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ClimateMaster 2006 Rep Meeting ClimaDry™ Applications Jeff Hammond, Director of Marketing.

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1 ClimateMaster 2006 Rep Meeting ClimaDry™ Applications Jeff Hammond, Director of Marketing

2 ClimaDry Applications What is ClimaDry™?

3 WSHP Operating Modes Cooling –Dehumidification as a byproduct –Typical SHR of 0.72 to 0.78 Heating Some WSHPs have Reheat for Humidity Control –Hot Gas Reheat –Condenser Water Reheat –New Energy Reheat Electric or hot water –ClimaDry (patent pending) Modulating condenser water regenerative reheatModulating condenser water regenerative reheat

4 Standard WSHP Refrigerant Circuit Compressor Evaporator Condenser RV TXV Air Water

5 Typical (ON/OFF) Hot Gas Reheat Circuit

6 Traditional Condenser Water Reheat

7 ClimaDry Condenser Water Reheat

8 ClimaDry Option Components LAT sensor Reheat coil Space between reheat and evaporator coils to maximize moisture removal Evaporator coil Low fan speed during dehumidification mode

9 ClimaDry Option Components Modulating reheat water valve (with integrated LAT controller) Condenser Condenser water regeneration pump

10 ClimaDry Option Components DXM Microprocessor Controller –Incorporates reheat control logic –Utilizes standard humidistat, dehumidistat or integrated thermostat to initiate reheat mode (selected by dip switches) –Uses low fan speed during dehumidification mode

11 ClimaDry Features 100% reheat –Taps full heat of rejection for reheat as needed –Provides neutral supply air temperature for assured comfort during dehumidification mode Modulating reheat –precise control of supply air temperatures via integral proportional controller (72 +/- 3F adj) –compensates for variations of EAT or EWT Simple –Integrated controls requiring only on/off dehumid call DDC options are compatible –Standard ARI-rated refrigeration circuit –Standard cabinet with factory-installed components Uses “free” waste heat for reheat –heat of rejection from building water loop Patent Pending

12 ClimaDry versus the Competition

13 ClimaDry Applications Why Use ClimaDry™?

14 U.S. Dew-point Temperatures



17 ClimaDry Applications ClimaDry can be applied to most common low SHR applications, such as... –High occupancy loads (classrooms, etc.) –High latent loads (locker rooms, spas) –High infiltration loads (entry areas) –Untreated make up air intake (low fractions) –Humid climates –Anywhere humidity is a problem

18 ClimaDry Applications How is ClimaDry™ Sized?

19 ClimaDry Reheat Operation Return air is cooled and dehumidified by the evaporator coil Supply air is reheated by the hydronic reheat coil to “neutral” conditions Dehumidification capability is determined by the heat pump latent capacity rating: LC = TC - SC


21 ClimaDry Operation

22 ClimaDry Applications How is ClimaDry™ Controlled?

23 ClimaDry Controls DXM board has built-in microprocessor control for reheat operation Cooling takes precedent Reheat is engaged by … –Dehumidistat –Humidistat –ClimateMaster ATP32U02 thermostat –DDC controls Units with PSC or ECM operate at lower airflow during ClimaDry operation Supply air leaves at 72ºF (22ºC) +/- 3ºF (+/-2ºC) Optional potentiometer allows further adjustment, +/- 3ºF (+/-2ºC)


25 ClimaDry Control Notes DXM board required DIP switches allow choice of dehumidistat or humidistat Not all integrated t-stats are created the same! –Some thermostats with dehumidification mode only allow dehumidification output in cooling mode (e.g. Carrier Thermidistat) –ClimateMaster ATP32U02 allows reheat operation even when cooling is not required ClimaDry = Modulating Reheat with ON/OFF control input!

26 ClimaDry Applications ClimaDry™ Installation

27 ClimaDry Installation All components are inside unit Water piping is the same as any other ClimateMaster unit Air bleed must be used to purge air from reheat coil ClimaDry MUST NOT be used for 100% outside applications –Reheat coil could be subject to freezing conditions

28 ClimaDry Applications ClimaDry™ Availability

29 ClimaDry Availability GCV series –Standard range vertical units for Boiler/Tower applications GLV series –Large tonnage (6-25 tons) vertical units for Boiler/Tower or Geothermal applications GS, TS, TT series –Horizontal/Vertical Upflow/Vertical Downflow –R22 (GS) or R-410A (TS/TT) –Extended range (Blr/Twr & Geothermal) –Ultra High Efficiencies –1.5 to 6 tons In March 1 Commercial Price List and EZ-Order

30 Questions?

31 ClimateMaster 2006 Rep Meeting ClimaDry Applications Jeff Hammond, Director of Marketing

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