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Claire Quinn Laura Schmitt Luke Barry Joe Freyne Colm O’Brien Caroline Leahy.

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1 Claire Quinn Laura Schmitt Luke Barry Joe Freyne Colm O’Brien Caroline Leahy

2 Intel Research: Exploring the Future 1. In the beginning… 2. R&D 3. Intel Capital 4. Good Moves 5. Failed Diversification 6. Back to the Future

3 In the beginning… Intel Founders The founders of Intel posing with a rubylith of the 8080 CPU in 1978. From left to right: Andy Grove, Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore. (Image courtesy of Intel Corporation.)

4 The number of transistors on a chip roughly doubles every two years.

5 Calculator Brain



8 1972: 4004 processor 1975 The Altair 8800 microcomputer 1981 The Intel® 8088 IBM 1998 The Intel® Pentium II Xeon processors 2001 The Itanium® processor 2003 Intel® Centrino® mobile technology 2005 Dual-core technology

9 2009 Intel Atom Processor for notebooks

10 R & D

11 Strong R&D tradition Incremental innovations ensure through a large number of labs How to maintain a 10% growth a year?

12 Intel exploratory research model University Grants & Labs Grants University Lab Projects Internal Research Projects Intel Capital SamplingResearch amplificationTech development New roadmap Detection Discontinuity? Strategic Decision Build Prototypes & Systems Perspective Concurrent Research

13 “Most true innovation happens in small environments” – John Miller

14 Intel Capital(ICap) Founded in 1991 Separate from Intel Research Small start up companies Equity positions in developing technologies

15 Historic Portfolio Return More than 10 billion invested since 1991 Over 1100 companies 51 countries 189 companies have gone public 258 acquired in Mergers

16 Current Activity 327 million Invested in 2010 119 companies involved Almost 50% invested outside of North America 300 million is to be set aside for investment in the new idea of “Ultrabooks”

17 Ultrabooks Ultimate notebook Rival Apple 40% market share 3 lbs weight and.8 inch thickness

18 DRAM-Microprocessors DRAM. Intel’s competitive advantage. Competition entering the DRAM market. Entry into the Microprocessors market. Results of entering the Microprocessors market.

19 Branding Intel. The co-operative marketing programme.

20 Failed Diversification Poor M&A’s and Failed Diversification Attempts – ’99 -’02 Communications Boom – ‘04 Digital Television LCoS Chip – ‘07 Mobile Market Liquid Crystallization on Silicon (LCoS)

21 Intel in “Post-PC” World 2005: Mini coup for Intel - Apple announces it will abandon PowerPC and adopts Intel across its entire MacBook line 2006 : Intel exit the mobile phone market entirely 2007: The iPhone dawns a new age in mobile computing 2010: iPad released

22 Intel's impact on Ethernet.

23 Back to the future Intel science and technology centers (ISTC) Cloud computing research ISTC for embedded computing Intel Opens Submission Process for Future ISTCs

24 Toyota teams up with Intel for next-gen car infotainment

25 Threats Websites of Israel military and intelligence services down for 2 days

26 Combating Multiple Embedded Security Threats Reported vulnerabilities are at an all time high, up 36%. (IBM X-Force 2010 Mid-Year Trend and Risk Report) 76,000,000 smart electric meters worldwide 521,000,000 voice over IP users 3,000,000,000 downloads to mobile devices per year 60,000 new malware signatures are identified each and every day

27 Solution Intel® Quick Assist Technology provides a framework for accelerating security workloads Intel Technology Will Eliminate Zero-Day Threats



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