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Musenki Enabling “hotspot” wireless Internet connectivity through technology and services.

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1 Musenki Enabling “hotspot” wireless Internet connectivity through technology and services.

2 802.11 and Open Source Axiom –Innovation will occur Joy’s law (MIPS): –MIPS = year^(year-1984) Joy’s law of organizations –N(# smart employees) = log(# employees) Conclusion: –Innovation will occur, but it will occur elsewhere –Especially in small companies

3 802.11 and Open Source Open Source is an answer to the question: “How can we leverage other people’s work?” Knowing the answer without knowing the question is Jeopardy.

4 Get to the Point 802.11(b) is one of the fastest-growing technology curves ever I believe it is the next dial-up. –You probably do too. –This potentially includes VOIP adjuncts to cellular. No Open Source AP exists today –Just try getting the firmware from Cisco/Intel/Symbol/… –Limits innovation

5 Get to the Point (cont) Places to innovate Authentication/Authorization/Acct Security Protocol tweaks “Interesting” applications –Mesh routing –Bridge/client and AP in same box –Many more

6 Traditional solution(s) 1.Off-the-shelf AP + PC running *nix 2.Apply liberal duct tape 3.Wait for hard drive crash

7 Musenki Products Open Source AP software Open Source authentication clients Meaty, low-cost platforms –Engineered for the real-world Phoenix, outdoors, in the summer Other tools (management, etc.) Open Source is my “barrier to entry” Let 10^3 flowers bloom

8 Wireless Internet Access Solutions Solutions designed for service providers –Everyone can be a service provider –Especially ‘Guerilla’ wireless Open Source software –Strategic advantage Embedded public access features –NoCat, etc 802.1x clients

9 Musenki Products OEM/embedded hardware APs All-in-One AP (‘Buddha box’) Low-cost AP (‘Chi AP’) Full PCI card 802.11(b) radio Client connectivity devices USB, Ethernet, Serial to 802.11x 802.1x software clients

10 Musenki Buddha Box –Motorola 8245 SOC High-speed, low-power CPU (603e @ 266Mhz - 350Mhz) 3 - 128MB of RAM/4 - 16MB Flash head room for multiple protocols, transports and applications –2 miniPCI slots 802.11x radios, Bluetooth radio(s), Ethernet, V.90 modem 32bit  more radio performance –1 PCI slot 802.11x radio, T1/T3/ATM card, CATV modem, etc –10/100 Ethernet (w/power over Ethernet) –Linux operating system NetBSD next –Leverages commodity radios 802.1x third-party authentication technologies

11 Musenki Buddha Box Hardware 802.11(b/a) - $500 Multi-radio - $650 -$800 Software Basic package Security, authentication, plug-n-play Additional packaging per industry application and partners Open Source except for 3 rd party code

12 Musenki Buddha Box Markets Broadband Wireless –multiple radios –Advanced networking features (QoS, VPN, MPLS, etc) –T1/T3/xDSL/ATM transport Enterprise –802.1x authentication –Strong encryption –Advanced networking features (QoS, VPN, MPLS, etc) –Multiple radio type support (802.11b, 802.11a) Wireless ISPs/Carriers –802.1x authentication –Runs Linux (familiar) –Multiple radios/radio types –T1/T3/ATM transport

13 Musenki Chi AP Lower cost (< $300) Non-expandable –One miniPCI slot –miniPCI slot supports 802.11b/V.90 combo Basic Software Package –Security, authentication, plug-n-play –100% Open Source Boot loader OS AP software Captive portal (NoCat, LANroamer, etc)

14 Musenki Chi AP –Motorola 8245 SOC (603e @ 166Mhz) 32MB of RAM –1 miniPCI slot 802.11x, Bluetooth, combo 802.11b/V.90 modem 32bit  more radio performance –10/100 Ethernet –Linux operating system Yes, NetBSD is next –Leverages commodity radios 802.1x third-party authentication technologies

15 Musenki Chi AP V.90 modem also supports ISP wireless offerings –Dial-up ISPs go ‘wireless’ AOL already offering wireless tablets Auto-dial when required –Chi AP acts as ‘gateway’ for client machines (DHCP, NAT, etc) –Auto-setup (dial 800 #, collect info, re-configure) –Payphones could be interesting market

16 Musenki Chi AP Markets Broadband Wireless –Customer connectivity –Advanced networking features (QoS, VPN, MPLS, etc) Enterprise –802.1x authentication –Strong encryption –QoS Wireless ISPs/Carriers –802.1x authentication –Customize –Runs Linux (familiar)

17 Musenki AP SW –Security, authentication, plug-n-play –All Open Sourced Bootloader (currently PPCboot) OS (Linux, NetBSD, FreeBSD late next year) AP software Captive portal (NoCat, LANroamer, etc) –You can change it all (if you wish) –3 rd party code may not be Open Source Radio firmware hereUare 802.1x etc

18 Musenki 802.11(b) PCI card Prism-2.5 design on 0.5-length PCI card 65mW RF output SMA external antenna connection Costs similar to PCMCIA card (<$80) 3 rd radio for Buddhabox Best solution for “PC-as-AP”

19 Musenki Client Adaptors Chi AP platform with hw/fw modifications –Add/Enable USB –Modify software to be pure bridge –Enable MSFT USB auto-download driver Wireless to wired access –Enables communication to desktops, etc –Hospitality Less expensive than wired solutions –DSL/CATV broadband ‘No Wiring’ solution

20 Authenticator (e.g. Access Point, Ethernet Switch, etc) Supplicant Enterprise NetworkSemi-Public Network/ Enterprise Edge Authentication Server RADIUSRADIUSRADIUSRADIUS EAP Over Wireless (EAPOW) EAP Over RADIUS 802.1x Topology

21 Outsourced Remote Access User sends authentication request to ISP ISP Delegates authentication to Corporation Corporation checks LDAP/Active Directory Single point of administration ISP A RADIUS Proxy POP C POP B PSTNWireless... Internet BIGCO IP Access server front ends Remote user Carrier networks CustomerRADIUSServer POP A RADIUS RADIUS Active Directory

22 Musenki 802.1x clients Microsoft will supply for Win XP & Win 2000 –Huge marketing push by MSFT in October –Musenki supplies for Linux, Win95, Win98, WinCE, NT4, MacOS, PalmOS Guerilla/viral marketing vehicle –Brand-awareness leads to product pull-through Channels: notebook vendors, Big6, on-line sales, WISPs, …

23 Musenki Status Buddha Box –Bringing up prototype hardware –Software & kernel still in-development Chi AP/Client Adaptor –In layout 802.1x clients –Partial code in-works 802.11b PCI adaptor –Beta units 10/1

24 Current Team Jamie Thompson Kem McClelland Brad Martin Jim Thompson Craig Sullender Jim Raab

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