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Sales Training Presentation IEC 61850 Client for Proficy.

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1 Sales Training Presentation IEC 61850 Client for Proficy

2 2 November 2009 Contents What is IEC 61850? What is the Proficy IEC 61850 Client? What are the Capabilities? Who are the target customers? Why buy our IEC 61850 solution? How do you order it? Appendix

3 3 November 2009 What is IEC 61850? A single international standard data communications protocol with several services aimed at all substation protection and control requirements: –Relay or IED measurement and control exchanges with substation hosts – RTUs, concentrators, station computers, HMIs. –High-speed status, control, and analog value transfer over a substation LAN to eliminate control wiring. –Services for time synchronization, file transfer. –Standardized automatic configuration of substation IEDs. –Interoperability of devices from multiple vendors.

4 4 November 2009 What is IEC 61850? Not a protocol! A list of services for Substation Protection and Control It is a Client/Server system where the IED (Intelligent Electronic Devices) are the Servers and the higher level systems (HMI, etc) are the clients. IEDs are Self Describing. The intent is to make configuration easier. GOOSE messaging replaces control wiring by providing high speed peer- to-peer LAN messaging between relays.

5 5 November 2009 61850 Object Model Data Objects (e.g. Current measurements) Logical Nodes (e.g. Circuit breaker) Logical Device (e.g. Relay1, Relay2) Physical Device

6 6 November 2009 Proficy IEC 61850 Solution? Core Set of Client capabilities for HMI/SCADA operation Native Support for CIMPLICITY OPC-DA Interface for iFIX OPC-DA interface for 3 rd party applications

7 7 November 2009 Solution Architecture Proficy IEC 61850 Client 1.IED Devices 2.IEC 61850 Protocol Layer 3.Proficy Driver Server 4.Proficy HMI/SCADA 5.OPC Layer

8 8 November 2009 IEC 61850 Protocol Capabilities Capability Dataset Communications –Using existing defined Data sets –Client defined Datasets –Polled dataset Communications –Unsolicited Dataset Communications File retrieval from IEC 61850 devices IEC 61850 Data Model browsing SCL file Import Value Ease of Configuration – reduce time to solution –Use existing configured data sets and SCL file –Use existing Substation Configuration

9 9 November 2009 IEC 61850 Protocol Capabilities Capability Device Sourced Time stamps and data quality Control Operation full security Model support Supports HMI and Cable Redundancy Proficy Driver Diagnostics Value Reduce Risk –Time data from the device –Secure control operations –results to quality and status bits in CIMPLICITY –High Availability solution at the HMI/SCADA and device communications level Reduced Maintenance Costs

10 10 November 2009 Supported Model Conformance Models conformance –(M1) Logical device –(M2) Logical node –(M3) Data –(M4) Data set –(M7) Buffered Report Control –(M8) Unbuffered Report Control –(M11) Control

11 11 November 2009 Supported Services (S2-S4) Applied Association (S5) Logical Device (S6) Logical Node Directory (S7) GetAllDataValues (S8-S11) Data –GetDataValues –SetDataValues –GetDataDirectory –GetDataDefinition (S12-S13) Data sets –GetDataSetValues –CreateDataSet –DeleteDataSet –GetDataSetDirectory Buffered report control block (BRCB) (S24) Report –S24-1data-change –S24-2qchg-change –S24-3data-update (S25) GetBRCBValues (S26) SetBRCBValues Unbuffered report control block (URCB) ( S27) Report –S27-1Data-change –S27-2qchg-change –S27-3data-update (S28) GetURCBValues (S29) SetURCBValues Control (S51) Select (S52) SelectwithValue (S53) Cancel (S54) Operate (S55) Command Termination File Transfer (S57) GetFile (S60) GetFileAttributeValues

12 12 November 2009 Limitations Does not support GOOSE/GSSE –Mainly used for IED to IED communication for control purposes. No Support for Log Control Blocks IFIX support is through OPC- DA iFIX address length limited to 128 characters Time Synchronization

13 13 November 2009 What Customers? Some Profiles Transmission and Distribution Substations –61850 is a Substation protocol CIMPLICITY and iFIX Solution Providers in the Energy Market Manufacturers with their own power plants Campuses that monitor their own grid connections or with their own Power generation and distribution Demographics –Most prominent in Europe, Middle East, and India. –Adoption in NA. –It is starting – showing up in specs more often

14 14 November 2009 Competition – OPC solutions Matrikon (Honeywell) –Mainly just for retrieving data values –Does not support key control blocks such as Group Control and Log Control –Does not support key services Logging, Control, File Transfer, Substitution –No Native Support for HMI (e.g. quality bits) Sisco –Well know in the market for MMS –Full features –We used their libraries for our implementation –Not integrated to HMI for Control, etc. –Mainly for data serving HMI/SCADA vendors Siemens ABB

15 15 November 2009 System Requirements Operating SystemOS TypeQualified SP Microsoft® Windows® Server 2008EnterpriseSP2 Microsoft® Windows® Server 2008StandardSP2 Microsoft® Windows® Server 2003EnterpriseSP2 Microsoft® Windows® Server 2003StandardSP2 Microsoft® Windows® Server 2003 R2 EnterpriseSP2 Microsoft® Windows® Server 2003 R2 StandardSP2 Microsoft® Windows® 7Enterprise Microsoft® Windows® 7Professional Microsoft® Windows® 7Ultimate Microsoft® Windows® VistaBusinessSP2 Microsoft® Windows® VistaUltimateSP2 Microsoft® Windows® VistaEnterpriseSP2 Windows® XPProfessionalSP3 ProductSupported Version Proficy HMI/SCADA CIMPLICITY v8.1 Proficy HMI/SCADA iFix v5.1, v5.1 SP 1a Note: SP 1a is required for Windows 7.

16 16 November 2009 Glossary of terms IED – Intelligent Electronic Device. Term used in the electric power industry to describe microprocessor-based controllers of power system equipment.

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