 is an example of an operating system. HOME

18  The part of a computer system in which the program instructions are performed is: HOME

19  A ___ is another name for a notebook computer. HOME

20  The operating system most commonly used on personal computers today is: HOME

21 Which of the following is true about the Internet?  a. It is a network of networks.  b. Connection to it is done through an access provider.  c. One of the most common activities on it is sending and receiving e-mail.  d. It provides access to Web pages.  e. (All of the above are true.) HOME

22 Which of the following activities is an example of input to a computer?  a. An accountant copies a file to the hard drive.  b. A grocery store clerk scans the price of a can of peas.  c. The monthly payroll checks are printed on the printer.  d. The monitor displays the result of a calculation.  e. (All of the above are examples of input.) HOME

23  To manage a missile defense system a government would most likely use a: HOME

24  A software ___is a collection of application software sold as a single package. HOME

25  A program that is uncopyrighted because the author intended to allow the public to use it for free is called ___. HOME

26  Which has the highest storage capacity? a. CD ROM b. Floppy disk c. Hard disk d. DVD ROM e. None of these HOME

27 TRUE/FALSE  If e-mail is encrypted, it can be read by anyone if it is intercepted during transmission. HOME

28  Which of the following usually vary between different ISPs? a. The hours during which you can access the Internet. b. The long distance charges for sending e-mail. c. The speed with which you connect to the Internet. d. All of the above vary from provider to provider HOME

29  A(n) ____________ is an example of a peripheral device. a. Microprocessor b. Mouse c. Integrated circuit d. Hard disk HOME

30  LCD technology uses ____ to display images. HOME

31  The first graphically-based Web browser available to the public was: HOME

32  The World Wide Web organizes information into: a. E-mail messages b. Cookies c. Hypermedia d. Virtual bytes e. Pages HOME

33 TRUE/FALSE  The monitor is one of the most commonly used output devices. HOME

34 TRUE/FALSE  The physical components of a computer system are called hardware. HOME

35  In the past, females were less likely than males to pursue courses and jobs in computer science. HOME

36  All e-mail address contain this symbol HOME

37 You begin the shut down process by : a. double-clicking the Shut Down icon on the desktop. b. right-clicking the Close button on any window. c. clicking on the Start button. d. (All of the above will begin the shut down process.) HOME

38 TRUE/FALSE  Donna Dubinsky was instrumental in the creation of PDA’s. HOME

39 TRUE/FALSE  Most web pages contain regular text and text- based hyperlinks. HOME

40 Netiquette refers to: a. a specific network used by businesses. b. informal rules of behavior for the Internet. c. the written rules of behavior by an organization or firm to ensure proper conduct by its employees. d. the language used to develop Web pages. e. the French scientist who created the Internet. HOME

41  A collection of related Web pages is known as a ___. HOME

42  Gordon Moore is the founder of ___company. HOME

43  In an computer system, a firewall is used to: a. transmit data from one type of communications device to another. b. protect sensitive data from damage during very high temperatures. c. keep track of which employees should be fired. d. keep unauthorized people from accessing company data. e. discover unknown patterns in large collections of data. HOME

44  A collection of computers and other devices connected so they can share data, programs, and equipment is called a(n): HOME

45 TRUE/FALSE  The terms “Web page,” “home page,” and “Web site” all mean the same thing HOME

46  Charles Babbage innovative machine(s) that embodied many of the principals of the modern computer was called the: a. Turning machine b. MANIAC c. Analytical machine d. Transistor e. A and D HOME

47  The number of transistors on a chip will double about every 2 years is known as ___. HOME

48 TRUE/FALSE  A database is a large collection of organized and stored information. HOME

49  Software developer that wrote JAVA is _____. HOME

50 TRUE/FALSE  The guidelines for proper online behavior are called netiquette. HOME

51  The World Wide Web consists of: a. the services provided by ISPs. b. a group of computers owned by the WWW3 organization. c. a huge collection of Web pages. d. the communication lines that connect the Internet. e. (All of the above.) HOME

52  To view Web pages you need to use a special program called a(n): HOME

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