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Emily Thompson Assistive Technology Spring 2006 EDT 3470.

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2 Emily Thompson Assistive Technology Spring 2006 EDT 3470

3 Notebook Style Keyboard

4 Assisted Technology A generic term including assistive, adaptive and rehabilitative devices and the process used in selecting, locating and using them. Assistive technologies include: mechanical, electronic, and microprocessor based equipment: This includes microcomputers, electronic communication devices and other sophisticated devices. non-mechanical and non-electronic aids: For example, a ramp to replace steps would fit in this category.... m m

5 NOTEBOOK STYLE KEYBOARD Model G84-4100 keyboard that is compact. This is designed for use by those with fine motor and upper extremity disabilities. This is suitable for individuals with limited movement.

6 Options There are two designs of this keyboard that either include 83 keys or 86 keys. Also included is AT, USB, or PS/2 interface. The dimensions of this particular keyboard are (HxLxW): 0.92 x 11.08 x 5.17 inches. The Model G84-4100 comes in three colors: Black, beige, or gray.

7 Product Availability Manufacturer: The Cherry Corporation 3600 Sunset Avenue Waukegan, Illinois 60087 United States 800-510-1689 847-662-9200 http://www.cherrycorp. comThe Cherry Corporation http://www.cherrycorp. com Distributor(s): Inclusive TLC 2206 Legacy Oak Drive Waxhaw, North Carolina 28173 United States 800-462-0930 704-243-3622 Fax 704-243-3623 http://www.inclusiveTLC.c om info@inclusiveTLC.comInclusive TLC http://www.inclusiveTLC.c om

8 PC Keyboard and Keyguard There are many different dimensions and keys with all the 2000 types of keyboards. People can now buy a durable steel keyboard to support their hands. This also will prevent keypresses along with a standard PS2 keyboard. This keyboard id coated with a gray epoxy coating to add contrast to the keys: this makes them easier to see. The keyboard can be used with any PC computer. Standard PS2 connector (add adapter for AT connection). Price: $79.00

9 Compact Keyboard and Guard Price: $89.00

10 Websites info@inclusiveTLC.com

11 All about me! I am engaged to be married on June 10. I have a very fun and energetic puppy named Remington. He is a German Shorthaired pointer. I have a younger brother, DJ, and a younger sister, Becky.

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