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Product Range SCK 51 - 181. TOP CLASS IN THE MEDIUM RANGE: Quality and performance, economically transferred High efficient air end Microprocessor control.

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1 Product Range SCK 51 - 181

2 TOP CLASS IN THE MEDIUM RANGE: Quality and performance, economically transferred High efficient air end Microprocessor control ALUP Air Control

3 SCK 51 - 181 SCK 51 - 102

4 SCK 51 - 181 SCK 101 - 181

5 SCK 51 - 181 Flexibility through Quality

6 SCK 51 - 181 SCK 51 - 181 - Tropical Version - Through minor modifications the range can fulfil tropical conditions: Modifications : - maximum pressure is 0,5 bar reduced  End pressures: 7,5 / 9,5 / 12,5 bar - ex factory all compressors are filled with an oil with 46 th viscosity (ALUB syn S) Result:The compressor is suitable for ambient temperatures up to 45°C

7 SCK 51 - 181 SCK 51 – 102 “Plus“

8 SCK 51 - 181 Field of Application From the smallest handicraft till the large scale industry

9 SCK 51 - 181 Technology in Detail After cooler for compressed air and cooling agent Fine separation cartridge Microprocessor control Air Control Separation receiver Switch gear cabinet Example: SCK 101 - 181

10 SCK 51 - 181 Technology in Detail fan Suction regulator Separation receiver Air end V-belt drive Drive motor Example: SCK 101 - 181

11 SCK 51 - 181 The Basic Construction The base frame is torsion-resistant and liquid-tight designed.  no separate catch basin necessary  100% security against contamination of the ground  uncomplicated transport with hand lift or forklift possible The tubing is designed flexible.  Vibration optimised construction  Free of constraints and hence to this no leakages possible  Extremely easy to maintain

12 SCK 51 - 181 Vibration Damping It goes without saying that all Compressors are multiple vibration damped: –Compressor unit against base frame –Base frame against ground That means for you:  No transfer of structure-borne noise  Vibrations have no chance  Foundation free installation  Installation direct at the manufacturing shop

13 SCK 51 - 181 Designed According to the Latest Findings of Research and Development Produced According to the State of the Art with CNC-Rotor-Grinding Machines of Leading Technology Extremely Economical Through Highest Quality of Manufacturing Low Specific Power Requirement Durable ALUP – Rotor Profile The Rotors, The „Heart“ of the SCK 51 – 181:

14 SCK 51 - 181 Suction-Regulator dynamic operating suction regulator careful starting- and idling no starting current peaks, which results in very low energy demand

15 SCK 51 - 181 V-belt drive almost lossfree power transmission through toothed v-belts with long lifetime minimum slip and constant efficiency over the total life cycle efficiency up to 98% high reliability very maintenance- and service friendly special configurations are very easy to be implemented through changing of the transmission ratio as well through adjustment of the motor rated power.

16 SCK 51 - 181 Drive motor  robust drive motor, enclosure IP 23 / 55– isolation ISO class F,  strong power reserves for operation under extreme conditions.  thermal absolutely safe through layout direct below the separate ventilator.  long bearing life cycles  high efficiency triple protection through PTC- resistor

17 SCK 51 - 181 Drive motor Enclosure IP 55 means: dustproof protection against slight splash water from all directions IP 23 60 Enclosure IP 23 means: dustproof protection against dripping water at an angle of incidence till 60 ° of the vertical

18 SCK 51 - 181 Separator tank high efficient pre-separation high reliability optimum life time of the oil separator cartridge

19 SCK 51 - 181 separator tank High efficient pre separation of more than 98% of the cooling agent before entering the oil separator cartridge: Impact- and cyclone separation by entering the separator tank. optimum degassing of the cooling agent through big surface. Prevention of excessive foam production of the cooling agent through big surface and low flow speed inside the separation tank. Efficient cooling by positioning the separator tank in the cooling air stream results in high thermal efficiency.

20 SCK 51 - 181 fine separator cartridge High compressed air quality: rest cooling agent content in the compressed air of only 1- 3mg/m³ for all operating phases. Big filter surface: low throughput resistance results in energy savings ! Long operating time: Easy accessible: changing within seconds

21 SCK 51 - 181 Air Guide Intake

22 SCK 51 - 181 Air Guide Intake The cooling air is guided by the separate ventilator from the top of the compressor through the whole unit. Cool intake air with high density for an optimum of efficiency Air guide intake with overpressure inside the compressor housing Low temperatures inside the compressor Protection of the single components spacious layout of the air guide intake results in low compressed air outlet temperatures of about 8 – 10°C above inlet temperature efficient cooling and placing the drive motor direct into the cooling mainstream results in a winding temperature below 80°C.

23 SCK 51 - 181 Sound Insulation Nowadays there is already enough noise! Standard sound insulation through: special, sound insulating materials elastic support of the self-supporting housing CFC-free, sound insulating glass fibre mats inside the casing with rigid grating inlet, non-skid. Non-combustible, and dust- and oil-proved, Surface; smooth and washable

24 SCK 51 - 181 Electrical Control Cabinet Integrated control cabinet acc. to DIN und VDE Complete equipped with the AIR CONTROL 1 / optional AIR CONTROL 3 Microprocessor control easy accessible clear layout Enough space for further options available Updateable through FLASH-EEPROM Visualisation- Hard- und Software optional available

25 SCK 51 - 181 AIR CONTROL

26 SCK 51 - 181 AIR CONTROL - Microprocessor Control for safe monitoring of all functions - - individual- comfortable- sensor controlled - economical- reliable- updateable Air Control 1 SCK 51 – 102 standard Air Control 3 SCK 101 – 181 standard SCK 51 – 102 (optional)

27 SCK 51 - 181 AIR CONTROL The AIR CONTROL is a Sensor Controlled Unit! This allows a programming of switching differences of 0.2 bar. (the smallest possible pressure band for conventional pressure switch controls is 0.6 bar) Energy Saving! Your advantage: Energy Saving! Please consider: 1 bar higher pressure means 6 – 8% more energy demand! conventional Saving potential Sensor controlled

28 SCK 51 - 181 AIR CONTROL Maximum Operational Safety Self test before starting Control of all safety relevant parameter Safeguard (system pressure / low temperature) Automatic cut-off before safety valve in case of malfunction Easy Operation Menu-driven Display of the operation mode Remote control Automatic restart after voltage breakdown programmable Economical Automatic operation Control of maintenance interval: punctual Service Control of the permitted switching cycles of the motor Easy diagnosis Immediate display of malfunctioning and warnings Error Storage

29 SCK 51 - 181 AIR CONTROL 3 easy monitoring due to large (65 x 125 mm) installed and illuminated monitor diagram of: utilization of the compressor total operating hours full load hours idle times standstill times progress curve pressure against time progress curve compression final temperature against time compressed air amount produced as daily profile weekly profile Service intervals in the form of bar graphs

30 SCK 51 - 181 AIR CONTROL 3 - integrated timer channels - The Air Control 3 standard version is fitted with : 7 channels for the switch-on/switch-off time for compressors 7 channels for the pressure reduction  the operation time of the compressor can be optimally set for the specific operational conditions, e.g. on weekends, when lower pressures are in the line, the pressure level of the compressor can be reduced and significant energy savings occur

31 SCK 51 - 181 AIR CONTROL 3 - integrated passport - The passport can at any time accessed with a function key  clear information for the customer / service specialist on:  Model type  EDP No.:  Commission No.:  Schematics No.:  Software version  Date of commissioning at the customer In the case of a malfunction/warning, at any time the operator can provide precise information about the compressor and therefore avoid errors in ordering spare parts and forestall questions from customer service

32 SCK 51 - 181 AIR CONTROL 3 - Malfunction memory - The last 20 malfunctions/warnings are stored in the malfunction memory menu, with information on the precise malfunction/warning type and of the exact dates and the time when the notification took place  Service specialist can immediately analyze the cause  Service calls as well as standstill times can be noticeably reduced

33 SCK 51 - 181 AIR CONTROL 3 - accessories administration (optional) - The Air Control 3 can optionally be fitted so that : 4 accessory outputs for voltage-free notification with seven timing clock channels each 8 accessory inputs can be administered result:A complete compressed air station including accessories can be administered over the Air Control 3.

34 SCK 51 - 181 AIR CONTROL 3 - Option: Base load selection- Base load selection means: cyclic exchange of the pressure set-points in accordance to the compressors advantages:  every compressor cycles through each duty  all compressors reach equal working hours The Air Control 3 can control up to 8 compressors  a complete compressed air station with up to 9 compressors can run as a base load selection network. 1 master (compresssor with built in Air Control 3) 8 additional compressor as a slave

35 SCK 51 - 181 Master Slave Slaves AIR CONTROL 3 - Option: Base load selection-

36 SCK 51 - 181 Serviceability

37 Easy Service Big, removable sound insulation doors easy access to all components short servicing times Installation next to wall, or corner possible Serviceability

38 SCK 51 - 181 Cooling agent change within seconds! Ball valve at the lowest point of the cooling agent receiver. Just open and drain the fluid - better and faster is impossible!! Serviceability

39 SCK 51 - 181 Economy Compressed Air Quality Operational Safety Serviceability

40 SCK 51 - 181 Economy High efficient air end manufactured according to state of the art Drive motor Enclosure IP 23 / IP 55 Microprocessor control AIR CONTROL

41 SCK 51 - 181 Compressed Air Quality Horizontal separation receiver with integrated multistage pre-separation spacious dimensioned –Inlet filter –Cooling agent filter –Cooling agent separation cartridge Rest content of the cooling agent in the compressed air of only 1- 3 mg/m³ in every mode of operation.

42 SCK 51 - 181 Operational Safety Spacious dimensioned, durable Components Excellent thermal quality due to optimum temperature inside the compressor. Microprocessor control AIR CONTROL

43 SCK 51 - 181 Serviceability big, removable sound insulation doors easy access to all maintenance components short service times maintenance information through AIR CONTROL


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