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Cobwebs and ladybugs. Pulling the gas tank and other parts.

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1 Cobwebs and ladybugs

2 Pulling the gas tank and other parts

3 Rusty from sitting on damp ground

4 Gas tank going to the rad shop for cleaning

5 A peek underneath – the three holes are air intakes back through the box frame to the air filter box

6 Freshly painted wheel rims – ready to install tires

7 A box of parts which were removed when the engine was pulled for the prior owner – dirty but in great shape

8 Motor in the back

9 Carb still attached by the choke and throttle cables

10 Air filter box – the sticker is in Italian (should have been in English) Must have run out the day it was built

11 Advising to use an AC Airac Flat Pack air filter and it gives the part number for reference

12 The English version is on the left

13 Mice had made a nest inside the air filter box

14 I’ve marked with red arrows where the center bed attachments are located

15 This shows removal of the long bolts through the box frame attaching the bed to the frame

16 They’re quite long

17 Rear side frame bolts attaching the bed, located just behind the rear fender

18 These short bolts are at the very rear of the box frame members, attaching the bed

19 This is an in-line 8amp fuse holder for the interior light in the Van box

20 Once dismantled the wire can be pulled through the back of the cab and the light and wiring removed

21 I’ve removed the carburator to prepare it for cleaning

22 Van box interior light and wiring harness packaged

23 Left upper tailgate latch

24 Right upper tailgate latch

25 Underside of upper tailgate locking handle. I can tell that a Canadian worked on this – Robertson screw!

26 8mm socket used to remove hidden screw holding the handle in place

27 Upper tailgate pieces and tools required for removal

28 Tailgate prop – lower attachment (home made)

29 Upper attachment for the prop

30 Split pin removal – upper right hinge

31 Upper left hinge – punching out the split pin with a tapered punch

32 Upper tailgate removed

33 Only the latches to be removed from the upper tailgate

34 Driving out the split pin for the lower tailgate - use lots of WD40 and tap it back and forth to free, then remove

35 Driving out the left split pin for the tailgate

36 Flat punch to free the split pin by driving it back and forth. Punch identical size to split pin to drive it in partway. Tapered punch to drive split pin along its edges until free.

37 Tailgate removed

38 Remove the weatherstripping

39 Remove tail lights. Usually rusted so lots of Liquid Wrench and go gently on the nuts to free them – patience!

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