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Chapter 2: Computer Hardware1 Computer Hardware Chapter 2.

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1 Chapter 2: Computer Hardware1 Computer Hardware Chapter 2

2 Chapter 2: Computer Hardware2 Desktop and Portable Computers Desktop Computer Portable computer Notebook computer Tablet computer UMPC

3 Chapter 2: Computer Hardware3 Microprocessor Basics Microprocessor

4 Chapter 2: Computer Hardware4 Microprocessor Basics Front side bus Microprocessor clock Word size Cache CISC vs. RISC

5 Chapter 2: Computer Hardware5 Microprocessor Basics Serial processing Parallel processing Dual core processor Hyper-Threading Technology

6 Chapter 2: Computer Hardware6 Today’s Microprocessors

7 Chapter 2: Computer Hardware7 Random Access Memory

8 Chapter 2: Computer Hardware8 Random Access Memory Capacitors Most RAM is volatile

9 Chapter 2: Computer Hardware9 Random Access Memory RAM capacity is expressed in megabytes or gigabytes Personal computers Virtual memory

10 Chapter 2: Computer Hardware10 Random Access Memory RAM speed is often expressed in nanoseconds or megahertz –SDRAM –RDRAM

11 Chapter 2: Computer Hardware11 Read-Only Memory ROM ROM BIOS

12 Chapter 2: Computer Hardware12 EEPROM Electrically Erasable Programmable Read- Only Memory Permanence Power?

13 Chapter 2: Computer Hardware13 Storage Basics Storage medium Storage device

14 Chapter 2: Computer Hardware14 Magnetic Storage Magnetic storage

15 Chapter 2: Computer Hardware15 Magnetic Disk Hard disk platters and read- write heads are sealed inside the drive case or cartridge to screen out dust and other contaminants.

16 Chapter 2: Computer Hardware16 A controller positions the disk and read- write heads to locate data Durability? Magnetic Disk

17 Chapter 2: Computer Hardware17 Magnetic Disk and Tape Technology Floppy disk Tape drive A tape is a sequential storage medium

18 Chapter 2: Computer Hardware18 CD and DVD Technology Optical storage stores data as microscopic light and dark spots on the disk surface –CD and DVD storage technologies

19 Chapter 2: Computer Hardware19 CD and DVD Technology

20 Chapter 2: Computer Hardware20 Solid State Storage Solid state storage Non-volatile Card reader may be required

21 Chapter 2: Computer Hardware21 Solid State Storage USB flash drive U3 drive

22 Chapter 2: Computer Hardware22 Storage Wrap-up Most desktop computers have several drive bays

23 Chapter 2: Computer Hardware23 Storage Wrap-up

24 Chapter 2: Computer Hardware24 Basic Input Devices Keyboard Pointing device Touch screen

25 Chapter 2: Computer Hardware25 Display Devices CRT LCD Plasma

26 Chapter 2: Computer Hardware26 Display Devices Viewable image size Dot pitch Viewing angle width Refresh rate Color depth Resolution –VGA, SVGA, XGA, SXGA, UXGA, and WUXGA

27 Chapter 2: Computer Hardware27 Display Devices

28 Chapter 2: Computer Hardware28 Printers Ink-jet printer A laser printer works like a photocopier

29 Chapter 2: Computer Hardware29 Printers Dot matrix printers

30 Chapter 2: Computer Hardware30 Installing Peripheral Devices Data bus Expansion cards –Expansion slot –PCMCIA slot

31 Chapter 2: Computer Hardware31 Installing Peripheral Devices An expansion card slides into an expansion slot and is secured with a small screw.

32 Chapter 2: Computer Hardware32 Installing Peripheral Devices Expansion port Peripheral device may include the Plug and Play feature, or require a device driver

33 Chapter 2: Computer Hardware33 Surge Protection and Battery Backup Power surge Surge strip UPS

34 Chapter 2: Computer Hardware34 Basic Maintenance Computer component failures can be caused by manufacturing defects and other circumstances beyond your control Keep the keyboard clean Clean your computer screen on a regular basis Keep the area clean around your computer Make sure fans are free of dust

35 Chapter 2: Computer Hardware35 Troubleshooting and Repair Telltale signs that your computer is in trouble –Failure to power up –Loud beep –Blue screen of death Help and Support Center Safe Mode

36 Chapter 2: Computer Hardware36 Chapter 2 Complete Computer Hardware

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