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Effect of ICT in the Home, Employment and Leisure

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1 Effect of ICT in the Home, Employment and Leisure
Section 6 Theory Effect of ICT in the Home, Employment and Leisure

2 Lesson Objectives By the end of this lesson you will be able to:
Understand the effect of ICT on Employment. (b) The effect of Microprocessor controlled devices in the home (c) The effect of Microprocessors on social life and leisure.

3 Starter Microprocessors are single chip computers used to check, regulate and control something. Can you think of any device in your house controlled by a microprocessor? Make a list Let share our list. Do they make our lives better? Predictions from 1.44 Future

4 Effects of Microprocessor controlled devices
For the exam you will need to know the effects microprocessor controlled devices have on the following: The Home Leisure time Social interaction Reducing the need to leave the home You will need to give examples and explain the effects.

5 Microprocessor controlled devices
Using page 56 – 57 make brief notes about the effect each microprocessor controlled device has had. Home Leisure time Social interaction Reduce the need to leave home Computer systems Mobile phones Play computer games Online shopping Washing machine Electrical appliances Mobile phone sms (texting) etc. Downloads Children toys People become lazy Disabled/elderly lifeline Online banking Heating system Lack of fitness Hobbies Research Alarm system Playing games Cheap internet calls Entertainment Digital camera Go to gym Find social activities Work from home Intelligent oven/microwave Watch TV Saving time for other things Remote recording Intelligent fridge Automatic washing List disadvantages Supervising ovens etc not needed.

6 Effects of ICT on employment
Increase in part-time work due to companies working 24/7. Fewer people needed to complete the same amount of work. More people working from home e.g. teleworking Constant need for training as the system changes. More automation in factories due increase use of robots for welding, spraying etc. Fewer real meeting more Virtual meeting Increased number of technical staff to manage network Need for flexible and well trained staff.

7 Areas of increased unemployment
Workers in shop reduced as more is brought online Online store are automated so less staff needed Designing /producing CD/DVD’s, music, games and software likely to be downloaded so no packing needed. Call centre job gone abroad wages are lower Manual repetitive jobs welding, spraying etc. workers replaced by robots

8 Areas of increased employment
Network managers/ Administrators- keep the network running and backup data Development staff- programmers / Analysis design- new systems. Website designers- design and create websites/ keep them up-to-date.

9 Task In your book attempt questions 1 and 2 on page 57.
Please use your notes to ensure you have included keywords. You have 10 – 15 minutes and then we will go through the answers.

10 Answers Q1a two from Any manual repetitive job Manual Paint spraying
welding Packing goods Assembly work in factories

11 Answers Q1b two from Q1c one from Welding Spray painting Assembly work
Teleworking Call centres

12 Answers Q2a one from Q2b two from Network managers/administrators
Web designers Development staff- Analysis/ Programmers Q2b two from Continual need to retrain as the system changes.

13 Plenary Questions – The shape of things to come? Think of one thing that that it could do to make our lives better.

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