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2 ACTIVITY More than 30 Years of experience in the field, this is the strength that allows SICURIT to be known as one of the most reliable and technologically on the age Company in the Security market providing state of the art outdoor perimeter solutions for any requirement. The flexibility of our wide range of products, the know-how and experience of our engineers staff place SICURIT in a constantly growing niche of market that requires the highest standards of quality and world-class manufacturing infrastructure. Our highly attention on the manufacturing, from the choice of raw material up to the exhaustive tests carried out from our specialists, and the maximum availability of our personnel pre and post sale have achieved the trust of the major players in the security market, from the U.S.A. to Australia, crossing all Europe and parts of Asia. SICURIT is a trusted supplier to many high sensitive areas, and our products are employed in the protection of wide civilian, industrial and military sites such as airports, government compounds, banking, electrical and nuclear facilities, military sites and correctional facilities.

3 CERTIFICATIONS SICURIT has achieved ISO9001:2000 certification, a globally recognized quality standards that ensures the highest levels of product and service quality within our organization, and lets us grant to our customers the utmost reliability in partnering with us. -ISO 9001-2000 - Year 2005 - Italcert

4 PRODUCT RANGE RANGE 50/80/150mt ACTIVE DUAL TECHNOLOGY BARRIERS ABSOLUTE system is definitively the revolution in Outdoor PDS, the result of incessant developments aimed to provide to the high security market a solution against false alarms due to environment agents. SICURIT identified in the combination Infrared Beam and Microwave Technology the response to the market requirement. Thanks to the fact that different environment agents affect Infrared and Microwave Technology, ABSOLUTE alarm is the result of a sophisticated analysis processing between the two technologies. METHOD OF OPERATION: Surveillance is carried out by a temporary window memory circuit. The pilot circuits of both detection systems are equipped with a timer whose range is adjustable from 20 seconds to 2 minutes. The first device (usually the Microwave, the activator) that receives a stimulus activates its own timer. Meanwhile, the second system is activated to confirm the final alarm. With this method of operation, nuisance alarms caused by environmental factors are completely eliminated.

5 PRODUCT RANGE DIGITAL MICROWAVE DETECTORS SICURIT new DAVE represents a further technological step forward in outdoor perimeter protections. It has been designed for quick and easy installation and is suitable for any kind of environment situation that require high security standards. The major innovation is the implementation of the microprocessor that increases the detection capability performance of the system while reducing false alarm rates. With an additional board DAVE can provide: - CPU Connection for data analysis - Settings of all the operational parameters from CPU - Parameters analysis of each Transmitter and Receiver - Parameters control - Detection of crossing times - Sensitivity adjustment - Alarm storage in log files - Serial Board RS485 - Possibility to install in series up to 8 systems RANGE 200mt

6 PRODUCT RANGE ANALOGICAL MICROWAVE DETECTORS RANGE 50/80mt SICURIT high-tech Microwave Detectors with planar antenna; The MES series consists of two parts, one transmitter and one receiver which, when mounted facing each other at different distances, up to the maximum range create a volumetric detection field able to detect intrusion attempts. Microwave barrier for volumetric external protection, particularly useful for residential and industrial applications. It is ideal for the protection of long corridors, balconies, gates, scaffolding and medium length perimeters. Different brackets are available for various applications typology.

7 PRODUCT RANGE PASSIVE INFRARED DETECTORS RANGE 150/10X10mt INFRATRONIC long-range Passive Infrared Detector (PIR) has been developed for detection of intruders up to 150 meters. This unit can be used for the protection of large buildings as well as used in combination with already existent CCTV systems. INFRATRONIC is a passive device designed to detect any intruders by his movement and infrared contrast against the background. Two curtains sensing areas provide the alarm only when they detect infrared radiation emitted by a human body entering in the first curtain and leaving the second curtain. A sophisticated detection algorithm eliminates slow temperature changes that can affect the PIR. INF212EXT is the new SICURIT Tri-Tech sensor for outdoor or indoor application, made of two Microwaves and a dual Passive Infrared (PIR) sensor lodged in a discreet IP55 shape, designed for balcony and dooryard protection. INF212EXT has a very high capability of detection and it is totally immune to pets and plants movements. The Tri-Tech modality ensures a very accuracy detection while drastically reducing nuisance alarms rate thanks also to a very sophisticated algorithm that compensates small temperature changes.

8 PRODUCT RANGE MIDI INFRARED BEAM BARRIERS RANGE 30mt BSN is a Midi codified and synchronised IR beam Barrier; thanks to the outdoor unusual range (30mt.), is the ideal solution for the protection of doors, windows but most of all entire walls with more windows. It is made up of two microprocessor logic circuits mounted with SMD technique which can manage up to 8 pair of optical circuits. The optics are multiplexed and transmitters and receivers are crossover mounted on both pillars: this new solution allow BSN barriers to be totally immune to sunlight reflections. Very Easy installation due to the automatic detection and setup of the beams. All the additional beams plugged into the system will be automatically recognised from the microprocessor logic.

9 PRODUCT RANGE COMPACT INFRARED BEAM RANGE 50/100/150 200mt BSBE series is a 3 Lenses IR Beam for single installation or multi-beam configurations. BSBE series resists to strong light, up to 50,000Lux, and thanks to a built-in automatic adjustment filtering system is able to discriminate strong sunshine and car lights. With 8 Frequency channels, up to 8 BSBE can be mounted inside aluminium towers (Sicurit – BEC series) without problems due to interferences between closed Beams. BEC Pillars SICURIT is a worldwide provider of state of the art extruded aluminium towers for tailored systems. BEC pillars are available in different heights (from 1.5mt. Up to 4.00 mt.) and different accessories.

10 SICURIT WORLDWIDE PRESENCE OWNED COMPANIES: SICURIT ALARMITALIA SPA Headquarter: Milan – Italy 7 Branches placed in all the territory SICURIT CS Headquarter: Brno – Check Republic 3 Branches placed in all the territory SICURIT CN Headquarter: Shenzhen – China ALTEC Srl – Production Plant Colico - Italy DISTRIBUTION: EUROPE: Spain, France, Belgium, Swiss, Germany, Croatia, Austria, Greece, Ukraine, Turkey NORTH AMERICA USA, Canada ASIA Russia, China, Korea, India MIDDLE EAST Israel, KSA, UAE, Kuwait AFRICA South Africa

11 REFERENCE LIST (MAIN PROJECTS) ITALY Pharmaceutics Museums CAR – Dealers Volkswagen - FIAT Steel-works Italian Military Navy Correctional facilities ENI stations Power Stations ASM – municipal services PRADA IBM AUSTRALIA Prisons CHINA Nuclear Power Station Museum CZECH REPUBLIC Military Bases Chemical Plants Gas Distribution DENEMARK Low Court FRANCE Prisons GERMANY Depots HONG-KONG Prisons ISRAEL Governmental Buildings LEBANON VIP Mansions MOROCCO Gas Stations SLOVAKIA Power Stations Prisons SWEDEN Nuclear Power Plants UK VIP mansions USA FEDERAL RESERVE BANK Banks Correctional Facilities University campus Power Plants & More….

12 CONTACTS Via Gadames, 91 20151 Milan – Italy Tel. +39 02 380701 Fax +39 02 3088067 E:


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