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Education and Research at the University of Pardubice.

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1 Education and Research at the University of Pardubice

2 University of Pardubice

3 Advancing Knowledge and Technologies to improve the quality of life modern and dynamic public higher education institution in the heart of Europe extends 65-year long tradition of higher education in the city of Pardubice the only university in the Pardubice Region one of the 26 public higher education institutions in the Czech Republic active part of the European and world higher education and research area University of Pardubice

4 5 Historical Milestones University of Pardubice 1950 – 1989 1950 Institute of Chemistry in Pardubice 1953Institute of Chemical Technology in Pardubice an only chemistry related higher education institution – politically dependent on state 1990 – 2000 the Higher Education Act 1990 (HEA) – autonomy & academic freedom – new faculties/institutes 1994University of Pardubice 2000 – 2009 the Higher Education Act 2001, Strategy of Tertiary Education Development 7 faculties 65 study programmes / 130 study specializations – 11 thousand students 2009 – 2014 State financial policy changes, EU Operational programmes new infrastructure – modern university campus 2015 – 2020 Amendment to the Higher Education Act – new challenges – Horizon 2020

5 University of Pardubice 7 Faculties Jan Perner Transport Faculty Faculty of Economics and Administration Faculty of Arts and Philosophy Faculty of Chemical Technology Faculty of Restoration Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics Faculty of Health Studies

6 10,450 Students at 7 Faculties Faculty of Chemical Technology Faculty of Economics and Administration Jan Perner Transport Faculty Faculty of Arts and Philosophy Faculty of Health Studies Faculty of Restoration Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics University of Pardubice

7 Students in 67 Study Programmes University of Pardubice 27 Bachelor‘s – Bc., BcA. 22 Master‘s – Ing., Mgr., MgA. 18 Doctoral – PhD.

8 University of Pardubice Students in the two Forms of Study Full-time Part-time

9 Fine Arts historical preservation, art restoration, conservation techniques and technologies University of Pardubice Study and Research Disciplines Natural and Technical Sciences chemistry, chemical technology, biotechnology and biochemistry, informatics, electrical engineering, transport and communication technologies, material engineering, sciences and nanotechnologies Social Sciences economics and administration, philology, history, philosophy and sociology Health Sciences nursing, midwifery, health and social care

10 University of Pardubice Number of Students

11 Faculty of Chemical Technology Undergraduate degree courses Chemistry and technical chemistry Chemistry and technology of foodstuffs Special chemical and biological programmes Chemical and process engineering Inorganic and polymeric materials Farmacochemistry and medical materials Surface protection of building and construction materials Printing art

12 Faculty of Chemical Technology Postgraduate degree courses Chemistry Chemistry and technology of materials Chemical and process engineering Chemistry and technology of foodstuffs Printing art Special chemical and biological programmes

13 Faculty of Chemical Technology Unique study programmes & research Printing art Theory and technology of explosives Chemistry and technology of paper and pulp Organic coating and paints Advanced special compounds Inorganic, organometallic, organic, polymeric and special energetic materials, nanotechnologies and supramolecular structure systems Bioactive materials Modern analytical and foodstuff testing Membrane processes

14 Faculty of Economics and Administration Undergraduate and Postgraduate degree courses Economic policy and administration System engineering and informatics Economics and management Applied informatics

15 Faculty of Economics and Administration Unique study programmes & research Economics and customs administration Economics for criminalists Information and security systems Financial risk management Regional development in public administration GIS applications Process modelling Civil protection and crisis management

16 Jan Perner Transport Faculty Undergraduate and Postgraduate degree courses Transport technology and communications Transport engineering and communications Civil engineering Technique and technology in transport and communication

17 Jan Perner Transport Faculty Unique study programmes & research Management of electronic communications and postal services Electronic systems in transportation Optimizing of logistic processes, computer modelling Experimental testing Diagnostics and reliability of transport means and infrastructure

18 Faculty of Arts and Philosophy Undergraduate and Postgraduate degree courses Philology Philosophy Historical sciences Humanities Sociology Specialization in educational sciences Teacher education for lower secondary schools – English and German languages

19 Faculty of Arts and Philosophy Unique study programmes & research Slavonic studies of the European union Protection of historical heritage Cultural, gender & modern history Literature, culture, linguistics (English, German, Slavonic) Alternative education and pedagogy, comparative studies Inter-religious dialogue, anthropology

20 Faculty of Restoration Undergraduate and Postgraduate degree courses FINE ARTS Restoration and conservation of Stone and related materials Wall painting and sgraffito Paper, book binding and documents Artwork on paper and related materials Restoration and conservation of Wall painting Sculpture works and architectural surfaces Written artworks on paper

21 Faculty of Restoration Unique study programmes & research Restoration and conservation technologies and techniques on different surfaces and art Nanotechnologies for art and craft conservation Conservation of architecture heritage

22 Faculty of Health Studies Undergraduate and Postgraduate degree courses Nursing Midwifery Specialization in health care Health and social care

23 Faculty of Health Studies Unique study programmes & research Paramedic Radiology assistant Quality of life and care of patients Health management, psychological, social and ethical issues of health care

24 Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics Undergraduate and Postgraduate degree courses Information technology Electrical engineering and informatics

25 Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics Unique study programmes & research Communication and microprocessor technology Radar systems and signal processing, GPS technologies Artificial intelligence applications Mechatronics, robotics

26 University of Pardubice 1264 University Employees 722 Academic Staff 542 Others Professors Assoc. Professors Senior Lecturers Lecturers

27 Budget for 2014 FY University of Pardubice Total 1311 M CZK / 63 M USD / 48 M EUR R&D Education Others

28 R&D in 2014 University of Pardubice Total 325 M CZK / 15 M USD / 12 M EUR R&D grants Institutional projects

29 Research, Science & Technology Transfer Ranks among the top 10 Czech universities Universal scale of scientific disciplines Fundamental and applied research 290 publications in impacted journals per year International cooperation & projects Tens of scientific conferences 350 applied service contracts 4 new patents & 5 applied samples Centre for Technology & Knowledge Transfer University of Pardubice

30 Recent Major Investments building modern infrastructure University of Pardubice Faculty of Chemical Technology University campus & sports facilities

31 European Regional Development Fund University of Pardubice Reconstruction of the historical building University IT Centre in the city centre UNIT

32 University of Pardubice New capacities for transport engineering disciplines Educational and Reseach Centre for Transportation Technologies VVCD European Regional Development Fund

33 University of Pardubice Reconstruction Lecturing Halls and Soft Labs in the University Campus VAP European Regional Development Fund

34 University of Pardubice Reconstruction Research capacities for Materials Science and Nanotechnologies in the city centre CEMNAT European Regional Development Fund

35 University of Pardubice International Cooperation in Education ERASMUS+ ERASMUS MUNDUS CEEPUS over 350 institutions in 40 countries International Cooperation in Research Joint projects PhD & Postdoc programmes Technology & Knowledge Transfer Conferences & symposiums

36 Erasmus+ University of Pardubice 192 Universities 285 Agreements

37 University of Pardubice INDIA PLATFORM SINCE 2008

38 Communicating Science & Technology R&D popularization via Outreach Programmes University of Pardubice Open Door to Scientific Knowledge

39 Infrastructure & Support Services Modern campus and quality services ICT support University library and access to world information databases Physical education and sport courses and clubs Language centre and certified courses Information and counseling centres Academic consultancy for students with special needs Assistance and support to disadvantaged students International Mobility Centre Career centre Programmes and awards for talented students University of Pardubice

40 University Campus – Library – ICT 8,000 readers 200,754 volumes 686 periodicals 26 databases 280 study rooms (seating capacity) 30 PC work stations Self-service copying University Gallery Free WiFi Access CESNET 2 Internet network & speed 10 Gb/s 3,500 PC working stations 90 PC labs with 1,120 computers 200 zero clients & 300 virtual desktop systems 13,000 PC students' accounts Printers and scanners University LibraryICT

41 University of Pardubice Physical Education & Sports Department of Physical Education and Sports since 1953 University sports club since 1959 Compulsory and optional physical education Sports courses and events – interfaculty competitions Team and individual sports – Rector‘s Award Participation in academic games and other sports events New sporting facilities – indoor & outdoor

42 University of Pardubice Accommodation & Dinning Halls of Residence 1,600 beds 2,400 – 4,000 CZK (120 – 200 USD) / month Internet access in all rooms Student clubs Mensa – Dinning Hall 2 dinning halls 400 seating capacity 320,000 meals per year Cashless payment with student/employee cards

43 University of Pardubice Students coming from 55 countries appreciate: Quality study programmes International and lively student community Modern university campus Excellent study conditions and facilities Good transport accessibility Reasonable living costs in the city with 100,000 inhabitants Pleasant environment of the East Bohemia region Extensive sports and cultural opportunities

44 Pardubice

45 University of Pardubice The modern facilities of the University campus near the city centre create ideal conditions for the all-around development of young people. Pleasant surroundings and many sports and cultural life opportunities in combination with quality and demanding study programmes are recognized among other European universities.

46 Quality & Tradition University of Pardubice University for the Future prepares specialists for successful careers in a wide variety of professions contributes to the development of a knowledge-based society

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