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Hottest Evaluations of Insect Traps and Attractants Daniel L. Kline USDA-ARS, CMAVE Gainesville, FL

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1 Hottest Evaluations of Insect Traps and Attractants Daniel L. Kline USDA-ARS, CMAVE Gainesville, FL

2 General Introduction---1 Adult mosquito traps are important surveillance tools not only to assess mosquito populations before and after control operations, but also to provide critical information regarding the potential for disease transmission of various pathogens.

3 General Introduction---2 It has been my experience that “One size does NOT fit all.” Therefore, it is very important that you select the right trap/attractant combination for your target species.

4 General Introduction---3 I am often asked what is more important the trap type or the attractant? In an attempt to answer this question, let me pose an analogous question. If you want to go sailing what is more important, the sail boat or the wind?

5 General Introduction---4 In the past 2 decades many new traps have come and gone in the market place. Here is a mosaic of some of these traps to illustrate this point.


7 General Introduction---5 Dan Szumlas provided the title for this talk. He has asked me to discuss the hot items. Various traps in the mosaic that I just showed you have had their moments of being the “Hot Trap”----sometimes literally.

8 General Introduction---6 Mosquito Deleto---took its name quite literally. Has been associated with 6-28 house fires. Dragonfly becomes the “Firefly”

9 What’s Hot Today BG-Sentinel Trap LED traps (e.g. BioQuip UV LED trap) Independence Dragonfly II

10 BGS Trap A white, light-weight, collapsible, bucket-like device with its upper opening covered with mesh. Mosquitoes are drawn into the trap by a 12-VDC fan. A black plastic tube (12 x 12 cm) is fitted into the top center of the trap and empties into a catch bag. White and black contrast serves as a visual cue.




14 Optional Lures BG-Lure---a dispenser which releases a defined combination of lactic acid, ammonia, and fatty acids, all substances that are found on human skin. Originally developed for Aedes (Stegomyia) aegypti. CO 2 can be added to the air stream as an additional attractant.




18 Positive Feedback Easily transported Very effective in capturing Aedes (Stegomyia) mosquitoes

19 Negative Feedback At times poor quality of workmanship Had to rewire traps before they could be used Black plastic tube diameter was too large for catch bag No protection of collections/trap circuitry/motor components from the rain



22 Light Light Emitting Diodes (LED’s)


24 UV LED CDC Trap 2770 Manufactured by BioQuip (Rancho Dominguez, CA) Uses 390nM LED


26 BQ383nMBQ390nMJH-Incandescent Culex erraticus 1 F 0 Culex territans00 3F Culex quinquefasciatus 2F 1F Culiseta melanura1M, 1F1M, 2F2M, 3F Aedes atlanticus 11F 8F 4F Aedes infirmatus20M, 37F7M, 18F1M, 14F Aedes albopictus 1F2M0 Aedes triseriatus1M4M, 1F3M Aedes vexans4M, 26F8M, 18F1M, 4F Anopheles crucians1M, 63F1M, 52F1M, 38F Uranotaenia lowi00 1F Uranotaenia sapphirina11M, 7F12M, 10F7M, 5F Psorophora ferox6M, 3F22M, 5F 1F TOTALS44M, 152F57M, 116F15M, 74F NonTargets1.766 gm1.501 gm0.767 gm

27 Mosquito Magnet® Independence™ Manufactured by Woodstream (Litiz, PA) Produces CO 2 and electricity by combustion of propane Portable Uses counterflow technology to attract and capture mosquitoes Uses 4 “C” batteries for igniter Uses octenol, Lurex or Lurex 3 Operates 24/7



30 Culex Mosquitoes Collected in Mosquito Magnet PRO Traps No BaitLurexOctenolLurex + Octenol Culex erraticus3,0722,07512,2595,765 Culex nigripalpus4,8271,0463,5061,385 Culex quinquefasciatus2,1961,328634803 Culex salinarius1,4911,4884,5813,145 TOTALS11,5865,93720,98011,098

31 Dragonfly II Manufactured by BioSensory (Putnam, CT) Uses combinations of CO 2, octenol, heat and incandescent light Microprocessor logic to control trapping times Preprogrammed operating modes: user selected or “smart” mode. Smart mode corresponds to peak activity periods at dusk and dawn.

32 Dragonfly II Photocell senses sunrise and sunset and signals the microprocessor as the days grow longer or shorter and activates the trap at the appropriate times CO 2 is pulsed (every 5 seconds to mimic breathing) from 16 to 24 ounce bottles.


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